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Rate shopping sites...tested again.. and failed again.

A few years ago, I published a study on Rate shopping sites.   These sites were gaining popularity with consumers as a  place to go if you wanted to get the best rates.   736 more words

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Mortgage Rates hit Record lows again!

 This isn’t 2010, 11, 12, 13 or even 2014…  It’s 2015, and once again, we are making this announcement.  5 year Fixed Mortgage rates are an new all-time lows! 345 more words

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$15,000 savings by breaking his mortgage early and getting into today's low rates.

  Look, I don’t advocate paying penalties, however, if there is an obvious savings to be had, then you have to do it.   We’ve reached a point where interest rates are so low, it’s worth a review.   305 more words

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Bank of Canada and the Key Interest Rate in Q1 2015

January of 2015 was certainly the start of a new year! On the heels of headlines forecasting ‘inevitable interest rate hikes’ came (from left field for many journalists, less so for many Mortgage Brokers) the announcement of a 0.25% rate reduction to the Bank of Canada’s overnight lending rate. 619 more words

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This week’s Personal Column – 20 February 2015

Welcome to this week’s Personal Column…

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