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Mortgage brief...Is it worth changing your mortgage today?

Mortgage rates have never been lower.  Should you break your current mortgage to take advantage of the lower rates?   The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. 201 more words

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Mortgage brief... New Liberal govt mortgage rule changes..and what it means.

 Yesterday, Federal Minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, announced tighter lending rules.  The big focus is on the new ‘stress test’. To sum it up, here’s what’s gonna happen and how it will affect you. 362 more words

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Continuing Ed for MLOs

The fall is here, and I know what that means… time to complete annual Continuing Education so I can keep my Mortgage Loan Originator (also called MLO) License. 424 more words

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US election year... low rates today, but higher rates tomorrow.?

Looking at this pic, aren’t you happy to be living in Canada?    Ok.. back to the article…

September 7th is the sixth of eight scheduled meeting dates for 2016.   254 more words

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Buying A Home: The Final Walk-Through?

Buying A Home: The Final Walk-Through? was originally published on https://www.moreirateam.com

Well, as this buying a home story shows, this will likely be the first opportunity to examine the house without furniture giving you a clear view of everything. 70 more words

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What Makes Up Closing Costs?

What Makes Up Closing Costs? was originally seen on Moreira Team Mortgages

What you’ll see in this mortgage video is, there may be closing costs customary or unique to a certain locality but closing costs are usually made up of the following: 113 more words

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What Can I Expect To Happen On Closing Day?

The following blog post What Can I Expect To Happen On Closing Day? was first published on Moreira Team Mortgages Georgia

While this video simplifies closing day tips to help you remember: you’ll present your paid homeowner’s insurance policy or a binder and receipt showing that the premium has been paid. 193 more words

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