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The name of pressure

Victoria Arden was the only child of a wealthy and recognised family of London. Her life had always been surrounded by peculiarities; when she was young, Victoria used to get ill whenever she underwent pressure leading to several crises and strange events within the family. 1,205 more words

Andy & Maggie

–Maggie, wake up, Maggie… Are you alright? Margaret! –.

–O, sorry, love. I was daydreaming, What’s wrong, Andrew? – .

–No, nothing’s wrong. It’s just that we met on this day, two years ago. 1,908 more words

Fade Away

So Many Riddles To Figure Out
Is It Life Another One?
How Should I Play It?
How Could I Tame It?
Must I Resist It? 103 more words

Night Of Fear (Lyrics)

Something’s wrong Up in my head

I can´t recall the last time I slept

Something evil Shakes up my bed

Tortures me every night and day… 138 more words

Future (Lyrics)

Wake up screaming
In the middle of the night
Without any reasons
I’m overwhelmed with fright

I can see the future
Right here in my eye… 127 more words

Letter to God

Creator, preserver, destroyer!

I speak to you directly!

Raper of virgins, slayer of sons

High patriarch and fallen angel.

Giver of freedom and censor of happiness… 152 more words

The story of Alex: A true friend

I’ve known Alex since the day I turned five, during a birthday party my parents had planned for me. No one came, no one except for Alex. 1,974 more words