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Introducing Morty

Puppies sure are a joy. Biting, chewing and running away with every sock, bra or shoe they can find. This is Morty.

He looks very shy and timid in this photo as it was taken about an hour after we got him home. 113 more words


'Ricky And Morty' Season 3 Teased? Reaction To The New Video

Reports are flooding in that a new season three of Rick and Morty has announced and a new exclusive look at the first scene has been revealed! 544 more words

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Friendship Festival

The Friendship Festival starts Saturday the 25th and runs for a couple of weeks. Collect bracelets and trade them for prizes. Make some new friends while your having fun! :D

Meet the owner

The owner of mPandanda, DJFang, will have a party on Friday the 24th at 10am Pacific Standard Time. Hang out with him and who knows what will happen???

Happy Purple Day!!!

There will be a Purple Day party on mPandanda Saturday at 10 am Pacific Standard time. Wear your best purple outfit and come to the Purple Door for some dancing and giveaways. Cya there! :D

mPandanda anniversary

There will be an anniversary party for mPandanda starting this Friday 10, 2017. Here is a link to the site: http://mpandanda.eu/play/

A Fish Is Not A Pet

Good morning and Happy Monday!

Question: is today a national dog holiday about which I am completely unaware?

I left my apartment, took my same route and got on the subway, just as I do every workday. 871 more words