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Shameless: Friends

“Thanks, Lina!”

Abiorn turned the ceramic mug over to inspect each side. The relief of a bears could have been ugly (Anya would have expected it to be ugly), but Lina had found something subtle and quite perfect for Abiorn’s sixteenth birthday. 1,281 more words


Dalish Charm: Everything and Nothing

Anyatka Tenorbekk found it hard to smile.

As she gazed into the tired looking glass, she studied the turn of her mouth and the tension in her forehead. 882 more words


Lotus: Garden Therapy

The small trowel made a terrible scraping sound as it dug into the hard earth. Unlike the grassy lawn around her, Inaris plunged the tool into the impossibly rocky patch, carving out a hole more by sheer will than anything else. 708 more words


Fallowmath: Sneaking Out

Eruviel paused in a shadow near The Pony. “Hal.”

“What?” he asked, stopping on the steps.

“I can’t walk in the main room looking like this,” she said, motioning to her dirt and black-bloodied self. 904 more words


Vignettes: Trapped

For Taja, the Fallow-flame was the most interesting thing to happen since he had come to Durrow. He was as concerned as anyone about the avalanche but, as he had told Ansithe, he had seen the Wayfarers fight a god. 2,053 more words


When Nightmares Come

Shadows loom in the dark of the mountain.

I am home, am I not? This looks like home. Only Erebor can cast such deep shadows. They swallow our gardens and kill many flowers. 604 more words


Porcelli's Pets: Morty, Code Name: Teriyaki

Monday is Porcelli’s Pets day.  Today Jamie Case from Gateway Pet Guardians came to visit with Morty.  Morty has an alias.  It’s Teriyaki.  So clearly he is a secret agent of some kind. 69 more words