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Rick and Morty: S2 E1- Review

Rick and Morty is finally back for its second season; officially that is. In all honesty, I did watch this episode when it leaked a few weeks back. 365 more words


Morty the Dragon Part Three

This is the most recent installment of a longer short story that I am writing. You can find part one here and part two here. 1,162 more words


Lotus: Property

A strange weight fell from her shoulders as Inaris stepped onto the small, concealed property. She was glad she didn’t stay at the Mantle when she didn’t need to. 781 more words


Dalish Charm: The Descent

It would happen when she was alone and the silence became too heavy for her to bear. Her legs would start to tremble and her ankles weakened with her knees and finally she’d fall to her hands and knees and the tears would burn her eyes and cheeks as they spilled. 335 more words


Dalish Charm: Try So Hard

The streets of Durrow were quiet of people; only dogs barked and crickets sang in the fields as they passed through town. Anya did not say much as Callumn vigilantly walked beside her. 1,523 more words


To Dust: The Last Days

To someone who had been cold for sixteen hundred years, the fires of the Watchers’ forge were unbearably suffocating. But though sultry they were also necessary, and so no complaints passed Morty’s lips as he spent the long hours melting and hammering metal. 993 more words


Dalish Charm: Twilight Garden

There was darkness and there was light. She did not know where one began and the other began. They merged into a shade of pink on the horizon and she felt him all around her. 168 more words