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Millennial existentialism 7

Seeing life’s absurdity in the 21st century.

Well what are we going to do?

We’re gonna live our lives until we die. Possibly by vampire, more likely by an auto accident or disease, but possibly by vampire.

  • Rick and Morty, S02E07

Rick & Morty, a kinda review of the first few episodes - What is it?

Rick and Morty… All this time I thought it was a show for kids… It’s not, it’s really, really not.


The first few episodes are a bit of a hit and a miss, like most adult cartoons from the era, but it takes off around the 5th episode. 574 more words


Give this show all the Emmy's

I believe we’re living in the peak period of animation. Shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe and Gravity Falls are well written and funny, carrying important social issues without being preachy. 1,308 more words

That'd Better Not Be a Christmas Carol I Hear

Happy Monday! And it is a happy one, for those of us living in the United States who have the day off.  It’s Labor Day, which, contrary to popular belief was… 513 more words


My Fortress Fell at Forty

In just a few short days, I will be turning 40.  I suspect that for most people there is this obligatory moment of reflection that happens when one turns 40; when one looks back over the last four decades (or however many of those years that they can still recall because hey, you’re turning 40!) and tries to rationalize all of the stupid decisions you’ve made, smile and laugh over some of those same moments, and try to bring closure to your first forty years so that you can move forward with a sense of purpose for your next forty. 1,251 more words

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