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Log 36: Filling in the Holes

Captain’s Log

Date: 31st of July in the year 2011

Location: Plantation Key

Conditions: Hopeful.

Two good men were released from their bondage, today: Ceallachan Ó Duibhdabhoireann and my friend and first mate, Ian O’Gallows. 2,139 more words

Damnation Kane

Rick and Morty Volume 2, a graphic novel review

A graphic novel review by: Lee Sonogan

(2016) Graphic novel/ Fantasy, comedy, tv show

“No wonder there’s no Rick in this universe. I would’ve offed myself years ago if I had to look at this cyber trash everyday,” 230 more words


A Nerd's Guide to Halloween Cosplay

One of the best things about a good book is its ability to pull you away from the real world and into a place where the words on the page are but a guide into your own imaginative spirit; all consequences are erased when the pages are closed. 564 more words


Rick and Morty a must watch show!

Rick and Morty is a new hit comedy series. In this show Morty a highschooler teams up with his scientist grandfather Rick to go on all sorts of wacky sci-fi adventures. 160 more words

Daily BLog

Episode 225: On Rick and Morty, Szechuan Sauce, McDonald's and Toxic Fans


During the closing moments of the Season 3 premiere of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, Rick Sanchez went on a hilarious and totally crazy rant about a promotional sauce that you could get with an order of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. 1,483 more words

Robin's Adventures

From a review of a Rick and Morty MacBook decal on Amazon

This is probably the most accurate representation of Rick. He is holding a bitten apple, which is a representation of sin in Christianity. The reason this makes sense is because he’s a scientist time-traveler that’s probably sinned over 1000 times. 16 more words


Rick and Morty: Insanely Complicated Character Timeline Chart

Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty is more than challenging to keep track of; which may surprisingly be one of the biggest reasons for its success. 116 more words