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Virtual Rick-ality proves why Rick and Morty is great—and why VR has its limits

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Game details

Developer: Owlchemy Labs
Publisher: Adult Swim Games
Platform: Windows PC, requires Oculus Touch or HTC Vive
Release Date: 1,796 more words


The Rick And Morty Mods For GTA V Are Way Too Real

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The mods transform Grand Theft Auto V into a bloodbath of surreal, familial dysfunction. Like the “Look Who’s Purging Now” episode from season 2, but way more fucked up. 217 more words


Rick and Morty

Yo people!

Just a quick one. I wanted to recommend a TV show. For me, I love TV shows. Especially when I can sit down and binge them at once! 130 more words


The Rick and Morty Fan Theory That Explains Total Rickall and Rick Breaking the Fourth Wall

An avid Rick and Morty fan has many questions, some of which were answered (or at least addressed) in the Season 3 premiere that aired on April’s Fools Day. 1,495 more words


3 Fun Facts about Rick & Morty

The world of ACG does not only include Japanese stuff, but animation, comics and games all around the world. Recently, an American cartoon, Rick & Morty… 637 more words


Visualizing the Rick and Morty Premiere with Szechuan Dipping Sauce

Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon treated fans to a nice April Fools when they jokingly announced the premiere of the long awaited Rick and Morty season 3. 298 more words