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Being conditional helps us win the pub quiz

With the possible exception of day trading, all trades or investments follow a simple process:

  • Conditional
  • Trend
  • Price

This applies no matter what my preferred method. 302 more words

23 July 2015, Slow Trader Hedge Fund

Anda Melihat Perpeloncoan? Laporkan Pada Situs Ini!

Mari ikut serta mengawal pelaksanaan Masa Orientasi Peserta Didik (MOPD).

Jadilah sahabat Siswa dan Kemdikbud dengan terlibat melaporkan pelaksanaan jika terjadi perpeloncoan, pelecehan, kekerasan atau… 33 more words


Masa Orientasi Siswa (MOS) dan Antar Anak Sekolah

Sekitar setahun lalu, anak-anak kami mengalami hal baru di kampung baru. Setibanya disini mereka segera bersiap mengalami pengalaman yang tidak pernah terbayangkan, karena memang belum pernah dilihat secara langsung. 982 more words


XJ Log 20 - XCrossJ and the Missing Person Quest

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1izWfc4oMErVJCEq3WvsE4LLxLwmIszpIAj-97B2qzjk/edit?usp=sharing

…I can’t really make a comment about this log without spoiling so…

Which of these do you think sounds better?

  1. Meitantei Shana
  2. Shana the Gullible
  3. Shana Shippo

Sakkun log 3: The City of Scum

“What? I leveled up with just this? Was he worth that much EXP? Oh wait, my title lets me gain 20% more EXP. So convenient, let’s see! 2,182 more words


Virtualization Can Raise Manufacturing Efficiency

In manufacturing, virtualization helps companies by simplifying the management of IT and operational assets. Dealing with complex plant systems, tons of data, and tightly defined processes, manufacturers benefit from easier access to plant floor operations and control systems. 685 more words

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