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Buffett, an investing dinosaur?

I appreciate that we don’t have much time to read a blog, often on a mobile device and while we’re busy concentrating on something else. Meanings are easily misinterpreted. 821 more words

23 July 2015, Slow Trader Hedge Fund

The Nutcase



“How are you? How have you been?”


“Huh. What sort of answer is that?”

*shrugs* “What about it?”

“I mean, why state the obvious? 217 more words

15 Ways to Sound like a Local Oregonian

While traveling, what do you not want to do? One of the worst things to do is to blatantly ignore local lingo and sound like an obnoxious outsider. 892 more words

More on the long-term investment model

My recent blog(s) were in regard to long-term investing. By long-term I’m thinking 15 to 30 years. Nick has given us, from each companies past ten years of annual reports, where available, his estimation of a company’s future value (MOS) and measure of consistency as a percentage of growth. 371 more words

23 July 2015, Slow Trader Hedge Fund

Leaning at the Museum of Science

On Wednesday Boston Winterim headed into Boston to visit the Museum of Science to learn more about the science involved in the project and whole lot more! 115 more words

What is something you think all University of Scranton students should do before they graduate?

Bri Baran, 19, Sophomore, Horsham, Pennsylvania.

“They should find a professor who they feel like they can talk to about everything.  Create a relationship with them.” 95 more words