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Conditions of the King's Return

Hi friends!  As promised yesterday, we’ll spend the next few days following along with an ongoing Bible study I’m teaching live.  The study is called “What in the World is Going On: Understanding the Prophetic Signs of Our Soon-Coming King,” and we’re getting to the really good part!  530 more words


Part 2d: What Are the Terms?

Glossary 9

Mosaic Law (Covenant). Also called the Sinaitic covenant. The law and covenant given to Moses at Mount Sinai for the Jewish people by direct revelation from God (Ex 12:41; Deut 5:2, 3; Jn 1:17; 7:19; Gal 3:17; Heb 7:11). 1,841 more words

The Sabbath

Three Major Old Testament Covenants

When thumbing through the Old Testament, it’s helpful to remember some of the larger covenants that God makes with his people. They can serve as helpful landmarks to orientate where one is in the Old Testament; provide a quick reference as to what is being hoped for among the patriarchs, people, and kings; and a wonderful progression of God’s revelation through-out the Old Testament that is continued straight-away in Matthew. 795 more words

Old Testament

Nehemiah 10: The Agreement

Nehemiah 10: The Agreement

Sunday, October 22, 2017

How many times do we stumble after we agree to live out Christ’s Law of Love? Yet God forgives us because God loves us still. 326 more words


Part 2d: What Are the Terms?

Glossary 8

The Law. In general, “the law” or Torah,[i] refers to the comprehensive covenant between God and Israel when He “ for Himself a nation from the midst of another nation” (Deut 4:34) as elucidated in the Pentateuch (Ex 24:7, 12; Deut 4:33-40; 5:3). 3,118 more words

The Sabbath

The Mailbag: May Christian Women Wear Pants?

What are your views on women wearing pants?

For readers who are a little confused by this question, you may not be aware that there are various churches that require women and girls to wear skirts or dresses rather than pants. 1,193 more words

Christian Women