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St. John the Omnipresent

Have you ever noticed how many times St. John the Apostle and Evangelist is represented in our church?

Saint John is the left-hand figure in Nicholas D’Ascenzo’s Saint Cecilia window in the choir loft based on an altarpiece by Raphael. 400 more words

Symbolism And Artistry

Kariye Müzesi

Kariye Müzesi, also known as The Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora, is one of the oldest and most important religious landmarks of Byzantine Constantinople. 493 more words


Coming face to face with iconic art

Anybody who has ever studied Latin using the famous Wheelock textbooks will be familiar with the Virgil and Muse mosaic that’s featured on its cover. I have spent many hours using this book to learn my verb conjugations and noun declensions (which I have mostly forgotten). 199 more words


Check Out the Latest Photo

Find this and thousands of other books available at Google Books.

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I'm Really Confused About This Mosaic Auction ...

About five years ago (i.e. in August, 2012) or so I came across a couple of mosaics (three, actually) being offered for sale by Phoenix Ancient Art. 210 more words

Birds of Tile & Feather

I might have suggested to a few people that I’ve done artworks (mosaics) of some Aussie birds and promised to post some photos of them.  Lately though, I have been concentrating on dog mosaics, but I find myself returning to birds time and again.  204 more words