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Moshi- where Nepal meets Japan

Moshi is a restaurant specializing in momo, which is a stuffed dumpling popular in Nepal and the Japanese speciality Sushi. So hence the name Moshi( momo+sushi=Moshi), ain’t that quirky! 717 more words


Zanzibari Dreams

Sitting on the old and squeaky chair in my tiny little room of my dorm, looking back at this summer feels like diving into a dream. 1,669 more words

Cultural Experience

The Roof of Africa - Mt. Kilimanjaro, 5,895m a.s.l.

Kilimanjaro Hakuna Matata

Jambo, Jambo Buana, Habari Ghani, Izuri Sana, Wageni, Mukari Bishua, Kilimanjaro, Hakuna Matata, Tembea Pole Pole, Hakuna Matata…(repeat)

And so this marks the beginning of my adventure on Kilimanjaro. 1,628 more words

Swahili, Children, and Khangas, Oh My!


Welcome back for another exciting episode of Kelly in Kili!

Somehow, I’ve survived a few more days in Africa with nothing more than a few mosquito bites, tired eyes, and new Swahili phrases. 925 more words

Cross Cultural Solutions


And so my friends, my reflections on the past two years continue and if you recall I promised a bittersweet tone, because as I have said before my life here is continually tinged with that enigma of emotions, Happy Sad (capitalisation deliberate). 1,237 more words


A Month In Tanzania

Although we had been in Africa for two months before heading to Tanzania, we were in areas that the locals referred to as ‘Africa Lite’. South Africa and Namibia are westernized; they have all the modern conveniences of home. 485 more words


Two Year Anniversary

Two years since I stepped off the plane at Kilimanjaro airport with a rush of adrenalin as my feet first made contact with the Tanzanian soil that was to be my home for the next seven months. 1,600 more words