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ANZAC Day weekend

Happy Friday! For the Aussies, have a happy ANZAC Day tomorrow (it’s 100 years since Gallipoli, as any Aussie would know since it’s the only thing that’s been on the news all week). 141 more words


Reverse culture shock

We’ve been back in Australia for a week now and I’m kind of exhausted from all the errands we’ve run. Partly because of the errands themselves (shopping, banking, transferring Mr Moshi’s Swedish driver licence to an Australian one, etc) but also because of how chatty Australians are. 199 more words


HIV, Desks, Memories of a Drapers shop and Maiko

A momentous week.

  1. After three and a half years of faithful attendance at Good Hope every day, Maiko finally achieved his dream. Monday morning saw him attend his first day at secondary school as a privately sponsored day student.
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Moshi, Tanzania: First Impressions

It was only 9:00 pm local time when we landed at Kilimanjaro Airport in Moshi, Tanzania. But it felt more like a year’s air travel, and our exhausted expressions had that typical cloudy-eyed confusion that says “I just landed, where am I, which way to the luggage?” 718 more words


Reposing in Oz

Hej from Australia! We arrived yesterday morning and we’re all weird, I guess it’s just all under the big ol’ umbrella of jet lag … it’s an 8hr time difference between Sweden and Australia! 84 more words


What happens in the Library

The library is just what a library should be, just the way I am used to. It smells of dusty old paper, it is calm and quiet, and there are books. 591 more words

Missionary Kids In Africa