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Mountain. Madness. Majesty.

Last week I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Yes- you read that right: I reached the summit of the worlds highest free standing mountain. Who would have thought it? 5,585 more words


I bought this kanga in Moshi in April. It is made by Urafiki Textile Mill in Dar es Salaam. It has very tropical feel and like the diagonal lines and might even have it made into a skirt. 20 more words


MOSHI'S New Doors at Oud Metha

”Moshi” is hello in Japanese and its very artistic to blend the two words Momo & Sushi into one and fusionized something delicious yet something out of the box concept.The menu is totally budget friendly and you get to taste some of the finest fusion forms of Sushi,the whole concept of the raw fish sushi has been changed to an overly imaginative art form.Myself being a bit away from the Sushi world had made me fall in love with it. 1,013 more words


Down on the Farm

By Meritt Buyer

We are happy to report that the BCC young adults program’s shamba (farm) is quickly taking shape. In the last few months, we have installed an irrigation system, planted fruit trees, started a small tree nursery, dug the beds, and planted lots of beans and other vegetables. 279 more words


Weekend in Moshi,... so Waterfall & Hot Springs

On our second weekend, we thought that being at the same level of the safari would be too much. So, we decided to make a trip to Moshi, which included a visit (and “swim”) to a waterfall, a coffee plantation, an underground cave, a visit to Kilimanjaro park entrance, a local market and a small trip to Hot Springs, an amazing spot to swim. 402 more words


Leaving Comfort, To the Unknown

The day had finally come — with three boarding passes in hand, a single hiking backpack with very few more than the necessities strapped to my bank, and a lot more nerves than I would like to admit, I was on my way! 1,781 more words