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Roses are red, violets are blue

The images: My autograph on one of my moms dresses. Both fabrics were bought at the craft market Nyumba ya Sanaa in Dar es Salaam. 3,007 more words

Missionary Kids In Africa

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Ulzzang means “Best-Face” in Korean. In partnership with Ulzzang Asia, The Philippine-Korean Community had made a list of female Filipino who have these doll-like features. You can comment, follow, share, and even message us if you know some Pinays who could be classified as Ulzzangs for a chance to be featured here in our website.

Moshi Son

Mayumi Gomez

Blonde suites her, too!~

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Moshi Son

This is a website for Philippines’ ulzzang, Moshi or Moshi Son. Please support her~

Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

Funny when we first entered highschool and the thoughts were about ‘how pretty would we look with those girly skirts’.