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Day 26 - Kipepeo Beach to Moshi

Another glorious sunrise means another early rising as we pack up the tent.

It seems like much longer but after only a day we leave Kipepeo Beach and head back across the ferry. 445 more words


When I saw the future

Surely I can’t be the only one disturbed by the way technology is going?

I’m so disturbed that last November for Swedish class, I did a presentation about social media/technology in the future. 1,247 more words


Kilimanjaro International Airport


Hai, Tanzania


Runway Length: 3607m

Flights at 1200

Arrival: none

Departure: none


How do you know?

Happy Friday everyone!

I read this article today over at Cup of Jo about how people knew that they had found The One. It’s so interesting! 239 more words


Teaching the little ones

I have such a greater appreciation for teachers since volunteering in Tanzania. I have never felt like I’ve wanted to become a teacher but I respect and admire those that do and those that are. 1,102 more words


Community and cultural learning - Part II

I mentioned in my last post that we visited a local tribe for a day. It was such a cool experience. Because of the distance and the full agenda we didn’t volunteer that day. 1,124 more words


Community and cultural learning

Sorry for the delayed posts. Tanzania already feels like a lifetime ago in New York minutes but it’s so nice to relive the moments as I express them to you. 819 more words