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Fitting In With The Locals

When we moved to Spain in 1999 we bought a flower shop.

It resided on a corner in a pedestrian area a few hundred yards from the main Arroyo de la Miel high street. 1,289 more words


What is beauty?

Happy Thursday! As a short break/procrastination from cleaning our apartment before we move out, I bring you Part 2 of the Exclusive Phrases: Swedish VS English… 140 more words


Only in Swedish

Last year I made a presentation for our Swedish class in which we had to talk about the most striking differences between our mother tongue and Swedish. 124 more words


Good Hope Organisation - Project

This blog post is written about another project that volunteers at Hostel Hoff can have the opportunity to volunteer at. However unlike a lot of the other posts about projects Good Hope Organisation is a project that I don’t know a great deal about personally but one that I have heard a number of good things about. 1,244 more words

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Marriage and other old-fashioned things

I just read this article on xojane in which the article’s author, Kristin, did The Rules for three months to see how it would affect her dating life. 557 more words


Comfortably naked

Last weekend we were in Stockholm and to celebrate Mr Moshi & I being together for 3 years, for one of the nights we stayed at… 310 more words


Happy for you

Day 10

I brought my camera on a walk to a neighborhood I haven’t visited. I went out the north gate and past several little shops and bars, one called “Shanty View,” which is a great name for a bar (or a band). 920 more words