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Abbey Road, neon lights and gigs - 'A day in the Life' in London.

I’ve always adored the hustle and bustle of London; the unassuming quiet countryside is no match against a city active 24/7 surrounded by different ethnicities and cultures – why spend life stuck in an area moving nowhere when the capital is constantly evolving and moulding? 1,312 more words

Moshing, Raving, Living

Let’s get cocky, Let’s get loud

Our droning thrum will change the crowd!

Wake up sleepers, smash the ice

To hell with tepid chilled advice! 142 more words


The Ethics of Attending Local Shows

I have been to my fair share of local San Diego shows. Concerts are fun, especially after mastering the art of moshing, but what I hadn’t considered from the beginning is that whenever I attend one of these shows with the same local bands, I’m paying and supporting whomever is playing. 274 more words

#74 Music - 'A Path To Happiness?'

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Music does something to you, it changes you, takes you to different places and opens your eyes to whole new worlds. 608 more words

Mental Health

A Japanese Grindcore Band Have Started A New Trend Of Mosh

It’s very different to say the least! Japanese grindcore band Viscera Infest have started a new kind (trend) of mosh.

This new kind of mosh is called Cockroach Moshing. 61 more words


this is my culture man, this is my home.

This past weekend marked a few firsts in my life, all revolving around music and concert-going. 2017 is the year of the “real me” and my goal is to pepper the year with new experiences and adventures outside my comfort zone. 1,602 more words


Oprah Talks About Her 42-Pound Weight Loss

Celebrities struggle with weight loss issues just like us regular folks and arguably no celebrity has struggled as much or been as open about it as Oprah Winfrey. 320 more words