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Oprah Talks About Her 42-Pound Weight Loss

Celebrities struggle with weight loss issues just like us regular folks and arguably no celebrity has struggled as much or been as open about it as Oprah Winfrey. 320 more words



I am starting to live my life,
I am dancing my crazy dance!

I am singing my favorite song like no one is listening
I am shouting to Rock songs like its how I am meant to… 37 more words

A show

The mosh pit
A poem

I remember you
Your sound
a kicked drum
Your smell
Your skin
Your shirt
The floor alive

Suddenly an empty space


MOSHIng monsters !

Yesterday, I lost my ‘Moshing Virginity’.

It was a completely new and intriguing experience for me. I ventured out of my typical musical comfort zone and into a new indie rock like atmosphere. 430 more words


Metal Music, its misrepresentation in society and its impact on adolescents

Bobby Bevilacqua

In today’s society, music is everywhere. It’s in our cars, on the television, in movies, on the computer and on our phones. Needless to say, it’s a major part of the everyday American lifestyle. 2,656 more words


My First Music Festival

By Brent Ramirez
Blog Content Contributor

I went to my very first music festival and I can honestly say that it was a pretty neat experience. 1,093 more words

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Moshing; Addressing the culture of "violent" dance at metal shows

Bobby Bevilacqua

Mosh pits and metal concerts essentially go hand in hand. A longstanding concert tradition of the metal community, moshing has caused controversy since its inception, raising questions of whether or not it’s safe or if it should even be allowed. 1,771 more words