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Bubba'd Nagant.

Oh my.  The utility!

I have two.  $50 dollars each, purchased some years ago.   One, I left in cosmoline and have not touched it.   The other one I shoot from time to time, keep it nice and shiny, and re-finished the stock.   62 more words


How to Read the Proof Markings on your Mosin Nagant (Simplified)

You can’t go wrong with an old Military Surplus rifle, especially when they still fire just right!

Each Mosin is unique in it’s own way – they all have their own little quirks and personalities. 558 more words


Enemy at the Gates

Initially, this film only interested me because the Russian made Mosin-Nagant rifle is featured as the sniper-protagonist’s weapon of choice, and I own an M-N. The story impressed me by stressing the subtlety of war and digging into the propaganda machine. 31 more words


A Trip to the Shooting Range

On Sunday, I finally accomplished something that I’ve been trying to do in Russia for five years, which was to find a place where I could fire a Kalashnikov machine gun. 1,413 more words

Ar15 vs. AK47 vs. Mosin Nagant 

I grabbed this off Tumblr. A few articles ago, I mounted a scope to my mosin. I haven’t used it too much- fired it out the window on my brother’s car the night I bought it. 652 more words

the ineffectiveness of "assault weapon bans", part 3

Once again, I will have some pictures for you to consider, but first a little backstory.

One of the favorite arguments of those who support “assault weapon bans” is that a purpose/goal of the prohibitions is to keep “military” or “military-style” firearms out of the hands of private citizens. 622 more words

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