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the ineffectiveness of "assault weapon bans", part 3

Once again, I will have some pictures for you to consider, but first a little backstory.

One of the favorite arguments of those who support “assault weapon bans” is that a purpose/goal of the prohibitions is to keep “military” or “military-style” firearms out of the hands of private citizens. 622 more words

Pretty Pictures

These firearms are fun to shoot

There are a few firearms that are not used for hunting, not practical for a carry piece or are obsolete in a rapidly changing market. These firearms might not be the firstĀ ones out of your gun safe, but they are a blast on the range. 666 more words

Mosin Nagant 9130

A quick dicussion about the Mosin Nagant 91/30 Russian bolt action. 7.62x54r.. For more guns knives and gear please check out my YouTube channel Thanks! 13 more words


Guns guns guns.

Got a brand new (well, 1937) Mosin Nagant to go alongside the SKS. Brought it out to the range to try for the first time. Coincidentally there was another guy there who had his 1927 Mosin. 47 more words