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Got a brand new (well, 1937) Mosin Nagant to go alongside the SKS. Brought it out to the range to try for the first time. Coincidentally there was another guy there who had his 1927 Mosin. 47 more words

Will A Mosin Nagant Destroy Stephen Kings Dark Tower?

How many Stephen King Dark Tower books does it take to stop a 7.62x54r Mosin Nagant bullet? What happens if we line up my Dark Tower collection and shoot it with my M44 Mosin Nagant? 210 more words


Fun with History

SO many rifles come to mind when looking for a historical connection with your shooting recreational activities. Most of the fun is shooting the rifle trying to imagine what those soldiers had to go through. 1,148 more words

Coming Soon: Mosin-Nagant M91/30 Review

Over the next several months, I will be going back over some of my rifles from the World War Two era to highlight the features that set each of these firearms apart from one another. 21 more words


Mosin–Nagant shirt

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