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Will climate changes have an impact on health and affect the spread of diseases such as malaria?

Malaria morbidity and mortality (1) is typically a function of:

  • Vector control as in control of malaria-infected mosquitoes.
  • Ease of access to medical service, accurate and timely diagnosis, and Artemisinin-based combination therapies.
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When the Mosquito Population is More Active, So is Mosquito Squad of Columbia

Normally, our mosquito season here in Columbia, South Carolina would be winding down and we would be closing up shop until the spring. However, due to the recent monstrous amounts of precipitation and extremely mild weather we’re experiencing, it appears we will be performing our mosquito control duties well into the month of December. 298 more words

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The Recent Floods Will Undoubtedly Result in More Columbia SC Mosquitoes

As we have discussed at length, standing water is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. However, our particular situation is quite different and presents many challenges. 293 more words

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While You May Find Stinky Feet and Bad Breath Disgusting, Mosquitoes Actually Love Them!

Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes seem to bite some people more often, while others seem to barely be fazed by them? There is more to the laws of attraction when it comes to mosquitoes than just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 814 more words

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With the Record Heat We Have Experienced, Columbia SC Mosquitoes May be Active Until Christmas

West Nile virus cases are beginning to show up all around us. This is not unusual, as the virus tends to spike in August, September and October. 276 more words

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The Asian Tiger Mosquito in Columbia SC Has More Bite Than You Think

To many people, a mosquito is a mosquito. Nowadays this is certainly not the case. There are more than 2,700 species of mosquitoes in the world, and 176 of these live in the United States. 701 more words

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With Mosquito Squad of Columbia's Event Sprays, You Can Make Certain Your Fourth of July Party is Completely Mosquito Free

This coming weekend is the Fourth of July. It is a day to be enjoyed by everyone as we celebrate our country’s independence. While you and your guests are mingling at your cookout this weekend, make sure that mosquitoes are not on the guest list. 233 more words