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What are the chances that there's something else like Zika coming soon?

Global Zika-like outbreaks are increasingly inevitable largely due to unprecedented rates of

  • Population mobility and density
  • Rapid global transport
  • Human ecosystem alteration
  • Climate change

existing cheek by jowl with… 1,353 more words


Wet spring may mean higher mosquito-borne virus risk - Fight the bite!

It seems like it’s just starting to warm up and feel like spring, so is it mosquito season already?

Mosquito abatement districts are surveying and treating for mosquitoes earlier than usual this year because spring has been so wet and there has been widespread flooding across Idaho. 613 more words

Public Health

Take action now to control mosquitoes and avoid illnesses they might spread

Mosquito season isn’t in full swing, but we don’t have to wait until the pesky insects that can spread diseases such as Zika have us surrounded before taking action. 294 more words

South Carolina

Mosquito control: Upstate scientists learn from success of malaria control effort

Upstate scientists credit international collaboration with keeping a region along the border of Ecuador and Peru free of malaria since 2012.

The coastal area of El Oro Province in Ecuador and the city of Tumbes, Peru, were once endemic with the mosquito-borne viral infection. 416 more words

Health Care

It’s spring: Protect yourself and your family against mosquitoes

After yet another warm winter in South Carolina, spring is upon us — and so is mosquito season.

As you and your family head outside, remember that now is the time to begin taking action to protect yourself and your loved ones from mosquitoes — even if mosquitoes are the unofficial… 490 more words


Mosquitoes and Mosquito Bites

How many mosquitoes have bitten you this year?  If you are like me, the answer is many.  What to do?  You can prevent the bite or deal with the bite later. 344 more words

Can we assume that no dengue epidemic in the U.S. implies little chance of a Zika epidemic? (both diseases are transmitted by the same mosquito)

Not too long back Dengue epidemics were part and parcel of life in certain parts of the US (1). Florida had its last Dengue epidemic in 1934. 1,556 more words