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By Spraying Your Yard for Mosquitoes Now, You Won’t Have to Worry About Being Eaten Alive Once the Mosquito Population Spikes

Mosquito season is about to be in full-swing. Have you noticed the irritating bites while outside during the evening? Has the swarm of backyard infiltrators arrived in your yard? 308 more words

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Keeping the North Shore Updated on Chikungunya

Mosquito Squad of the North Shore believes in keeping our community updated on the latest statistics regarding all mosquito and tick borne diseases. Mosquitoes rank at the world’s #1 pest, in terms of globally infectious diseases. 395 more words

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Key Factors in Choosing an Effective Mosquito Control Company

Spring showers and sunshine, bring out the dormant mosquitoes and create ideal breeding conditions for these pesky nuisance bugs.

Utilizing an effective and dependable mosquito control… 463 more words

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March Madness Strategy for Mosquito Control Ensures a Winning Season Ahead.

Soon, the snow will be melted and with warmer weather and standing water, those tiny, biting nemeses – mosquitoes – will be back with a vengeance! 643 more words

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Why not add some mosquito-repelling plants to your landscape this spring?

Spring is in the air! It is evident in the longer days, warmer temperatures and yes, the emerging bounty of bulbs and buds just weeks away from providing an explosion of Spring color. 563 more words


Helping to Eradicate Malaria is a Top Goal for Mosquito Squad of Columbia

Malaria is listed as one of the world’s deadliest diseases. The reason for this is due in large part to poverty and lack of access to simple preventative measures. 333 more words

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Peak-a-boo…Where are you? Do mosquitoes die off in the cold?

It feels like the winter has lasted longer than usual. It’s been cold and wet lately, with storms passing through way too often for me. Our temperatures just can’t seem to warm up, but the calendar shows that we are only a few weeks away from the official start of spring – how exciting! 365 more words

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