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Our Misting Systems Offers Permanent North Shore Mosquito Control

Misting Systems Are Not Just for the Super Wealthy

Engulfing your yard in citronella tiki torches will not keep the mosquitoes away. We know, because we tried it ourselves long ago and were sadly disappointed with the results. 536 more words

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Making a Difference: World Malaria Day 2015 and Beyond

Why is the mosquito considered “public enemy #1?” It is because mosquitoes are the vectors (carriers) of some of the deadliest viruses and diseases that people fall victim to every year. 572 more words

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Mosquitoes Pestering Your Home Gardening?

As we near the time for outdoor parties and your home garden approaches the beginning of a new season all seems to be right with the world. 454 more words

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Mosquito Control - Greenville, SC - Plant and Tree Solutions

Plant & Tree Solutions has the best mosquito control program in Greenville, SC. We will give you 50% off your first mosquito control barrier treatment if you would like to try it (no strings attached!). 22 more words


Control Mosquitoes in your Birmingham Yard Now!

It’s been raining…alot! Have you noticed the amount bugs out this week? As soon as the temperatures warmed, bees and wasps were already building their nests and the mosquitoes are out too. 371 more words

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Celebrate Without a Hitch: No Pesky Bugs To Spoil Your Special Outdoor Event

Planning an outdoor wedding, reception, graduation, anniversary, or even a children’s birthday celebration requires a lot of work! You want the day to go off without any disasters or complications. 380 more words

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Mosquito Control North Shore and Fighting Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

The Nemesis Mosquito
Fighting Asian tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus) here on the North Shore requires a serious plan of attack. Considered an invasive species by the USDA, these fierce little bugs first made their way to the States back in 1985 where they were discovered in Texas. 566 more words

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