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Why Insecticide Treated Bed Nets Are a Critical Development in Helping Stop the Spread of Malaria

It is estimated that half the world’s population live in areas at risk of malaria transmission, with the disease causing 207 million clinical episodes and 627,000 deaths per year. 403 more words


Water will get stagnant if you leave it outside to set.

Mosquitoes deposit their eggs
to play houseguest in mildewed
buckets full of lukewarm rainwater. 41 more words


This week on the farm

After the wettest winter in more than fifty years, spring finally decided to make an appearance this week, and it’s beautiful. There’s been a little bit of cloud around, but we’ve actually had sunshine every day for a week. 405 more words


Tips for newcomers to Canada - No. 1

Listen carefully when Canadians talk about the weather and you will discover there is a protocol that we all follow. For instance, here where I live, we just had an early snowstorm. 314 more words


'Little Fly,' big problems

A tea strainer, a measuring cup, and a champagne glass. These were the things I carried when I came out of the house, on a mission. 528 more words

Zika Virus Inciting Global Fear

Zika virus, also referred to as ZikV, is a disease caused primarily by Aedes mosquitos. Although it has only recently become a major threat to people worldwide, ZikV was first identified in monkeys in Uganda as early as 1947. 1,028 more words

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