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Gear Review: Therapik Insect Bite Treatment

Therapik Insect Bite Treatment: Bugs LOVE me and my body reacts to their bites quite strongly with swelling and redness and itchiness that lasts for days! 239 more words


Warm Weather To Bring More Mosquitos, But Cool Weekend To Hamper Growth

CHICAGO (CBS) — The next couple weeks could be a bit of a roller coaster ride for mosquito activity in the Chicago area.

Wet weather followed by warmer temperatures provides the perfect incubator for mosquito larvae. 227 more words


Super Bomba Insecticida, Pirata Special and the only thing you hear is the Surf sound 

Rincón, Puerto Rico, perhaps one of the few “authentic” paradisiac places on Earth. You must rent a car ( no feasible public transport) and drive 3 hours West of San Juan. 307 more words

Natural Insect Repellent that works better than DEET

Natural Insect Repellent that works better than DEET

Biting insects can put a damper on your summer

fun, not to mention potentially transmit diseases like Lyme disease and West… 1,573 more words


The most hated animal (in my opinion)

Mosquitos. They have irritated every single person on this planet, except the ones who live in Antarctica. If you want a life without those bastards you need to go to Antarctica. 349 more words


Why Mosquitoes Love To Feast On Your Particular Blood

In recent years, we’ve been acculturated to think of vampires as svelte, sometimes sparkly biters of necks—or at least biters of Kristen Stewart. Mercifully, the closest most of us will get to a real life bloodsucker are the mosquitoes to whom we unwittingly donate 0.01 milliliters of our blood per bite. 50 more words

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Citronela y mosquitos: eficaz repelente y natural.

La hierba limón o citronela es una planta aromática que se cosecha a pleno sol y es muy utilizada como planta medicinal.Conocida por las bases regordetas de sus tallos comestibles.Produce un follaje largo y delgado, tupido, cuyas hojas arqueadas crecen bien junto a otras flores estivales exóticas y plantas ornamentales. 178 more words