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The Idea Mill #31

It’s been a long time since we visited the Idea Mill, here on Entertaining Stories. I’ve kept my eyes open for articles, and they haven’t been all that good lately. 1,340 more words


Science Policy Around the Web - November 7, 2017

By: Rachel F Smallwood Shoukry, PhD 

Science and Society

What’s Your (Epistemic) Relationship To Science?

A recently published paper presented the results of a meta-analysis of studies that were published in the journal… 687 more words


Look out! Record-breaking mosquito outbreak coming to Sydney

The daily mail has reported that experts are warning that a high number of mosquitos. Dr Cameron Webb, Medical Entomologist at University of Sydney and NSW Health Pathology is warning that this year will be the worst on record for mosquitos in Sydney. 96 more words

Austrailian Healthcare

What I have learned about mosquitos 

I’ve been swimming in some deep–and deeply personal–topics lately. Between the mystical veils of Samhain (on the bright side) and the recent “Me Too” hubbub (on the dark side), it’s been a heavy week, especially where the Me Too material is concerned. 671 more words

Information & Resources

Insects Drones are Here to Stay! Roaches, Mosquitoes and Birds Oh My! The Coming Micro-Drone Revolution (credible source Huffington Post)

America will never be a “no drone zone.” There was a small glimmer of hope that these aerial threats to privacy would not come home to roost, but that all ended when Barack Obama took office and made drones the cornerstone of his war effort…

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com


Beware the Bloodsuckers

Many bugs are responsible for a variety of diseases but mosquitos, well they seem to think it’s a competition between them and the rest of the bug world to see how many diseases they can inflict on the human race. 1,007 more words