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July 26, 2015: Take my kids camping

I’m no stranger camping, I’ve done it my whole life.  My parents didn’t have a lot of money and were very frugal so all of our vacations involved camping.   335 more words

Mosquito Bites

Can I just say that mosquito bites suck? To be fair, there’s far greater pains that one can suffer, but they still suck. Horribly.

I grew up on a farm, and eventually, I got used to the mosquitos not biting me, for whatever reason. 179 more words


Frogs can Stay

Frogs are welcome in my yard because they eat insects, including the blood-sucking mosquitos that are so prevalent in summertime here. They are carnivores. Small to medium sized frogs and toads, like this one, will also eat flies, moths and dragonflies. 86 more words


The Jungle is Massive

Originally from England, I am lucky enough to currently live in Ecuador, which is one the most bio diverse countries in the world. It boasts mountains, beaches, rainforests, and The Galapagos Islands. 1,178 more words

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(AC) Mind the gap


Del mismo modo que, a partir de cierto momento, gran parte las personas que conocemos dejan de ser “originales” y pasamos a percibirlas como amalgamas de personas que conocimos en nuestro pasado, hay conceptos de otras clases que también quedan ligados a manifestaciones concretas de nuestra historia. 422 more words


Valley mosquitoes carrying Dengue Fever?

As you have surely noticed, there are lots of mosquitoes around the valley.  LOTS of them!  Well, get ready for some more bad news….areas surrounding Arizona have had positive identification of the mosquito species… 52 more words