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Deadline Coming Up to be Excluded from Mosquito Spraying

It’s hard to think about mosquitoes in the middle of winter, but a deadline is coming up to notify town officials that you don’t want you property sprayed this summer with the pesticides used to combat mosquitoes. 200 more words


Another great kanga with a public health message! This one was created for World Malaria Day in 2011. It is made by Khanga Mama and sponsored by a handful of US government agencies and programs, as well as the Tanzanian Ministry of Community Health and Welfare. 88 more words


Fucking mosquito 

How does this tiny fucked up fucking mosquito know where to bite. Let’s just say they smart enough to know that.. how does those bitches know where the ear is? 73 more words


Popcorn: another UEFI research OS

The list of UEFI research OSes has grown by one. Justin Miller has created Popcorn:

popcorn: A toy microkernel x64 UEFI OS: popcorn is a hobby OS for x64 UEFI environments to play with building a microkenerl architecture. 79 more words

My Anti-Mosquito method=Mosquito Stickers and Mosquito Repellent Baby Oil

I live in Thailand, where mosquitos are EVERYWHERE, more in some places than others. I am also a person that mosquitos love to bite. About a year ago I finally found two products that completely work for me. 109 more words

Thailand Foreigner


There’s a handful of research OSes written for UEFI:


Now there’s one more:


Granted, it’s probably the smallest one yet, merely a hello-world program.