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The Ubiquitous Protector


People, especially the city slickers do not have any reasons to exert themselves unless they make a conscious attempt to remove themselves from their comfort zone. 503 more words

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Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelet with Citronella - Multi-color 6 Pack

Whenever we go out in the back to relax and whenever I go on vacation it never seems to fail, I am attacked by mosquitos. I seem to be a common target of these pests. 388 more words

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Swatting mosquitos teaches them to avoid you

❝ In a paper published Jan. 25 in Current Biology, University of Washington researchers report that mosquitoes can in fact learn to associate a particular odor with an unpleasant mechanical shock akin to being swatted.

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Beginner's Luck

I made some adjustments at half time.  I studied my opponents.  Every move was predictable.  Then I realized, so were mine.  Especially, being as green as I am.   300 more words

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Doodles + Four Facts

Mosquitos – Malaria, transmitted by mosquitos, kills nearly one million people in the world every year. www.Nature.com.

Fruit Cocktail (the Del Monte variety) used to include alcohol (!) but Prohibition er…prohibited that. 66 more words


Cambios genéticos en los Anopheles

Colince Kamdem, es un investigador postdoctoral, que publicó un artículo sobre la fascinante variedad de cambios genéticos que confieren resistencia a los pesticidas en los mosquitos… 181 more words


How Mosquitos are Hitching a Ride on Drones to Reduce Zika

I had the distinct honor of serving on the expert panel of judges for the prestigious International Drones and Robotics for Good Awards in Dubai for 2 years. 789 more words

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