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Moss Agate Spiritual Magickal Meaning

Moss Agate Vs Tree Agate

Moss Agate and tree agate are often confused with each other, having a similar look colour and meaning. Like the tree agate, … 433 more words


Seaweed rockpool pendant

I do like seaweed shapes. Here are some of the sketches I did before making the pendant.  The oval edge is a little clunky but I do like these swirly seaweed shapes as Henri Matisse did!


Patience! STAT!

“Patience is a virtue.” Yeah, yeah, clearly those citing this are not currently going through something stressful, anxious or out of control! So what are you suppose to do to get through this difficult time? 204 more words

My Top 5 Crystals

There are so many crystals on the market today and each have various different names; some of which are “nicknames” used for marketing by a specific retailer or wholesaler. 952 more words

Holistic Wellness

Just Around the Bend

No, not me-the weather!

We were out for a Sunday drive yesterday, and unless the Mechanicsburg area has been experiencing a drought…the leaves are already beginning to change. 489 more words


Stone of the Week: Moss Agate

I seem to be a week late on this one.  Normally, we have 100+ degree weather this time of year, but it’s been rainy here for the past week, feeling like an early autumn.   45 more words


Murder... most crispy

I didn’t mean to do it. Honest. And I feel awful too, absolutely horrible. I have killed my son’s Bonsai tree.

Bonnie-as she was known-was purchased from a special market that only comes to our city twice a year. 626 more words