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Grass on Walls

Ad student Caitlin Thomas developed this outstanding street art campaign for AUSTRALIAN NATIVE BOTANICALS.

Source: Grass on Walls

Seeing my work on the Macleay Ad blog is amazing!


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Moss Graffiti: A Connection Between Art and Nature Today: Street Art

“As people become more Eco-friendly and environmentally aware, the idea of making living, breathing graffiti has become an exciting outlet for graffiti artists. Moss graffiti replaces spray paint and other such toxic chemicals and paints with a paintbrush and a moss “paint” that can grow on its own.” 193 more words


Creating Moss Art

While perusing pictures of guerilla gardening the other day, I stumbled across something that sparked my attention: moss art. Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock, but I had never heard of such a thing before, and it was intriguing. 342 more words


Moss has always intrigued me. It’s so bright and vibrant and coveys a feeling of life when it’s lacking. For instance, in my black thumb apartment. 118 more words


Moss Dopeness

This is frickin’ cool as hell. I haven’t had the time to try this, cuz my life is like crazy busy right now, but I have the… 20 more words

Urban Gardens: Growing Moss Art

… dotted by Bekki

“A rolling stone gathers no … ”

I’ve always thought moss was magical.  As a child I imagined it a perfectly plush bed for my dolls, and now as a dignified mature adult I use it as … well … beds for  180 more words

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