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The Best Way To Spend 10 days In South Africa!

If you’re interested in travelling to South Africa or if you’re already in it and you’d like to explore the cultural diversity that lies at the earth of this rainbow nation – here’s the best way to spend ten days in this awe-aspiring country. 375 more words

Cape Town Event

Walking for Conservation

Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Center is a sanctuary and rehabilitation facility for indigenous South African species. Through various programs Tenikwa aims to educate tourists from near and far about the perils their tenants face and how people can help preserve these animals as well as their habitats. 555 more words


South Africa Part 4: The Garden Route

Hi everyone!

The Garden Route is the 300 km stretch between Mossel Bay and just beyond Plettenberg bay. It is one of the most famous drives in South Africa with people taking anywhere from 3 hours to 3 weeks to complete it. 1,180 more words


Antiques & Artefacts tour, days 2 to 8

Antiques & Artefacts tour, day 2 to 8.

(Written on 10 May.)

OK, since the last blog post we have played 7 more shows, and will be playing another one tonight. 1,080 more words

Tour Diaries

Bay of Mussels

Mossel Bay is a strange place for me. My dad lives there, so I visit more often than I would under other circumstances. The town itself is a little ‘old-school’ for my tastes but it has the occasional gem that makes it, if not worth the visit then it at least means you don’t head home empty-handed (so to speak). 324 more words

Garden Route

This Day by Tiah Beautement #17_2015

“Every day we begin again.” Every day Ella performs her own private ritual in homage to her son, Kai. Over the course of the day, the story of how he died is slowly revealed. 563 more words

Book Review

Things To Do In South Africa Part 2


Plettenberg Bay

This was definitely one of the highlights of the whole trip!! Plettenberg Bay is absolutely gorgeous, so it was a privilage to plummet at 200km/h, above such a wonderful view. 546 more words