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The Breach That Saved the Day

I focused my breath and locked my gaze on the steady shore of Diaz Beach, trying with all my might not to get sick. The stench of the inhabitants of the nearby Seal Island overwhelmed by nose and only added to my nausea. 738 more words

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A Breath of Fresh Air.

PARK HOUSE LODGE, MOSSEL BAY, SOUTH AFRICA – Day 50: It’s strange to think that my very first archaeological field excavation is coming to a close. 1,163 more words

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Cape Town and the Garden Route

If you have ever heard a semi-inebriated South African extolling the virtues of Cape Town, you would think the place was a second Eden – paradise on Earth. 1,090 more words


Lions and Tigers and...Sharks?

PARK HOUSE LODGE, MOSSEL BAY, SOUTH AFRICA – Day 30: It’s Friday Braai Day, a.k.a everyone’s weekly release/binge night that allows us to let loose some of the tensions that have built up over the course of the work week. 1,212 more words

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So You're in A Stone Tower...

PARK HOUSE LODGE, MOSSEL BAY, SOUTH AFRICA – Day 16: I’m currently surrounded by about four different types of technology and struggling per usual with the slow wifi to get everything situated, so I can maybe see some faces from back home later tonight. 489 more words

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Am I an Archaeologist Yet?

PARK HOUSE LODGE, MOSSEL BAY, SOUTH AFRICA – Day 10: Deep breath… I’ve officially survived my first seven days not only working on what I’ve learned to be one of the most well organized and influential sites in archaeology, but also my traveling independently  and internationally for the first time ever. 622 more words

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