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Garden Route / George

Along the south coast of South Africa is a highway which to those who know it is called the Garden Route. Although the Garden Route is also a nature reserve on the other side of the small town of George, most people refer to it as the road trip between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. 311 more words


Unforgettable South Africa

If you are looking for a holiday that is filled with adventure, stunning landscapes and a touch of the exotic, then South Africa should be your destination of choice. 1,432 more words

South Africa: Driving Cape Town to Durban

After spending a few days in Cape Town enjoying the V & A Waterfront Food Market and an extremely informative and interesting tour of Robben Island, we set out for our 10 day drive from Cape Town to Durban. 3,254 more words

His eyes told me a story.

“Never stop dreaming. Once you stop dreaming, then your life ends… The goals you set for yourself, never stop aiming for the stars. Always aim higher, so you can make a success out of your life.” – Raoul Overbeeke… 567 more words


Mossel Bay - not the sleepy town you imagine.

“Nature is breathing, we can either make it or break it.”

This was a piece of wisdom by Margreth, a Dutch traveller who has been in Mossel Bay for the past five months. 449 more words


Who accommodates who? Lessons from The Point in Mossel Bay.

Coming from Singapore, a tiny island that faces challenges of delicately balancing between preserving natural spaces, and constructing urban spaces, being in Mossel Bay grants me the opportunity to reflect on yet another perspective about the relationship between humans and nature. 899 more words



“What do you think of me going to South Africa?”

I immediately sent that WhatsApp message to my family’s chat group when I received a forwarded email from my course administrator sharing an internship opportunity in South Africa. 365 more words