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Autism: Dream, 7.20.15

In the dream, I half-wake-up, realizing that Spouse is cleaning my bathroom. In the dream, though, he moves on from the toilet to the counters and the sink, which are filthy right now. 1,593 more words

Personal History

autism: sensory-processing problems

Finished reading Temple Grandin’s The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum. I was surprised to recognize how many difficulties I’ve always had that turn out to be sensory-processing issues. 1,072 more words


circles of words

I like looking at my own blog(s), and re-reading my own words, often. Not just because (I think) they’re well-written, but because they’re a reminder that I exist. 746 more words


Rethinking dream of 6.10.15

Even before Charlie commented, I was second-guessing my original interpretation of yesterday’s dream. The chapter on Inanna talked about how, before her ordeal, she was an active, vital, gregarious goddess. 1,540 more words


bemused by boundaries, part 1

On Twitter a week or so ago, I explained how it’s really important for me to not act like an asshole, so if I “had a problem” with someone I knew from Twitter that I knew also read my blog, I would either take it up with them directly, or just write about it in my journal (and not post anything to a blog). 645 more words


Who am I? Orangutan edition

It’s not even 10 p.m., and Spouse has already gone to bed, but that is too early for me to attempt sleep. Still, I have to go to bed much earlier than usual tonight as I have to get up at the absurd hour of 7 a.m. 771 more words


Musing on memorable

Things or people are ‘memorable’ to me because they’re interesting. Sometimes that means they’re salient to interests I currently have. Sometimes that means they’re salient to interests I’m developing, or about to develop. 866 more words