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Clean Up

The Grown Son and his Roommate were hanging out at my house.

Me (to Grown Son):  Pick up after yourself – you’ve left a debris trail all over the house! 19 more words

Mostly True Memoirs

A Win-Win Situation

I went all summer without any bug bites.

The bugs have suddenly realized that they need to catch up.

There was a party on my left ankle last night. 92 more words

Mostly True Memoirs

First World Problem

I cut my finger slicing vegetables.

It was a tiny cut.

But it hurt because it was the on the tip with all the nerve endings. 64 more words

Mostly True Memoirs


Recently I gave some sage advice about NOT putting plastic dishes on the hot stove.

Apparently the Grown Son didn’t heed my advice.

I found a kind-of melted, disfigured plastic dish in the kitchen. 48 more words

Mostly True Memoirs

The Perfect Crime

Bob always mows the lawn himself.

While we were on vacation, he hired a guy to take care of it.

Apparently the gardener never showed up. 90 more words

Mostly True Memoirs

Goodbye California

My California vacation is over.

Goodbye beach.

Goodbye perfect weather.

Goodbye family.

Goodbye friends.

Goodbye Baja style Mexican food.

I’m sad to go.

I’ll be back soon.

Mostly True Memoirs

Just Dive In

Just dive in.

I know, the Pacific Ocean is freezing.

But if you dive right in,

you only have to scream once.

Once you’re done screaming, 49 more words

Mostly True Memoirs