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Do Video Games Cause Violence? (Essay)

This is an essay I wrote during the early parts of my college tenure. I think it fits this blog well, since it discusses video games. 1,954 more words


Mother 3 Chapter 2: Thief Adventure

The mysterious group which has tinkered with forest animals as if they were toys has set its sights on the hearts and minds of the townspeople…

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Video Games!

Mother 3 (GBA) (2006/2008)

Mother 3 (2006/2008)

It’s one of the most natural and dangerous human instincts we possess: we all want what we can’t have. And we PAL gamers ought to know this – after all, how else was I going to react to the news that Super Noah’s Ark 3D and Mahjong 64 wouldn’t be making it to Dublin? 1,394 more words

Game Reviews

Mother 3 Review

One of Nintendo’s greatest storytelling achievements

Mother 3 is, at the same time, decidedly similar and completely different from Earthbound, its predecessor and a game whose catastrophic commercial run back in 1994 on the Super Nintendo did not stop a cult of unparalleled devotion and enthusiasm to develop around it. 1,716 more words


Nintendo Direct Predictions

As you may know, there is going to be a Nintendo direct tomorrow at 9 a.m. EST. They will be talking about upcoming games, and possibly more. 88 more words