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Earthbound-Inspired Cookbook Smashes Kickstarter Funding Goal, Aims For December 2018 Release

Bryan Connor is like any other dedicated fan of Nintendo’s cherished (and long-dormant) RPG series, Earthbound. Enamored by the titles charm, wit, and farcical representation of America, he was quite active on various forums centered around the series which expressed and shared their love for the series. 181 more words


Even Disney XD Wants Mother 3 To Finally Be Localized

While there’s some hope for the localization of Mother 3, Nintendo never flat-out said it was going to release the game outside of Japan. But it seems like practically everyone wants this to change. 61 more words


Some of My Favorites: Five Great Final Boss Battles!

Final boss battles are often what push video games into greatness.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that the ending of a story is imperative to its quality.   1,358 more words


My Top Ten Stories of All Time! 5-4

Alright, we’re continuing with my personal top ten stories of all time, moving into the top 5!

Now, in my top five, you guys are going to see some of the stories that have influenced me most- influenced my taste in all other future stories, and oftentimes provide standards that I apply to all others.   781 more words