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Mother 3 Review

The legendary Mother 3 is known for never coming out in the US. Nintendo may never release it, but dedicated fans have translated this turn based RPG into English for anyone with an emulator. 485 more words

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Nintendo Commits to Smash and Mario Kart

According to Nintendo’s most recent financial reports, it looks at if the house that Mario built plans to continue support for two of its biggest titles on Wii U. 220 more words


I've Been Nominated for a Liebster Award: Whoo!


First off, I want to thank Joshua Hicks over at Gaming Backlog for nominating me for this award. I hadn’t heard about the Liebster Award before that nomination, but now that I know what it’s all about, I feel like I’ve been welcomed into the blogosphere. 1,975 more words


"Earthbound" Breaks Reality - Club Nintendo Labels Digital Copies "Sold Out"

This is something I’m not sure has ever happened before. We all know what “Earthbound” is right? It’s that ground-breaking adventure/RPG starring four children with psychic abilities who’re on a journey to defeat a reality-defying alien creature hell bent on swallowing up the world…Ness? 455 more words


A Ton of Smash Bros. Information Drops

Mewtwo and Lucas join Smash Bros, as does a new update.

Mewtwo will be added to both versions of Super Smash Bros on April 28th, Nintendo announced during today’s Nintendo Direct. 157 more words

Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS - Lucas Announced As DLC Character

Can you believe it?! It’s actually happening! As a fan of Ness, “Earthbound” and everything the “Mother” series has to offer, the addition of Lucas to the “Super Smash Bros. 261 more words