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Elemental Perfection Gen 1, Ep 5; Traditional Bachelorette Bitchslap

Welcome back! Last part on Elemental Perfection, I left y’all on a huge cliff hanger Regarding Le possible Heiress, Violet. Sorry for the wait, thanks for the patience. 1,210 more words

#TBT: Earthbound AKA Mother 2

Update: I just found out that today (the day I published this post) is the 21st anniversary of the release of this game!  Crazy!

The first time I picked up… 449 more words

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Episode 43: Epic Endings with Cam Werme

Download Episode 43 – “Epic Endings with Cam Werme” Here!

There’s something amazing about the music that plays at the end of games. Is it the sense of accomplishment?   166 more words


Start Strong, End Strong


Regardless of the medium, a bad ending is one of the worst flaws a work can have. It’s one of the few mistakes that the author cannot recover from without resorting to sequels and extensive retconning. 2,815 more words

Extra Life

Smiles and Tears

I didn’t ask for this; no, I didn’t at all

Who said that she of all people had to be the one to fall?

The beast was menacing, half living, half dead; 442 more words

Mother 3 Chapter 3: The Suspicious Peddler

We’re getting into the meaty parts of Mother 3 now, as our discussion arrives at the animal-abuse themed chapter. There’s very little that’s as affecting as a monkey in a shock collar. 1,701 more words

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Mother 3: Reggie Says Never Say Never, But Nothing To Announce Right Now

Fans have been clamouring for Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe to announce Mother 3 for the Wii U Virtual Console. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says he hears fans cries but says… 239 more words