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The child I care for came into my life, not by my own will and desire but by the wind of destiny which blew in directions we never expected. 303 more words

Mother and Child

I found a print of this Cassatt at a thrift store today. I went to the store to find a sweater for my son, told my kids we should step into the furniture section just to see if there are any paintings we like. 177 more words


The intimacy of belly buttons.

     For the context of my blog I am going to change the name and situation in which this post was inspired but still explain to you the way it inspired me.Today I was at the mall sitting on a bench ,relaxing for a bit before another power walk around the stores,realizing all the things I would love to have but don’t have the money for.This guy walked by ,glancing over his shoulder to talk with his friends his arms reached up enough so that he belly button was exposed. 234 more words

Quote of the Week: Jesus Our Model

All filial love implies some degree of union between child and mother.  Filial love springs from that union, is nourished by it, delights in it.  And as love grows, it in turn strengthens the bonds of union. 

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The True Meaning of Motherhood

What is a mother anyway?

What does it truly mean to be a mother?

In its simplest form, I suppose a woman becomes one through the act of birthing – but even that isn’t completely accurate. 211 more words