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Mama's Miracle portrait #7

Darkening the area under the baby and Mama’s hands give me depth and adding shadows under her chin and the cast shadows on her neck and chest area are really starting to show dept well.


Mama's Miracle portrait #2 & #3

Mama holding her baby I begin by using resist or mastik to withhold the white areas. I like being able to paint in a more relaxed way putting pools of color up to where the white area edge is. 58 more words


Mother instinct 

When you first become a mom, you are bombarded with suggestions and must-dos from relatives, friends to total strangers. Though some of it come very genuinely, it can be very taxing on the mother. 668 more words

3 Strange things that happened the first time I went away from my baby

How was your experience leaving the little one behind for the first time? You must read on to know the 3 strangest things that happened the first time I went away from my baby! 291 more words

Mother And Child

The Hands of a Clock

You and I, we are like

the hands of a clock

enjoined for eternity.

We may traverse our paths alone

Me in my impatient hours, 165 more words


Mama's Miracle portrait

This is a portrait of a Mama holding her baby and that amazing feeling that goes between them. I begin by sketching the shapes, and putting a background around her. What a precious time.


Emma and Cody

I took some photographs today of my good friend Emma with her now 10-week old son Cody, I took some of him with his brothers… 18 more words