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6 Amazingly creative arts and crafts ideas to try out on a rainy day

Check out 6 utility items inspired by creative arts and crafts. Try them out this monsoon!

This monsoon, when it’s pouring outside and the kids can’t step out to play, just don’t let them feel sad about it. 196 more words

Mother And Child

I Love My Mom (Chalk Drawing) by Patty

“I was really missing my child,

when I saw this chalk drawing on the sidewalk…

it was really comforting,

a reminder that even when we are apart, 13 more words


T Minus 5 Days and Counting

T minus five days and counting before my 11 year old daughter leaves me alone for two weeks so she can go off and have a blast at summer camp while I sit around and try to remember what I did to amuse myself before I had her in my life. 198 more words


New Places and Faces

The title that I selected for this post seems almost like fate once I tell you about my experiences today.  There I was sitting in McDonald’s doing some online searches on my laptop when I happen to notice a young woman who also had a small toddler in a stroller who for some reason seemed to be in a bit of distress.  242 more words


Online book reading can be so much fun with Amazon Kindle

Online book reading can be so much fun with Amazon Kindle – world’s best e-reader for you and me. It’s true! Mommies and daddies, take a look at 5 amazing reasons why you should use as well as introduce this awesome gadget to your kids. 955 more words


Feeling Frustrated 

I feel like I don’t know what I am doing. I have about doubled my sons daily insulin and I can’t keep him in range. I already talked about the dangers of going low. 451 more words

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