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The truth in a Sketch

A sketch is the quickest response to a feeling. The truest expression of the artist. By adding work on it, it will stiffen, loose veracity and become fictitious. 31 more words

Black & Wite

Kids Are Selfish - No Lie!

My oldest niece is getting married this weekend. She made me an Aunt for the first time and I remember when I first saw her. She was only about a year old, newly arrived in Ontario from where she was born to my sister when she’d lived in British Columbia. 387 more words


Blue...Needles Guns and...

I’m going through a blue period at the moment…the interesting thing about these images that I made another drawing which was trying to be too formal and it didn’t work.   18 more words


Missing My Girl

My daughter is staying at her grandmother’s overnight tonight. The house is so quiet. I feel so alone.

I always get this anxious feeling when she’s not here after school. 354 more words


Limbic Footprint - Limbický otisk

V tomto článku chci poděkovat svojí kamarádce Mariánce,

kolegyňce pracovní a blízké duši za její zpětnou vazbu a email z přednášky od Mgr.art Zuzana Hozhoni… 509 more words


Babies at the cinema need not be a recipe for disaster via Japan Times

Another first that the new Lalaport has brought for West Saitama, is that of a “Mamas’ Club Theatre”. Twice a month on the 3rd floor of… 208 more words