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That could happen

My sister frequently laughed at my hesitations. ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ was a favourite saying. She never waited to hear the answer. She was usually too busy working out whether her sandwich-board salary would cover her bail. 558 more words

Female Protagonist


My mother had a painful fear of people looking. ‘For goodness’ sake,’ she would hiss, if any of us did something mildly unusual, ‘people are looking.’ Then she would draw her cardigan or coat around herself more tightly, as if it were a cloak of invisibility, and bustle off down the street at a speed designed to stay just ahead of the looking. 930 more words

Character Study


At three o’clock, Lily ironed the rose dress she had worn to the school formal, just before she found herself pregnant. At four the heavens opened for an hour, soaking the paddocks, sending the horses plunging and rearing. 775 more words

Female Protagonist

Home Fries

‘Yeuch. I hate home fries,’ said Billy. He collapsed in his seat at the table as if home fries were a national insult.

‘You only hate ‘em cos they’re not Macdonalds,’ his mother said, unfolding a square of muslin for the baby. 419 more words

Mother And Children


I found her at the back door, sooty-faced as a wolf cub. She sat on the step, turned to the forest, her eyes half-closed against the sun. 816 more words

Female Protagonist

Things of Life 3: Bread

How do you measure your children in bread? Is an older one better to keepn a little un cos they can hush their own hunger pangs Or is a little un better cos they dont eat so much? 1,368 more words

Fairy Tales

Reflection on a simple thought

If it weren’t for a whim, they would have been in the city when the soldiers came.

“If you three are going to roughhouse, you’ll do so in the field.” 59 more words