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Momma's Banana Bread: A Generational Recipe

One of my favorite things to do, is bake with my daughter.

It takes me back to the days of baking with my mom.

Back to the days where you could lick the spoon and didn’t know to worry about ecoli or other “raw egg” illnesses. 202 more words


My Decorating Chops Vindicated!

I asked my neighbor to hang a picture for me a couple of weeks ago. It was an impulse buy but I was smitten with the muted colors,the not-quite-realistic but still recognizable subject matter…and the fact that it complemented my room’s style. 678 more words


Just Call Me/Us 'High Maintenance'

When most people (especially women) say that they are ‘high maintenance’, they usually mean they require elaborate spa treatments, many expensive outfits, designer shoes, dazzling jewelry.Gill would argue that my love of clothes and shoes qualifies me for that title.I take her comments with a large grain of salt since this comes from a person who wears Birkenstocks, flip-flops, well-worn cowboy boots and Converse sneakers almost exclusively. 701 more words


You Made Me a Mom

Three years ago you made me a mom. I never thought time could go by so fast. There was a time when you were so dependent on me. 332 more words


Nieces and Brinckas

Once upon a Saturday, we decided to take a journey out to a magical place called Brincka-Cross Gardens. This is a beautiful garden nestled in an area of northwest Indiana. 541 more words

Mother And Daughter

Movie Buffs

This past week, a friend went with me to see the new “Pirates of The Caribbean” movie. We have seen the entire series together since (a)nobody else we know will go with us and (b) we are both ardent Johnny Depp fans and think he’s adorable. 1,001 more words