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The value of love

South Africa? Can you hear me? Can you hear us? Can you see us suffering? Can you not feel our tears against your earth? Our blood staining the ground? 411 more words

Making Friends The Hard Way

Gill has been feeling rather lonely since she moved to Bristol. Oh, she’s made friends with her work colleagues and quite likes them, but she has yet to find the offbeat, weird types that appeal to her own offbeat, weird personality (her evaluation, not mine, although…) 671 more words


Bianca and Carol

Two generations of mothers!
Bianca is Carol’s child and Bianca has 2 young children
Carol’s gifts: empathetic and calm; a champion of women’s empowerment and an advocate for strong, happy marriages. 94 more words

Esther Magazine

I'm A 'Spring'

When we lived in California in 1980, I ‘had my colours done’. It was a new fad back then and I, just exiting from my years of ‘pregnant frumpy mummy’, was desperate to change my look. 746 more words


Sushiiiiiiii with momsy

A simple lunch with mummy at Sushi Tei.
Sipping hot tea, savouring good food and small talks
Just some mother and daughter session

Mama, I just wanna let you know that… 64 more words


Fun For Days

I realize that Mother’s Day is long gone, but the one good thing about having kids scattered far and wide is that the celebration goes on for days. 574 more words