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On the Eve of Yet Another

Sitting across the table from my oldest at our favorite eatery, I could not help seeing what others must have seen in me 36 years ago: a tall, lean vibrant girl with a hyperactive, inquisitive mind and over burdened sense of responsibility for the buoyancy of the conversation. 351 more words


Who Knew? Old Order Mennonites in England?

Gill has been trolling The Guardian again and found an article that was upsetting to her. It was about England’s Mennonites. They are, as you might imagine, few in number and, due to dwindling numbers, have decided to stop regular church services. 755 more words



We had a great time with this beautiful mom and daughter. They were a blast to work with and did so awesome!


Chapter 4.26 – Mother Knows Best

There’s a reason for public service announcements and ads cautioning people against drinking because alcohol is not something one should overindulge in. I learned that the hard way. 2,026 more words

The Sims 4

Pigeons With Jobs

Gill sent me a video clip recently with an article from The Guardian about pigeons. Since her first (as yet unpublished) novel was about a guy raising racing pigeons that talked like people, I know I’m going to be the recipient of every article she finds on the birds. 508 more words


Her Last Birthday

She was six years old and her birthday was coming…You were sick. Had been for a while. You were dying…but refused to do so before her birthday. 226 more words


The Egg And I

I’m hurt. Deeply hurt.

Gill has been experiencing a challenge in the cooking department — specifically, the egg poaching department. She emailed me for help but, since I wasn’t home,  I couldn’t reply immediately. 503 more words