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Those eyes

One of my favorite things about my daughter being pregnant with her first child last year was all the texts and phone calls and questions about did I go through “this” or did I remember feeling like “that”? 786 more words


Kitchen Refrains: In Memory of My Mother

In the loving memory of my dear mother Rama Bhattacharya on the auspicious occasion of her birthday today, February 26, 2015. A tribute to her unceremonious kitchen chores, her relentless housework and our long-distance phone calls, over which we have bonded over the course of all these years. 329 more words

The Wings Of Poesy

My baby likes me better

My daughter likes me better than her father. I can tell.
Despite the fact that she is twenty days old and probably has no ability to distinguish between the two of us, let alone decide who she prefers, I stand by my position. 553 more words


Coming Back: Part 36

Grace turns, and her mother is standing only a few steps behind her. Anna’s hair is down, gleaming in the first morning light, and her eyes seem very green, very sharp and clear. 638 more words


A New Queen In Town

I don’t understand the world’s fascination with royalty — be it The Queen of England, Princess Di, Kate, The Dairy Queen or Cinderella (after the shoe thing). 764 more words


Rejigging The Family Totem Pole

The poor Pig. She doesn’t know it yet, but the next few weeks are going to be difficult for her. Or perhaps she does sense something in the air — given the stinkeyes she keeps giving us. 609 more words