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Twinning with animal print :)

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Sex For Young and Old

Sex ed in schools is a big topic here right now. The government has introduced a new curriculum, one that is way overdue given current events…Kaitlin Jenner’s transgender status, teens engaging in risky sexual activities at a younger age than ever (oral sex under the bleachers?!!) and the fact that parents are, in many instances still shy and embarrassed about having The Talk with their kids. 671 more words


Poem - Mother And Daughter - Anne Sextom 

Linda, you are leaving

your old body now,

It lies flat, an old butterfly,

all arm, all leg, all wing,

loose as an old dress. … 270 more words


Happy Birthday to Mom!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear MOM, Happy Birthday to you!  I called and sang this to my mother this morning and she was pleased. 446 more words


My Mom's Curtain

Years ago, my mother bought a silk curtain on one of her trips home to Greece. This wasn’t something she’d plan to shop for, but she saw the handmade lace trim and couldn’t resist!  136 more words


A Blue Shark Outdone By A Pig

Gill and her somewhat zany friend took a trip to Oxford a couple of weeks ago — ostensibly to visit the friend’s dad and spend a day taking in the local sights. 681 more words


Meet the Mother and daughter duo who do porn together

A mother and daughter duo started out doing porn together because they wanted to make more money. It was the daughter, Monica, who suggested it to her mother, and because the money was good they carried on.  306 more words