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Mother's Day Rapid Fire


When I saw this post, I was wondering if people would call it weird that I have this conversation with my 3yo. My daughter is always curious to know how it was to be inside Mama’s tummy. 649 more words

Mother Bored

Back in Shape

Alrighty, what’s the first thing new mom’s are subjected to these days? Hmm. Weight gain/loss of course.

If you’ve really lost all your baby weight already, wow! 586 more words

Mother Bored

Bottle no bottle

My DD was on the bottle ever since she was born and sucked her thumb even before. Yeah! (More on it in another post.) So it was a big feat to dump the bottle and drink her fluids through a sipper/sippy cup and then glasses, cups or tumblers. 308 more words

Mother Bored

Dear me

I have a three years and a few months old daughter and my day typically begins by waking her up for the day. The next task is to get her ready for her School. 76 more words

Mother Bored