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just when I think I’m over gillian anderson, She pulls me back in, twice as deep

Wanted (2008)

So this young 20 something guy joins a band of…mercenaries? People who kill “bad guys” because Morgan Freeman told them to because a giant fabric was woven to tell the future of who is going to kill what when where and how. 113 more words


...entitled...(or... "F*CK 'EM ALL!")



I can’t stand people who feel like they are …ugh… entitled to or for more than what they have that is being given to them. 1,710 more words

A Day In The Life Of Will Muschamp

Whoa, is it light outside again? I’m supposed to be at the office at 6:17 am. I guess my damn alarm clock didn’t ring again. What’s the problem with that thing? 1,823 more words

Retired corrupt Carson City judge Robey Willis was a drunk who had to breathalyze before the bench just like current judge John Tatro!

Apparently, Robey had enough and quit being a judge. He quit mid term because they made him breathalyze before the bench every day and he could not pass the test every time.  547 more words

Never Forget!

“At least I am not the one that sees a psychiatrist!”

“If he called me today I would dump you.”

“AIDS carrying Mother Fucker!”


No Mother Is A Whore

I guess this would be my post for Mother’s day — a break from all the greetings and something to think about even just for a tiny bit. 400 more words