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Belated Feast Day of Lady Sophronia

Lady Vika’s Day/Tues.

5 Mara/Feb. 24

O, Divine Lady Vika, Radiant Star of Wisdom,

O, Royal Jewel of Dea, be with us.

The Kyrian Moon-Rite is now in its final form. 772 more words


All You Need Is Love: The Missing Emotion of The Holy Trinity

I recently gave a talk about interpreting ancient symbolism to the American International Women’s Club in Naples, Italy. As the talk was held on 14th February, I thought it was appropriate to tackle the theme of love. 4,134 more words

Ancient History

The Holy Season of Mara

Lady Candra’s Day/Monday.

4 Mara/Feb. 23

O, Divine Lady Candra, Radiant Star of Wisdom,

O, Royal Jewel of Dea, be with us.

We have now entered the Sacred Season of Mara, the Fifth Season of our liturgical Wheel of the Year which lasts 28 days. 340 more words


Mother Goddess of Love, Goddess of War

” … The oldest cult of the mother goddess, so far as our material goes, appears indeed to have been in Uruk where she is known as… 347 more words


Fertility Symbols, Great Goddess, and Mother Goddesses

Did you know that the first sculpted images in human history were of women. Not normal women, though. The earliest pieces all have disproportional breasts and butts, and they are also plump. 351 more words


Ascending Gaia

Hey yo you kno She the earth is an accending being n mother-goddess. She is in no danger. She just do a little shake n We all fall away. 118 more words


A Romantic Feminist

It sounds like an oxymoron, a romantic feminist. If you believe stereotypes, feminists aren’t even feminine! Where I come from, women who are pro-women are assumed to be anti-man! 500 more words