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The Norse gods: Frigg

The wife of Odin, mother of Baldr, goddess of motherhood, marriage, fertility, love, home and household crafts. She has the power of divination but she will never tell what she knows. 614 more words


Original Cindy and Original Sin

Last week we/the public were inundated with the tail end of the latest episode in the Will & Kate ‘lapping it up, loving our status otherwise we’d be Z-list celebs’ show regarding their Tour of India and then flooded with the results of the buildup for the highest profile birthday on the planet, well one of her birthdays, the mater herself. 2,338 more words

Time And Culture

Exploring the mother goddess in prehistory

This week I was researching the mother goddess in the context of prehistory. That meant exploring the art and archaeology of the neolithic, mesolithic, and paleolithic eras. 325 more words

The Hidden Goddess

I originally mentioned about the book Freemasonry and the Hidden Goddess in this post. The following quoted post looks at it a bit more. 8,664 more words


The Mother Goddess

The Mother Goddess Archetype has always been revered as a pregnant, full bodied female form. She has always represented birth.

Now, as we grow, evolve, and awaken to ourselves we are discovering this image not always serves every woman. 77 more words

Awakening The Sacred Feminine

D is for Danu - #atozchallenge

D is for Danu

Danu, an Irish Goddess, is the Celtic Mother of the Faeries. Her tribe is the Tuatha De’ Danann, also known as the People of the Goddess Danu. 127 more words