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The Litany of the Celestial Mother

11 Brighde/Feb.3



O, Kyria Sofia, Guardian of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us.


The Litany of the Celestial Mother

Hail, Dea Madria; Our Divine Mother God, 117 more words

Our Beliefs

Middle Eastern influences?

While researching for my series Servant of the Gods, I read articles and watched documentaries in reference to the origins of the Greek gods and goddesses. 782 more words

You're Grounded

I left the following as a comment to Colette on her Bealtaine Cottage Good Life blog post, “Facing into Climate Chaos.” This is her paid subscription blog, but you can find out how to access those posts by clicking… 419 more words

Healing Stories

Temple or Pagoda ?? + respect

There’s often a lot of confusion between what we call a temple or pagoda, so here’s an easy guide:

Pagoda: Called a Chua in Vietnam… 275 more words

Hanoi Vietnam Cultural Understanding

Your Holiday Mom - Remembering All-Mother Frigga

No mother is perfect, that’s just a fact.

We had a spirit supper to All-Mother Frigga during the blue moon of 2012, and I was her horse (medium if you will). 313 more words

Norse Goddess

December 18th, Three Days Before Yule - Eponalia



Eponalia is a day dedicated to the goddess Epona, it falls on the 2nd day of Saturnalia.

Epona is the patron goddess of horses, donkeys, mules and other animals, her name translates as “Divine Mare”. 177 more words

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A reference for the forthcoming and it belongs to a certain age of a unknown world which became the temple of a Evil God. The God in a man believe that the time to care for negative consequences is close by a few weeks. 301 more words