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Uncovering Self-Awareness Through Motherhood

Written by Corinne Ferry-Moselle

Motherhood changes us in ways we never fully understand until we are there in the middle of it. It is a full spectrum of new emotions as well as finding an inner strength we didn’t know we had. 637 more words

Attachment Parenting

Greek mythology: Gaia's revenge

Gaia the Earth Mother

In Greek mythology Gaia  appeared out of Chaos and was the primal Mother Goddess who gave birth to the Earth and the universe.   535 more words

Greek Mythology

Our New, Universal Rosary

Lady Candra’s Day/Monday

A reminder that up until tomorrow night is the Crescent Moon in honor of the Daughter.

We have devised a universal, more Deanic style rosary for our main Mysteries. 406 more words


Lilia Aurora

Lady Sophronia’s Day/Sat.
1 Columbina/March 21

Feast of Lilia Aurora/Lily of the Dawn.

Today marks the first day of Columbina, which means… 202 more words


Eclipse 2015

We were lucky with the eclipse yesterday. It was touch and go, though, as I woke to heavy skies, covered in a pall of grey. Nevertheless, the camera was charged and came with me. 313 more words


Matrona: Mother Goddess

I have a tic; so many goddesses have been thrown into the “mother” category willy-nilly that I resist any description of a goddess as “mother”. (Also, I have noticed that people who lump goddesses together as “mothers” very often don’t consider the complexity of the title – Lotte Motz’ book… 866 more words


Mother Goddess

The Smart Witch

A mother goddess is a goddess who represents – or is a personification of – nature, motherhood, fertility, creation and destruction.

Such a goddess may also embody the bounty of the Earth. 580 more words

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