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Subtle and Overt Attacks on the Goddess, Nature, and the Sacred Feminine

In an uncharacteristic pattern, I’ve been working on this post for a couple weeks. Normally, if I don’t finish in one go, then the post gets deleted or forever floats in limbo. 2,550 more words

Healing Stories

Going Forward

Thanks to the encouragement, support and good advice that I have received from true friends, I am taking a deep breath and we will continue forward. 1,425 more words



Goddess personifying the Earth

Symbols: The earth, and fruit half buried 43 more words

The Fourteen Names of the Goddess

On the morning of December 29th, 2013 I made this very short entry in my dream journal: I needed to know the fourteen names of the Goddess. 588 more words


Uncovering Self-Awareness Through Motherhood

Written by Corinne Ferry-Moselle

Motherhood changes us in ways we never fully understand until we are there in the middle of it. It is a full spectrum of new emotions as well as finding an inner strength we didn’t know we had. 637 more words

Attachment Parenting

Greek mythology: Gaia's revenge

Gaia the Earth Mother

In Greek mythology Gaia  appeared out of Chaos and was the primal Mother Goddess who gave birth to the Earth and the universe.   535 more words

Greek Mythology


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LET ME at the outset of this subject make it abundantly, and exceedingly clear that : 3,118 more words