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Is Danu a real goddess?

One of the things everyone knows about Irish mythology is that the deities we all know (Brigit, the Dagda, Boand, Ogma, etc.) are all members of the… 2,326 more words


The Meaning of the Day of Kala from a Janite Perspective.

16 Columbina/April 4


Madria Erin, in her most engaging and thoughtful post on Lustration/Kala, asked the question, what is the full thealogy of the day, if the Daughter is not dead? 1,837 more words

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Give Me Time - Cinematic, K$NG, Satine A Cappella - SoundCloud

Listen to Give Me Time – Cinematic, K$NG, Satine A Cappella by Cinematic Tha Nganeer #np on #SoundCloud

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Thoughts on astrological Ceres

If you troll the internet for interpretations of the dwarf planet Ceres in astrology, you’ll mostly find the following themes represented:

  • Nourishment, food, by extension maybe agriculture, cooking, herbalism and so on;
  • 1,863 more words

The Challenge of an Unknown Religion


19 Moura/March 10


We all feel it. We all know what it’s like to belong to a religion that is virtually unknown and unrecognized. 1,925 more words

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The Mask of the Superhero and the Nakedness of Kali


I was reflecting on the idea of judgement over the past few days. Is it only possible to judge things if one is a good person? 1,386 more words

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Morgane, a Breton Fay

Morgane surprenant les amants dans le Val sans retour. Lancelot du Lac, roman du XIII siècle. Illustration from a book dating from the thirteenth century… 1,186 more words