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Spiritual tourism showcases ancient beliefs, sites

The Mother Goddess religion, considered to be Viet Nam’s oldest religion, is rising in popularity. Each year, tens of thousands flock to the Phủ Dầy festival in Nam Định, a traditional event that is being promoted by the Việt Nam National Commission for UNESCO in hopes of developing spiritual tourism in the country. 1,800 more words


Trupti Desai, and the Real Problem of Feminism

With Trupti Desai asking for equal entry into religious places, Madame Meow wonders about her demands, and why there’s so much resistance from the common public. 1,262 more words

Issue III: Footprints

A Singapore Stranger Shares Her Faith

Singapore’s equatorial heat and humidity weren’t helping in our search for lunch in the Little India neighborhood. Nor was the traffic buzzing by on the noisy Serangoon Road. 340 more words


The Norse gods: Frigg

The wife of Odin, mother of Baldr, goddess of motherhood, marriage, fertility, love, home and household crafts. She has the power of divination but she will never tell what she knows. 614 more words


Original Cindy and Original Sin

Last week we/the public were inundated with the tail end of the latest episode in the Will & Kate ‘lapping it up, loving our status otherwise we’d be Z-list celebs’ show regarding their Tour of India and then flooded with the results of the buildup for the highest profile birthday on the planet, well one of her birthdays, the mater herself. 2,338 more words

Time And Culture

Exploring the mother goddess in prehistory

This week I was researching the mother goddess in the context of prehistory. That meant exploring the art and archaeology of the neolithic, mesolithic, and paleolithic eras. 325 more words