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The victory is ours

I published the below mentioned message on the blog of a channeler and apparently lightworker called Suzanne Lie.

The message is very important for all parties, so I am sharing it with you all here too. 1,606 more words

Only One

No Such Thing as “Nice”: Serpents and the Great Goddess

The Toltecs and Aztecs had originally worshipped a person/couple called Ometecuhtli (the male part) and Omechihuatl (the female part). Sometimes these are shown combined into one being with male and female aspects. 477 more words


Sabudhana Kichidi / Tapioca Pearls Kichidi

The festive season of Navaratri  has begun …….

 It is one of the most significant festivals in Hinduism, celebrating the Mother Goddess Shakti/Durga in her various avatars for nine consecutive days. 690 more words


The Queen of Heaven – A Deceptive Doctrine

                                             By Tony K Sept 2017

Presently, we are witnessing an obvious increase in the embracement of ancient paganism into society. Largely, these were pagan religious beliefs that had many of their roots in ancient Babylon. 60 more words


I used to be a big Mother Goddesses person. Gaia was everything to me. Nature was Gaia, and Gaia was Nature.  That all got dumped when i started applying reason and Logic. 68 more words

Truth 4 U

To all channellers on Gaia




 A short update – September 10th, 2017 / 2:30pm (BST):

Irma did started to get calmer a couple of hours ago and even slowed down, but of course they stirred it up again and apparently got strength once more. 2,141 more words

Only One