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Louise Bourgeois and the Venus of Lespugue

While sewing the other afternoon on my “My Name is Venus” huipil, I listened to a Marija Giambutas video to keep me in the Mother Goddess mood. 571 more words


Work in Progress

My Name is Venus” huipil for the 99 Arts Project work-in-progress!

Before and After

This is the back panel of the huipil first with just the drawing then with appliquéd fabric scraps (which I have plenty of) added for the background. 262 more words


Orthodox Filianism...What Does it Really Mean?

Rosadi/Day of the Flower Moon

O, Agia Vicka, Jana of Courage, Strength and Valor, be with us.

Flower Moon

Tonight is the Full Flower Moon. The RoS may be served using the Preface for the Holy Daughter  for Spring.  1,265 more words

Our Beliefs

Mother Goddess Eve

Female figurines have been found during archaeological excavations. The most famous one is the Venus of Willendorf dating from around 23,000 BC. Some scholars believe these figurines depict mother goddesses. 1,278 more words


Divine Sophia and the Clear Recital Part II

Pomedi/2 Flora

(Please see previous post on upcoming events in the Holy Month of Flora).

Disclaimer: Please note that Janites are not Gnostic, nor do we accept all Gnostic schools of thought or teachings. 1,257 more words

Our Beliefs

Dragging my feet

The next section of the book (The Temple of Mithras at Carrawburgh, for anyone new to the blog) is ‘The Background of Mithraism”. This was written in 1951 when the Persian theory still held sway. 430 more words


Full Moon in Scorpio & Lunar Beltaine

With all the focus on Beltaine, it may be easy to overlook the Full Moon in Scorpio . . . or is it?

Many celebrate Lunar Beltaine on the Full Moon in Scorpio. 400 more words

Lunar Cycles