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I Need Faith

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you believe in, but you must believe in it with every fiber of your soul.

I have been absent from this blog.   1,165 more words

Musings & Meditations

Sacred Season of Fall ruled by Madria Thema

2 Abalon/Sept. 6


O, Madria Vicka, Jana of Courage, Strength and Valor, be with us.


The Sacred Season of Fall

As we faced South and bid farewell to the Noontide of Summer, during which we honored the Celestial Mother as the Rose of Joy, we expressed gratefulness for all its blessings and benefits. 1,025 more words

Divine Feminine

About Us

The Deanic/Filianic Faith began in the early 1970’s through several different organizations. The Janite Tradition takes its inspiration from one of these former Orders, while having evolved and developed our own practices, traditions and thealogy. 115 more words

Our Beliefs


A few months ago I was having a work dream, not the work dream where you’re stressed out because  you suddenly have too much work that you couldn’t possibly finish but, more of a continuation of a seriously boring work day, sort of dream. 654 more words


Jolyon--Part III

Time-traveler Fiona Robertson must choose between 1450 B.C. Minoan Crete or her own world of 2016: which will it be?
That afternoon and every night thereafter Jolyon and I were never apart. 2,316 more words

Short Story

Minoan Art and their Magnificence

One of the most notable features of Minoan civilisation was and is their artwork. The skills of the Minoan artisans were extraordinary. From the finest jewellery fashioned to the large wall friezes painted that allows us a glimpse of their life and culture. 471 more words

(Photo Essay 5) Goddess Pilgrimage - Italy by Kaalii Cargill

My journey took me next to mainland Italy. In an archaeological park outside Naples, I stood in the cave of the Cumean sibyl. The cave – … 620 more words