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The Librarians: The Mother Goose Chase

Lost magical spells, nightmare nursery rhymes, and a cracked egg that could end the universe; it’s up to The Librarians to save the world once again, in the book, … 755 more words


Goslings leave the nest at Strathcona County fire hall

The resident mother goose at Strathcona County Fire Hall No. 1 is leaving the nest with her goslings.

Every spring for the past several years, Burnice has set up her nest in a planter outside the Sherwood Park fire hall. 113 more words


the Opposite of Opposite

Dr. Seuss

& Mother Goose

met on match dot com,


determined pair

were Zebra

and beyond.

The duo dined

on food & rhyme

on ham & eggs of green, 138 more words


Mother Goose and her triplets

Mama goose,

watches over triplets,

enjoying sunny weather.

She feels warmth upon her feathers.

Ever vigilant and protective of her

little ones, she glanced my way… 65 more words


My Poetry Manifesto

So we’re making chapbooks for our final project in our poetry class, and I’m taking the easy (but more expensive) route–I’m doing mine on Shutterfly because I’m not that crafty yet. 305 more words

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary by Mother Goose

Mary, Mary quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells
and cockleshells,
and pretty maids all in a row.