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Once I saw a little bird

How’s your weekend going? Well, I hope!! Here’s a little rhyme for you! I hope you enjoy it! Muzzy is working on his next adventure, so stand by for him in a another day or so!  8 more words

Computer Art

Kitty cat, kitty cat, thou art mine

Hey, ya’ll! You like my southern accent? Anyway, here’s a rhyme to get you through the rest of the week! I’ve only got a few more rhymes to go and I’ll be tapped out! 67 more words

Computer Art


She crouched, hands over her ears, playground voices taunting.

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary! How does your garden grow!”

The group of giggling girls skipped away. 149 more words

99 Word Flash

Little Miss Muffett

Auntie Goose here, after a bit of break! Here’s a little rhyme just for you! The weekend is coming up – I hope you have a great one! 21 more words

Computer Art

A Story Book Forest Memory

Throwback Thursday! I remember being a child in the 1980s and standing at the entrance to this gigantic story book in a forest in Pennsylvania. Two children were welcoming me to enter and the pages read: 179 more words

Fairy Tale Parks

The Maiden and the Sneak

Coquettish, serious, Bangkok dangerous
Pretty girl effortless
She huggin the white train in bathroom blitz
Snortin drinkin tokin bliss
She in a mess but says a’ight… 173 more words