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My darling MIL, and why I started a blog.

So, the reason that I even started this ‘blog’ is purely so that I can write down the weird shit that comes into my head and be able to vent my frustrations without blowing a fuse and strangling the woman who lets us live in her house, my darling MIL. 897 more words


Pulled Pork & Black Bean Mexican Soup

Up until a few years ago I had never known the joy of eating pulled pork. I’m not really sure even why I thought about making it, or what sparked my interest in this not too popular in our region food, but whatever it was, I caught pulled pork fever, and bad. 1,146 more words


This One's for the Momma's

Happy Mother’s Day!!

I want to thank all the moms out there doing what they do to keep their family going. If only there were a way to recognize how much mommas do BEFORE you are in fact a momma yourself. 731 more words

The Journey

My Mother, My Teacher

My mother has been a great teacher over the years.  Some of her lessons were intentional, and some were unintentional.

She was always big on safety, long before she went back to school in her mid-fifties to be a licensed practical nurse.  695 more words

Be a Ruth because you're not an Eve

This week I read an article on face book directed to men with a title something along the lines “Men, Mother’s day is for your wife not your mom.” Being curious, I read the entire article. 1,469 more words


Dear Future Daughter In Laws - My Sons Know About Your Period

The following is an open letter to my future daughter-in-laws. If in the case my son or sons are gay, this will not apply since this letter is specifically regarding my sons knowledge of a woman’s period and all that comes with that knowledge. 947 more words


When the MIL Catches Me Up Early

Since I have such a hard time trying to juggle all of the things that I have to do in a day, while also trying to work from home, I decided to get up extra early one morning. 681 more words