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i dont really understand

I don’t understand FIDGET SPINNERS, I mean really now? They dont fascinate me in any way.

I don’t understand those PERFECT MOTHERS, I mean really? You’re posing for pictures in your perfectly clean house, with manicured fingernails and you expect me to believe you’re perfect? 389 more words

General Ramblings

Before and After Marriage

Living as a western born Indian girl was not an easy feat.  I was and still am, stuck between to worlds.  There are many things that my parents reassured me of as I was growing up that didn’t quite go as they had told me.   934 more words


This is one of the more… tricky parts of getting married. You get a second family… and sometimes they suck. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes they’re awesome, so I’ve heard. 375 more words


To my future daughter-in-laws

Now I’m a pretty open person, and it’s not often I meet someone that I don’t really like. I have a fairly large repertoire of friends, because if I like you… I like you. 1,353 more words


Mother in Laws aren't ALL bad...

It’s a rarity.  I love my mother-in-law.  Many people have issues with theirs, for various reasons.  But mine, is amazing.

When my maternity leave ended, my husband got two weeks paternity.   435 more words


Why do we always pretend??

I recently  got married and they say ‘with marriage there comes a lots of responsibilities.’ (even though I live alone with my husband and has nothing more to call as responsibility..but sometimes I guess they are correct. 243 more words

Dear Snarky - My Mother-In-Law Buys Gifts For My Kids and Then Keeps Them for Herself

Dear Snarky,

 My mother-in-law is literally buying herself gifts and trying to pass them off as presents for my two daughters. She collects Lladro ceramics and every Christmas and birthday she “gives” my daughters a ceramic figurine and then tells them that she is going to keep them at her house and they can have them when “they get married.” 243 more words

Dear Snarky