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Mother-in-law cliches

I was boring my two year old this afternoon and he let me know it with dark scowls and a refusal to play. Or read. Or have anything to do with me. 695 more words


Perk! Perk! PERK!!

Is this a perk? Hmmmmm….

I want to be clear about something. As a general rule I am against divorce. I am for sure not going to be the person at the party (if I ever went to a party..) saying “Yeah..it all turned out to be for the best. 507 more words


7 GLARINGLY Obvious Signs Your Wife Absolutely Hates Your Mom

You’ve met your perfect match and you’re so over the moon for her that you married her, but your favorite gal doesn’t seem to be in love with the original first woman of all time: your mom. 106 more words


R15: Cold Wind

Cold Wind by C. J. Box

I confess I raided the Feilding Library for the Box books they had.  I have two more to read and some other great books that I will review with pleasure (I hope).   154 more words

Book Review

3 Times You Will Cry Thanks to Your Mother-in-Law Over the Holidays

‘Tis the season for bright lights, cookies, gift wrapping, and in-laws! Some of you are already drinking simply knowing you’ll be spending lots of “quality time” with the in-laws, while others who are blessed can’t wait for the chance to hug their in-laws hello. 86 more words


Through the Eyes of Susan

So there I was typing away when a voice interrupted my solitude.

“Your typing is so quiet.”

Oh no. It was my time to write and it was limited because there were about a million and one other things I needed to get done. 1,174 more words

A Room With Many Views

10 No-Question-About-It Signs Your Mom HATES Your Wife

If your mother doesn’t like your wife, you probably have a good idea that she’s not happy with your better half. But my comprehensive list that your mom hates your wife will be the real tip-off as to whether your mom is #TeamWife or #TeamIWantMySonBack. 153 more words