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Advice to Mother in Laws and My Future Self

My advice to my future self as a mother in law, as well as all current or soon to be mother in laws…

Being a daughter in law with a brand new baby has given me insight into the in law wars. 1,191 more words

Mother-In-Laws (MIL Part-1) G-uno

Apparently the universe thought that I needed to have the complete Mother-in-law experience because I was given not one, but two. Mother-in-laws play a very interesting role in our lives by either teaching us how to behave,or how not to behave. 972 more words

"laying Down The Law"

My MIL and My Weight

I am sure my MIL means well when she tells me about how she used to be “my size” and that if I would like to look through her old clothes to see if there is anything that I want, I am welcome to do so. 400 more words


To My Mother-in-Law, With Love

I am at my desk in my newly decorated creative space, which is technically the dining room, but I can hear their voices echoing on the other side of the wall in the kitchen.   797 more words

The Scariest Scarecrow Ever!

This morning as I sat enjoying my first cup of coffee I peered out the great room doorwall admiring the pumpkin flowers that had bloomed. Movement caught my eye and looking up into the corn I noticed a tiny flock of sparrows chasing each other through the corn, stopping just long enough to tear at the tops of the corn. 804 more words

Living Day To Day


Where to start? Monster-In-Law a famous movie starting the ever so beautiful Jennifer Lopez but I’ll just use it as words to describe my mother in law. 217 more words


S%&! my Mother In Law says

This week’s thoughtlessness is brought to you by my Mother In Law.

Some of us have saints for parents/ parents in law. A lot of us have parents/parents in law who… 316 more words