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Admittedly, we got married a little bit unprepared. In the course of 2 years that we’ve been dating, we’re both pretty much sure we’d end up together.

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Married Life

Family Noose

The MIL came by yesterday and the Barbarian came home with his step dad today. The MIL is still bat shit crazy as ever. She is normally a 120 pound person tops, and weighs over 300 pounds. 353 more words

9. Evil [Desi] Mother-in-Laws

My blood boiled as she sat there with tears streaming down her face. She’d gotten much weaker since the last time I’d seen her, when in a state like this, she should’ve been taken care of. 884 more words

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His Mom

When I threw my husband out, he went across town to his mom’s house. His mom is a good lady but she has her demons that have directly and indirectly had a cause and effect with my husband’s own demons. 645 more words


The 10 types of mother-in-laws

When you enter a relationship which becomes serious or you decide to permantly change your name to your hubby’s, this becomes the union of two families and obviously this involves your mother-in-law. 1,091 more words



It’s been some time since I wrote about my 40 day plight of no Diet Coke and swearing. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened on that front. 1,161 more words

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Why Does Your MIL Dislike You After The Birth of Your Child?

You had her favorite and only grandchild and so your mother-in-law couldn’t be any more excited! Technically, you should be her favorite person, and for a while there, you were. 146 more words