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We Shall Meet Again In The Great 'Bye And Bye'

We Shall Meet Again-In The Great ‘Bye And Bye’

Just a few days ago a good friend of mine died

I have been thinking about how to pay Him Respect… 70 more words


Somewhere For Coffee

Cammie took a bar cloth, slightly dampened and wiped down the upright piano which stood at the front end of the sandwich and sweet shop. The old Werlein piano had been her former mother-in-law’s. 387 more words

The 10 types of mother-in-laws

When you enter a relationship which becomes serious or you decide to permanently change your name to your hubby’s, this becomes the union of two families and obviously this involves your mother-in-law. 1,112 more words


It is now common practice for some Nigerian mothers to leave their husbands in Nigeria....

It is now common practice for some Nigerian mothers to leave their husbands in Nigeria and flee to America to live with their married children. Seems okay on the surface, but when her daughter starts having marital problems what advice would she give her? 9 more words

Before and After Marriage

Living as a western born Indian girl was not an easy feat.  I was and still am, stuck between to worlds.  There are many things that my parents reassured me of as I was growing up that didn’t quite go as they had told me.   934 more words


This is one of the more… tricky parts of getting married. You get a second family… and sometimes they suck. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes they’re awesome, so I’ve heard. 375 more words


To my future daughter-in-laws

Now I’m a pretty open person, and it’s not often I meet someone that I don’t really like. I have a fairly large repertoire of friends, because if I like you… I like you. 1,353 more words