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Thoughtless Thursday- S%&! my MIL says

This week’s thoughtlessness is brought to you by my Mother In Law.

Some of us have saints for parents/ parents in law. A lot of us have parents/parents in law who… 316 more words


Written in Stone

This Friday marks the 17th anniversary of my mother in laws death. In Hebrew this is called the “Yahrzeit”. The custom in our family is to visit the grave of the deceased in the week leading up to the Yahrzeit, which is what my husband and I did on Sunday. 265 more words


Divestiture of the Herd

My mother-in-law collected elephants. Her obsession began at a garage sale where she’d fallen in love with a small collection. Every year our challenge was to gift her with a new elephant, and at first it was easy. 122 more words

5 ways to wrap yourself around your mother-in-law's finger

Its mother’s day in some countries amd churches today and so i thought it a perfect time to discuss about a special kind of mother- our mother in laws. 455 more words


Happy Mother's Day

   Since today is  I decided to forgo my Sunday Spotlight Feature in celebration

of all the women who give of themselves to Nurture, Provide,Protect, and Promote… 37 more words


5: About Motherhood

This was a wonderful week – warm temperatures, sunny skies and green everywhere. It is as if green sprouted in every corner of our area. Amazing how it happens so quickly. 194 more words

The Random Five

Dear Snarky - 4 Ways to Mother-In-Law Proof Your Kids

I get a lot of letters from women asking for help in dealing with difficult mother-in-laws. The letters run the gamut from mothers who still smother their adult children to what I would refer to as the interfering, insufferable witch. 471 more words

Dear Snarky