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10 No-Question-About-It Signs Your Mom HATES Your Wife

If your mother doesn’t like your wife, you probably have a good idea that she’s not happy with your better half. But my comprehensive list that your mom hates your wife will be the real tip-off as to whether your mom is #TeamWife or #TeamIWantMySonBack. 153 more words


My Mother-In-Law (In-Laws Part II)

When my mother-in-law was 70 years-old, she frequented nightclubs with red ropes outside. While people a third of her age waited in long lines, in freezing temperatures, bouncers all over New York City ushered her in. 533 more words


The Truth About My Mother In Law

I am most blessed to have a wonderful women in my life-my mother in law. Society would say that a mother in-law is typically mean and bitchy with a side order of, “You’re not good enough to marry my son” contempt. 178 more words


Why You Shouldn't Play Games with the Mother-in-law Present

I’m not being picky or anything…but playing games is all meant to be about having fun isn’t it? Ofcourse! But when you have a Mother-in-law that is persistent on asking every question under the sun whilst trying to play a game…while it can be very amusing at her expense for not having a clue what I am doing and not being able to understand the concept of who is killing who and for what reason…it can be very distracting in the process haha… 341 more words

Fearless Talk

Advice to Mother in Laws and My Future Self

My advice to my future self as a mother in law, as well as all current or soon to be mother in laws…

Being a daughter in law with a brand new baby has given me insight into the in law wars. 1,191 more words

Mother-In-Laws (MIL Part-1) G-uno

Apparently the universe thought that I needed to have the complete Mother-in-law experience because I was given not one, but two. Mother-in-laws play a very interesting role in our lives by either teaching us how to behave,or how not to behave. 972 more words


My MIL and My Weight

I am sure my MIL means well when she tells me about how she used to be “my size” and that if I would like to look through her old clothes to see if there is anything that I want, I am welcome to do so. 400 more words