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Generation Gap! Really??

One day, sitting and minding my own business at Pizza Hut (GIP, Noida), I overheard the conversation of four women, possibly in their late 20s. Probably friends or colleagues, they were discussing about their MILs (Mother-in-Laws). 511 more words

A "word" on house guests.

 As I have made mention here previously, I’m not a native Southerner.

With that being said, my family and I had our first group of official houseguests this year.  1,032 more words

Matt MacDonald

I broke down and called...

I broke down and called #3 yesterday as she was traveling toward her new home. She has a new-ish car, but has had several transmissions put in it, and it is a basic model. 682 more words

Quick Kimchi

For years, we’ve looked sideways at foods we don’t quite understand and that we suspect will be unusual in flavor and/or texture. Particularly strong flavors of fermented fish and vegetables are not part of our mountain western taste traditions. 386 more words

Your Food Choices

Granny and a bit of this and that.

Hello All.

What are we going to talk about today.
Hmm…not much it seems.
My mind is a complete blank.

I have just come back from a walk. 217 more words


3 Signs Your MIL Is Hell-Bent on Destroying You

The almighty mother-in-law. The one woman that is feared by all daughter-in-laws of the world. At least initially.

If you have the lucky fortune of being your MIL’s favorite daughter-in-law, congrats! 142 more words


Ask Toi: Is it ever inappropriate to speak to a mother in law when disrespect comes to play?

I can say that this is a pretty vague question.  You are to give your elders in general respect and that includes mother in laws.  Respect is also earned and therefore if you are in a tight spot with a mother in law that isn’t being respectful speak to your husband about it.   800 more words