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How to Be A Halloqueen in 2016

Stressed out over what to wear this halloween? Looking to embody some of 2016’s best female queens that slayed this year?

Look no further! Found!t has compiled outfit re-creations of our favorite heroines of 2016. 286 more words


Yolkboy and Lady Gwyn examine Daenerys Targaryen’s arc from helpless commodity to mother of dragons, from conqueror and liberator to mhysa and ruler. With special sections on Dany’s childhood in Braavos and speculation about her upcoming arc in TWoW, music from  13 more words


Daenerys Targaryen, Papercut Style

After I had finished all of the interior illustrations for the fairytale book, I was looking for a new way of creating illustrations. Basically, I was testing different styles and the one I liked the most were papercuts. 126 more words


Game of Thrones.

I should be writing.

I mean, I know I’m writing. But this sort of writing is a guilty pleasure type of writing. I don’t need to worry if this writing is any good or not. 1,029 more words


Game Of Thrones Catch Up

So let me give you a little background on my tv watching experience…I don’t have any. I’m not a big tv guy, nothing really catches my interest and if I’m watching something I HAVE to start from the beginning. 1,643 more words


My Pokemon Gym Tag - Becoming The Mother of Dragons

A big thank you to josefcd904 from The Reviewer’s Corner for allowing me to finally fulfil my dream of being the Mother of Dragons – well Pokemon Dragons at least :P. 831 more words


Game of Thrones back at the start - meme

Spoiler alert for season 6!

After watching the finale, I had a déjà vu. It seems like a lot of the plot developments have been working towards a restoration of the status quo in the first seasons. 116 more words