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How I Made Daenerys's Wedding Dress

The Dress:

The dress was made into a long skirt , it was sewn around a bra so i could achieve that low v neck, it has an elastic waste band all around it and especially in the back so i could just slide it on and fasten the bra. 150 more words


I'm learning to draw...

My mother used to tell me that one day i might discover a hidden family talent in me, being able to draw…

She used to tell me stories about my uncle who one day tried his hand at sketching and discovered an unbelievable talent for it. 121 more words


How I Made My Baby Dragon Hatchlings

George RR Martin you adorable bastard! Not only did you create a fantastic world , full of wonder, but you also included dragons, Not just huge mean mad dragons, but cute, sweet and helpless BABY DRAGONS!   668 more words


Daenerys Targaryen Wedding Day Cosplay

The costume was made from 4 yards of cotton fabric and 1 yard of silver faux leather for the armbands and the dress strap.  The wig is from Ebay and the center three headed dragon piece is made from  a combination of worbla and metal. 28 more words


6 Reasons We Love Dragons

We train them, we fear them, and we mother them. These fictional beasts have captured our imaginations.

We all know the real reasons we all love Daenerys Targaryen: Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion. 526 more words

Words With New Meaning...

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day! As I have mentioned already, I recently went back and watched seasons one through six of Game of Thrones and watching it all again after the big revelation about Lyanna Stark being Jon’s mother and Rhaegar Targaryen being his father (though this hasn’t been confirmed in the show yet but come on… Who else could it be?), some of the things that were said and done have a different meaning now but there was one particular scene that really caught my attention. 218 more words

A Song Of Ice And Fire

Game of Thrones Anybody?!

Uhhh, I know I’m late to the party of blogging about Game of Thrones and it’s only November, but I can’t wait until it comes back!!! 208 more words