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Miss M's Dragon Wagon

Growing up, Halloween was always my absolute favorite holiday (partly because my birthday is the day before). I grew up throwing a costume party almost every year. 1,314 more words

Winter is Coming, but first- Halloween!

It’s time for my obligatory Halloween post, you guys.

For those of you who breathe air, you probably already know how much I dig Halloween.  If not, please search “Halloween” on my blog and read up about all my old DIY costumes. 494 more words

this season will last the rest of my life

I was looking at old pictures that have been popping up on the cloud of my phone lately. Pictures, mostly, from around four years ago when our family of five was only a family of three. 883 more words


5 Daenerys Targaryen Makeup Tutorials That Will Make Everyone Bend the Knee This Halloween

*Originally posted on my Creators page*

Thinking of transforming into Game of Thrones’ gentle-hearted (yet irrefutably badass) Mother of Dragons for Halloween this year? You may have already thrown together your costume and braided your platinum wig (if you’re not naturally a silver-haired Targaryen) but if you really want to make fellow party goers bend the knee, you’re going to need the proper face. 747 more words


#56 - Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke
May, 1987
London, UK

Emilia Clarke is an English performing artist who’s best referred to for her part as precarious to-spell Daenerys in A Game of Thrones. 43 more words

Mother of Dogs

Who wouldn’t want to be Daenerys Targaryen, beautiful Mother of Dragons, soaring on the back of an incredible creature capable of annihilating enemies with one whisper of “dracarys”? 507 more words

rhys(es pieces) is born

It seemed very appropriate to launch the new Newfangled Housewife site with a birth story. As a quick intro, I’ve decided to move the blog that once was through… 609 more words