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Season Five, Episode Seven, The Gift

Jon Snow heading off into battle at last.

Is Sansa going to wake Theon up? Does he have a bit of love for Moody Stark? Looks like winter might have arrived. 340 more words

Daenerys Inspired

Como vocês sabem, eu acabei de formar e não poderia passar a data em branco!

Quando decidi comemorar, resolvi que queria uma festa durante a tarde, pequena e que tivesse a minha cara. 183 more words


Mother of Dragons...

Oh my! I am fairly new to blogging and don’t have LOADS of followers…yet!…so was really surprised (and very excited!) to see I’d been nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by one of my favourite bloggers; thanks Dan!…it’s so nice that someone thinks your writing is worthy of an award! 605 more words


Season Three, Episode Three, And Now his Watch is Ended

He’s kept his hand as a souvenir?  I’m a big fan of necklaces but not too keen on that design. The Severed Hand collection?

Oh good now the eunuch is going to tell us how he was cut. 293 more words

GoT Plot Line Power Rankings: Week Ten

When a television show wraps up a season it’s usually done with either a period or ellipses. Stories either end definitively or they are left open-ended and set things up for the following season. 2,016 more words



*Blank stare* …. so now you motherfuckers want to follow the books….

“i hope you get fucked up in these Westeros Streets HOE”.. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

WELL we are still devastated … there really are no words . 180 more words


Season 5 worst #gameofthrones finale for me!

Today finally I decided I was gonna watch the last 2 episodes of game of thrones season 5. I was anxious, wasn’t sure what to expect. 155 more words

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