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Odda's Chapel and The Mother

“In the beginnings of Christianity, church fathers debated whether women had souls at all.

Latter the issue became whether they could be saved.

Today the issue is one of women reconnecting with their souls.” 471 more words

Motherhood & God

Mother of Mercy

1934. On the day of the Assumption of the Mother of God, I did not assist at Holy Mass. The woman doctor did not allow me; but I prayed fervently in my cell. 96 more words


Let me introduce you to Our Lady of Patriarchal Sorrows.

Like her we carry the weight of social constructs, oppression and discrimination, which like the mantle are built thread by thread and layer by layer. 84 more words


What about Mary? – Part II: Theotokos

“Theotokos derives from the Greek terms: Theos / ‘God'; and tiktein / ‘to give birth’. Mary is the Theotokos, the one who gave birth to God” ( 1,149 more words

What About Mary


Once, the Mother of God came to visit me. She was sad. Her eyes were cast down. She made it clear that She wanted to say something, and yet, on the other hand, it was as if She did not want to speak to me about it. 98 more words



As you may know, I have a serious devotion to Jesus through His beloved mother Mary.  (for all of you Protestants who don’t understand, Jesus is #1.  452 more words