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Getting to Know Mary

Mary is our great helper; she it is, who presents to her divine Son, all our prayers, our tears, and our sighs; she it is, who obtains the graces for us which we need for our sanctification.

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Confessions of a Cynical Catholic: Hail, Holy Queen

   It was early one morning in May during my second grade year when my best friend arrived at my house to catch the school bus holding two droopy tulips that were wrapped in a damp paper towel. 969 more words

Confessions Of A Cynical Catholic

The Word became flesh

Christmas Eve.
Today I was closely united with the Mother of God. I relived her interior sentiments. In the evening, before the ceremony of the breaking of the wafer, I went into the chapel to break the wafer, in spirit, with my loved ones, and I asked the Mother of God for graces for them. 100 more words

Bible 1 Yr – Day 124 – Ruth, Apostles and Mothers

Old Testament

Today we begin the book of Ruth. The book is notable because it tells the story of Ruth who will be the great-grandmother to King David (and therefore an ancestor of Jesus). 594 more words



Busy today.   Tired now.    Did hours of mind-bending studying.   Prepared notes for my classes.   Did enough outdoor work to make me feel physically tired.    So I worked hard,  did what I had to do. 282 more words



The Immaculate Conception of Mary (she was conceived without the original sin) implies that she’s free from the punishment that came from the fall of Adam and Eve. 48 more words



What if God had actually planed it all along? Maybe, at the beginning of time, foreseeing that she/he  would have to come down and put some order, thought: “Well, it’ll have to be a man, because people won’t listen to a woman in 1st century Palestine. 34 more words