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Fresh Looks for Spring!

Our Spring Catalogue is out now and looking fabulous. Plenty of bright, colourful and elegant new styles to revamp your spring wardrobe. Here are just a few of our favourite new looks for Spring. 357 more words


Wedding Emotions


I have always been known for being an emotional and sentimental person. When attending wedding’s albeit being a bridesmaid or just an attendee, it is like something comes over me and I end up crying a lot. 232 more words


How to choose the best dressmaker?

When you brace up for a grand occasion, you prefer to go to the dressmaker to get the clothes tailored, rather than going to the stores and buying them ready made. 529 more words


Mother of the Bride

A young lady at our church has “adopted” The Squire and me. Rather flattering, really, but she is getting married in September and has asked my help in planning her wedding. 316 more words

Let's talk about the role of the mother of the bride

The countdown has begun and the dress fittings nearly finished. Eleven months have passed since the proposal and the day that the planning began. My daughter and her beau will speak in front of us all and I will clutch my square of soft linen, hoping that I don’t embarrass them with a sob, audible in one of the quiet moments. 98 more words

Mother Of The Groom Dresses for Wedding Fashions

The mother of the bride is one of the most important roles in the life of a mother. While the dress of the bride receives the utmost attention and requires careful consideration while purchasing, the dress of the mother, though commonly ignored, requires the same level of concentration. 434 more words

Mother Of The Bride

Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses in Toronto

Weddings consist of several individuals. There is the bride and groom. There is a best man, a maid of honour, bride’s maids and ushers. While a bride’s dress is an event in its own right, the groom and ushers are left to simply either rent tuxedos, have the groom buy a tuxedo for sentimental purposes, however, an event just as big as a bride picking out her dress are the brides’ maids having dresses made out, but the interesting part of a bride’s maid dress is, the bride’s maid dress is that they are the ones wearing a gown they will set the tone in terms of colour coordination, style and theme.Some of the best seamstresses in the city of Toronto to offer you incredible selection of having a bride to be choose the most appropriate wedding bridesmaids dresses for your wedding. 339 more words