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The Adventures of a Russian Rambler

This blog is dedicated to my daily life as a 30ish Russian Rambler and observer of everyday life in my Motherland. These observations will include such diverse topics as street photography, trips to various parts of Russia, various Russian Vodka brands descriptions, local folklore, and telling typical Russian jokes. 81 more words

Фотографии себя любимого

Devolver Digital at Sony's E3 Presser

Devolver Digital has added two astounding new games to its 2016 lineup of incredible indies, as just announced on stage at the Sony PlayStation E3 press conference. 257 more words


The First Experience of an American in a Russian Banya

In my career as an interpreter there were no incidents when a foreigner was offered a visit Russian banya and he would say no. It just wasn’t proper protocol. 811 more words

Mother Russia

Explore, with me, the heart and soul of Mother Russia

Alex Markovich is a 37 year old male living in Russia. For more than 15 years he has travelled throughout the expanse of Mother Russia with specialists from abroad, accompanying and assisting them as a language and cultural adviser; his primary missions have been in the sphere of Agriculture and Academia. 130 more words

Mother Russia


April 2015

So in 2015 the Russians quietly sold $’s after having allowed the Rouble to bottom out which they have now re-acquired cheap using those previously mentioned $’s. 126 more words

Throwback Thursday: Sisters of Mercy and Mother Russia

Okay, so I was a little too young in 1988 to really grasp the political climate.

I didn’t know what the Cold War was, or what “mutually assured destruction” meant. 138 more words


Mother Russia's' Domination

Russia. Land of burly Russians and beautiful pale women. When I was a little kid, no more than a toddler, I used to think that Asia was one country. 320 more words