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April 2015

So in 2015 the Russians quietly sold $’s after having allowed the Rouble to bottom out which they have now re-acquired cheap using those previously mentioned $’s. 126 more words

Throwback Thursday: Sisters of Mercy and Mother Russia

Okay, so I was a little too young in 1988 to really grasp the political climate.

I didn’t know what the Cold War was, or what “mutually assured destruction” meant. 138 more words


Mother Russia's' Domination

Russia. Land of burly Russians and beautiful pale women. When I was a little kid, no more than a toddler, I used to think that Asia was one country. 320 more words


Frankenstein's Army, or: I Was Promised Nazi Zombies

Great blog collab with A Voluptuous Mind, round 2! Read Christa’s review here.

The Film:

Frankenstein’s Army

Where to Watch:


The Premise:

A unit of the Red Army attempts to complete a secret mission to find and destroy Dr. 987 more words

Film Reviews

Body Image and the Stock Dancer: How even the strongest fall

I wrote the following piece during my senior year, when I was suffering from bulimia nervosa and anxiety.  It’s a little long so bear with me. 1,926 more words

Body Image

Lukashekno pours cold water on Russian plans

Alexander Lukashenko is not a household name, yet the ruler of Belarus, Europe’s so-called last dictatorship (discounting Russia, Hungary or Turkey) may just have put himself on the map, with comments that pour a great big jug of cold water over Moscow’s neo-imperial dream. 391 more words


Victory Memorial to Soviet Army, Riga, Latvia

After visiting the National Library, I made my way to the Victory Memorial to the Soviet Army.  I didn’t know what to expect.  Coming from an American context, I find it hard to understand how anyone can leave a monument up to the Soviet Union.  412 more words