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Three Weeks and Third Grade

I was just sitting here.

In complete silence.

*Cue 4 year old who is supposed to be in bed clomping down the stairs*

Well, that was fun while it lasted. 941 more words

Montreal in Film and Why Mommy is Better Than The Score

Well, I did it, Andrew from Fistful of Films. I watched Mommy. Andrew’s made no secret of his appreciation of this Cannes sensation- now I get the picture on his masthead- and after the film resurfaced during Thursday Movie Picks a couple of weeks ago, I vowed to finally give this a watch. 409 more words


Wesley's World

While I’ve been away…

Blogging has not been a high priority lately as my son was here visiting for a few days. Although we grated on each other’s nerves a few times, as is always the case when he’s here more than a day or two, we managed to have a little fun as well. 121 more words



The Tomato-coloured Couch 6:35pm

I have come a long way

since My Son

was born

27 years ago

& I have decided to make

My New Year’s Resolution… 26 more words

there goes my hero

“There goes my hero, … Foo Fighters

“The mind of an addict is cunning enough to convince the body that it is not dying” – Michael Lee… 876 more words


Night Bird

As I watched my oldest son walk across the stage and pick up his college diploma last weekend, an image from memory flashed through my mind. 342 more words


THE END OF THE POINT: a family saga that examines the power of place

The End of the Point

By Elizabeth Graver

Harper Perennial

April 22, 2014

368 pages, $15.99

Elizabeth Graver’s fourth novel, The End of the Point… 1,651 more words

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