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I died

I died when my mother stopped singing
I died when my sisters were quiet
I died when life stopped breathing
I died with the fire of spirit… 120 more words


In this current moment...

I honestly had to share this because my 2 year old daughter is hilarious. I was quietly watching TV whilst Bethany was playing, when I looked over and noticed she was playing some sort of game so I asked her what was going on. 143 more words



People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one. ~Leo J. Burke

Mr Handsome is an x-amount of weeks old today (I stopped counting somewhere around 16 weeks, I think) but on Monday he is turning 5 months.

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The psychology of rebirth: natural transformation

There are natural transformation processes which simply happen to us, whether we like it or not, and whether we know it or not. These processes develop considerable psychic effects, which would be sufficient in themselves to make any thoughtful person ask himself what really happened to him. 722 more words


The Changing Colors

Tomorrow we celebrate Holi (the Indian festival of colors). Several springs ago by this time I would already be in throes of festivity, brimming with ideas to lay siege on friends.   206 more words


The Wait...

There were a few things I can say scared me while growing up but the one thing that had me tripping always was “The Cane” 493 more words


You are her brother

She had lost her mother tongue
How he laughed too at her standing hair
That place where he felt stronger than her
So she sang empty reassuring words… 8 more words