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The 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge # 2

2. Your First Japanese Drama?

It took me awhile before I was interested in watching a Japanese Drama but after some constant urging from some fellow forum members and a strong recommendation for the drama, Mother. 114 more words


A New Decade! Good Bye 20s, Hello 30s

Today is my birthday! Today is my birthday and I am 30! A new decade. A new chapter. I am really excited about it. While I learnt a lot about myself in my 20s, my 30s I suppose I get to use all my wisdom and unleash it on to the world. 1,279 more words


Packing to Go

I am busy packing for a trip to Australia to see my family.  It’s just me and the kids going, we are trusting Hubby to look after the garden, the dog, the hamster and to keep the house clean <insert hysterical panicked laughter here>. 602 more words



I bought for my mother,
A marmalade treat,
To have with her breakfast
On toast for to eat,
But next morning
She never got up from her bed; 50 more words

New Poems

A day in my mom's life

The alarm rings. It’s 5:00 am; a start to a regular day in her life. She gets up from the bed with all the day’s chores in her mind. 683 more words

The Work-Fun Balance

As a mom and daughter, we try, when travelling together for our business, to maintain a good work-fun balance. The benefits of a rejuvenated business attitude and enhanced inspiration that come with enjoying ourselves while abroad mean that it’s something we constantly strive to do. 101 more words


In My Room

It was the weekend and I had been in town picking up a few things. I was not working today. It is warmer summer day in June. 1,506 more words