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Simon Cowell Mourning the Loss of His Mother, Julie Cowell

Julie Cowell is said to have beat cancer to stay around long enough to meet Simon’s son, Eric, who was named for Simon’s father.

“Today our beloved mum Julie passed away. 56 more words


Mommy Issues

I was mentally, emotionally, and verbally abused as a child by my mother. It’s something that’s been haunting me my whole life and a huge topic of conversation during therapy. 783 more words


Mother of Mean Girls star takes on trolls who think he’s too gay to function

The mother of former Mean Girls actor Daniel Franzese has hit out at homophobic internet commenters.

Franzese appeared in the 2004 cult film as Damien – and in recent years has attracted a large following online. 289 more words


Those nights 

Those nights are rough.

Your words

Your smile

Your quietness

Your silent pain

Your bravery

Your positivity

Your courage

Your rare laughter

Your sadness

Your determination… 33 more words

Mrs Amri

Moving On

Every time before bed, I tell my child that monsters aren’t real. I tuck him in, turn off the lights, close the door and walk to my bedroom. 439 more words


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Bitterness of Life

Someone asked me recently-“What has been the worst time of your life?”

And that image of me sitting alone in front of my mother who was diagnosed with kidney failure struck me.I had never seen my dad cry in my life.He had always been my hero,the one with infinite strength.But I saw him cry,almost everyday.And when you see your hero cry,believe me,It feels worse than a heart ache.But that very day I decided that I’ll never cry in front of him.I’ll be his strength.I did not know if she would live or not.But I knew I could never give up.I would hardly pray before,but my mother’s illness compelled me to search for God and search for answers.My mom survived as she got a donor.I slept in a hospital for a month while she healed.I interacted with families which had problems which were worse.A lot of times the only thing I used to hear from people was-“Honsla rakho sab thik ho jayega”/”Have Faith,Everything will be alrite”. 134 more words