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Driver and passenger walk free from overturned Volvo (Rousse)

Having successfully negotiated the main section of the journey to Edinburgh with my maternal grandmother in the smaller of my mother’s two silver Volvos, I lost concentration on a road that had been partially cordoned off, slammed into a traffic cone, and turned over the car. 120 more words

A Mother's Love; I get it now

It was 9:00 pm, and there I stood – in the doorway to my 16 month old’s bedroom, staring at her innocent, unknowing face.  Her tiny butt stuck straight in the air, knees tucked up under her chest, her pacifier (named “Gus”) hung from perfectly rosy, parted lips. 884 more words

HAIKU #189

leaves smother puddles

the track wares its winter coat

leading dogs to play

© Matthew Saunders


21 week after the storm ... L to M

hey, Maria

… my mother had a really hard life … she had three younger brothers … she was two years older that the first brother that followed her … the other two came after the first one every next year … when the youngest was five he drowned in the lake one nice somer day … my grandmother had never overcome that … she stopped living her life and became a shadow in her children’ life … her father became a drunkard … my mother took care of the two remaining brothers … she become their mother over night … at the same time she took care of their house and their parents … and she had to work in the farm nearby, that they had something to eat … … 147 more words


A guide to teach Arabic to your child in 30 minutes a day.


Please click the above link for a set of instructions, manipulatives and resources I have used to teach my 5 year old how to read, write and speak Arabic in one year.  22 more words


Family Challenges

Looks to me like the minute you think you’ve got the fix for all your problems, that’s an invitation for the universe to test you.  Families.  698 more words

Life Story

My Second Pregnancy Struggles

Disclaimer: this blog post is super ranty and whiny and does not, in any way, shape, or form, represent my feelings toward my soon-to-be-born second child. 917 more words

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