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The Past and the Present

Last night as I lay next to my three-year-old, gently scratching his back, I listened carefully to his breathing as it became deeper and deeper until he drifted off to sleep.  328 more words


Goals & Priorities 

Funny how your priorities and goals can change so quickly when something drastic happens in your life.

Before I found out I was pregnant, I was not planning on having kids for at least a couple years. 416 more words



In the past few weeks, I’ve begun many posts but was interrupted due to my daughter’s short naps and new skill of crawling. Holy busy!! I’m thrilled that she’s hit another milestone, but everything is now her playground. 90 more words


Prelude: Don't Hold On To The Dogwood Tree

Last week while writing about the grandmothers and mothers who helped to shape my character, another story emerged from the synopses of their lives. It would seem irreverent to blithely skip past the brief but stunning notations that two of these four, resilient women buried children. 884 more words


African wood sculpture

Great vintage find by LEMONAIDEdesignCO (75.00 USD) http://ift.tt/1NsUm1a

Things my mother taught me

There are many a thing my mother has taught me in life. Here are few of them… 159 more words

Inspiring Mother Josie

I have had this post ready to go for about three weeks now, but each time I thought of posting it, I hesitated. Something told me I hadn’t captured Josie just right. 954 more words