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A Letter to My Daughter: From Mother to Mother

Dear Charlotte,

If some day you become a mother, here’s a little advice for you:

Motherhood isn’t easy and those who make it look easy are either the best actors or they have let go of giving a damn. 697 more words

Blogtober 2018

Returning DVDs | Annoying Pop-Up Ads

Dream 1

This dream involved me returning some DVDs that my family had rented to one of two or three fictional video rental stores and The BP Library in the city of D. 380 more words


Digging deeper into #metoo

As someone who compulsively checks my Facebook and Instagram accounts, the last few weeks have been harrowing. Lots of us have seen shocking revelations against the woke bois who occupy the hallowed corridors of institutions not different from our own. 696 more words

Pulse: A Fifty-Word Story


Zack lay at the bottom of the stairs. Dianne dropped her keys and rushed to him. Her fingers detected no pulse from his windpipe. 37 more words


To Mama

She is not my biological mother,

But I owe my whole childhood to her.

She gave me hugs and kisses whenever I’m in pain,

Lots of love from her is what I gain. 38 more words


I love Fridays

I love my Fridays. My Thursday starts with making the cookie dough in the morning. I look up the recipe, get all the ingredients sorted and have the dough done before the kids get home from school. 158 more words