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Short Story (Flash Fiction) Of the Day, Regeneration by Epiphany Ferrell

“Mom, that’s Instagram. That woman has hands, not claws. That child is happy. It’s not even us.”

—-Epiphany Ferrell, Regeneration

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Regeneration by Epiphany Ferrell…

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How The Black Monkeys Leapt

from tree to tree

they were truly gambolling

Claus Omana and I watched them

from their terrace

the black monkeys jumped

over seven feet

from the silver oak tree to the coconut tree… 356 more words


unattached to living

For the first time in a very long time I wish I was still a smoker. Like, I would seriously kill for a cigarette right about now. 362 more words



Days later it struck me that I had watched a man die when I saw George Flyod’s begging for air. The video showed George Floyd, the man, at his most vulnerable moment and I witnessed it -unable to help, unable to change the outcome. 286 more words


Facing my privilege-The promise to be better for my children

This post is much overdue, but with all that is happening in the world, it has been difficult to sort out my feelings and express myself. 1,290 more words

A Mother's Day poem

Dearest mother,

I am far from home with dreams to hunt
But through the oceans raging between us,
And against the stubborn wind,
You are still near, holding my hand. 271 more words


The Lion at The Gate

When I was small you followed me,

Into the closet where I’d hide,

And held me close to console me,

As trembling, I cried. 89 more words