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‘tween the distance creak of the crickets

Reminded me of a tale from an old crow

Through the ageless life of an old man’ soul – 292 more words


My 81-year old twin

I met Jean* and her daughter, Alice* for coffee at a nearby Starbucks today. Jean loves the ‘Bucks cappuccino as do I! I saw her sitting at a table while her daughter was getting their beverages. 861 more words


Ignore Ants

Breathe to live and eat to thrive,
ignore ants to stay alive.
When you feel them start to crawl,
remain silent like a doll.

Don’t give in to the itch to scratch, 164 more words



I wanted to write a prequel to my story “Runaways.” While I do like how that one started, I felt like the begging could’ve used more. 2,241 more words


Where do I begin? Well, I guess at the beginning. I am a 34 year old married woman and mother of a lovely 7 year old boy who is my EVERYTHING.

443 more words

The Best Laundry Scent Booster Ever!

I’ve never been the artsy craftsy, DIY type, but I’ve realized recently that I have become more open to these types of things. I don’t know if I’m spending too much time on… 257 more words



माँ ।।

यह शब्द न जाने क्या कुछ कह जाता है,

यह शब्द न जाने क्या कुछ सुन जाता है,

यह शब्द न जाने क्या कुछ सह जाता है,

निशब्द , अचल और अजय भी है वो ।।

शालीन ,शांत और प्रशांत भी वो ।।

वो दुर्गा भी है वो काली भी है,

वो अंबे भी है वो भवानी भी है,

वो माँ है ।।