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My mother

This morning began with my 88 year old mother letting me know she felt sick to her stomach, and wanted ice water.  She wanted to rest after drinking some water. 443 more words


The Smell of Nostalgia


The smell of Red Door perfume provokes nostalgic memories of my Mother.

It was her favourite perfume.

I keep a bottle of Red Door perfume in my bathroom cabinet.

It helps me cope.

What's one thing you're proud of?

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Daily Challenge #4.

These are my opinions and based on my personal experience. 884 more words


How to Cope With Homesickness

Moving to a whole new country, sounds very exciting and adventurous but it has real challenges that have physical and mental effects. Homesickness is most definitely an inevitable phase of moving to a new country, it is a step for adapting to a new culture and environment. 477 more words


New Photoshop Pics!

I did these like two moths ago i think.

Also i’ve never watched Dagan Ronpa, i did those two Nagito pics for a friend because well… it was his birthday! <3



Watching your baby grow into a toddler is an awesome part of parenthood. Everyone warned me that they grow up so quick, but they forget to mention how awesome it is to witness. 590 more words