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Bring Back My Daughter

My little Sunshine, she really is,

My life, my hope she really is,

How much her beautiful smile I miss,

How much I miss that innocent kiss. 358 more words

I Regret Going Out For Shopping...

I am absolutely crazy about shopping and after becoming a mother I love shopping for my daughter. This time when I went out for shopping, I had an experience that totally ruined it for me. 692 more words

This Ashtami Promise This To Every Girl

Navaratri, all nine days are dedicated to nine forms of Goddess Shakti, Durga, Amba, Jagdamba… People fast, pray to the goddess, hold Jaagrans and kirtans AND THEN somewhere in our own country a girl child is killed within her mother’s womb, a girl is deprived of education, a girl is forcefully married to someone she does not even know, a girl is killed in the name of honour, a girl is beaten behind the closed doors of her husband’s house, a girl (an old mother) is neglected mercilessly by her own son, a girl’s talent is lost behind the chulaah and taking care of her family… and then we pray to the goddess Shakti. 916 more words

Mother who left baby in NYC nativity manger won't be charged

NEW YORK (AP) — Authorities have decided not to prosecute a mother who left her newborn baby in a Christmas manger inside a New York City church. 124 more words


Like Mother, Like Daughter

I’m a lot like my mom.

As I get older I resemble her more and more; people start to recognize me just by knowing my mom. 862 more words

When We Were Young

When we were young,
she used to caress our foreheads as we went to sleep and she used to whisper something that I did not understand: 101 more words

Baby Joey - 8 Months

Sorry this is 4 days late but it’s been a crazy week here on the home front. We’ve been going through a full heater install, with duct work and all, and a whole house humidifier and air purifier. 525 more words