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Note to world #8338

Today, I traded texts with my oldest daughter about how to get blood out of her favorite pillowcase.

Mind you, I am not exactly known for my homemaking skills… 27 more words


From Mother Eve to Our Mothers, and Every Woman in Between

By Emilia Julian | May 19, 2019

Mother’s Day is a special day as we celebrate the lives of those wonderful women who have birthed us, raised us, taught us, and cared for us throughout our lives.  232 more words


Heroes of our times - mothers

Special Power of Mothers

Heroes are usually called people who have special power. I believe that every mother is a hero for her children. After all, to give life and be responsible for it, to educate, care, wish the best for the child, to love no matter what and not to ask for anything in return is the real power. 1,500 more words

My Thoughts

The American Whore Jew Mother

Legalized Abortion in America is the result of Jewish values. It is the truth. Alabama Law is the clash between two religions, Judaism and Christianity. Abortion is a Jewish value, pro-life is a Christian value.

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Milk and Hugs

Author: Manahil Khan

‘They say nursing is natures lipo’… but they also say it’s a choice… personally I believe it’s a responsibility and a big one that is. 1,958 more words


An Honest Conversation with: Louisa Goodwin

My third ‘honest conversation’ is with my good friend Louisa. I’ll leave her to tell you how we met but to give you an idea of just how wonderful she is… Pete is away this weekend and I’m not very well, so I’m currently in bed whilst she, and her husband – equally amazing!, have both my boys, as well as their girls. 1,051 more words


The Invisible Mother

From the moment you decide to announce that you are pregnant; the world is interested. People you don’t really know that well become bothered by how well you are, they want to touch your body and know the ins and outs of everything. 1,210 more words