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By stanislavap

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Momma Bird

Should’ve been a bird? No. The Mom is actually a bird.

There’s a game people play sometimes, where you have to say which animal you think they’d be if they were an animal instead of a person. 596 more words

Moving Home

Faux Pet Salon

Silence from Eloise’s bedroom means one of two things: looking at picture books or the stealth dismantling of her room. Earlier this week, it was the latter of the two. 596 more words



My doctor recommended I become more active again. Of course I don’t do anything small so I signed up for crossfit. Believe it or not this past week has been amazing. 103 more words


Grieving for two

I am so incredibly thankful for my three year old, Lily…Claire’s older sister. She gives me a reason to get up each morning, a reason to continue a routine, and continues to be the joy in my life since she has when she was born. 595 more words

Baby Loss

7 Awsome Things Your Body Does During Pregnancy

1. Your Blood Volume Increases

During pregnancy, the volume of blood in a woman’s body increases by a whopping 50 percent in order to help support the uterus. 557 more words


An adults scary reality 

Seeing people divorced with kids or just people who were never married to begin with but have a child… It never really hit me how those adults must feel. 428 more words