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Bicycle mania

As many of you will know the Dutch are great fans of bicycles, the rumor that there are more of this mode of transportation than people in the country is nor false. 448 more words

4 Years ago today

Dear M,

4 years ago today I woke up nervous and excited, having a planned cesarean section is so much calmer then the rush of an emergency, but in some ways its more nerve wracking, you have time to think about it all. 695 more words

Getting Through Grief

My mom died suddenly on a sunny spring day 12 years ago this week. She had been in excellent health and very happy with life. Looking back, just before her death, it had been a wonderful time in the life of our family. 549 more words


Day 52: Managing our Baby Clothes Inventory and "The Future"

One thing we are doing in our travels between Sweden and Hong Kong is bringing back-and-forth baby clothes.  For example, the things the little guy has grown out of are coming back to go into storage for a potential future “# 2″, and the things that were gifted to us or we purchased that were too big to bring with are now waiting to go back to Hong Kong. 532 more words



Life would be so much fun;
It would be about everything good;
Only myself and you – our own perfect world;

All this You told me while I was still in You; 234 more words