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ARRIVAL | Amy Feldman shares how the first days of motherhood changed her expectations of bonding with her baby.

by Amy Feldman

There are no fireworks when the baby is placed in my arms. I am exhausted; my damp hair is stuck to my forehead, my neck. 946 more words

Creative Non-fiction

And that’s on Self-Love.

There’s nothing red lipstick, chocolate, and a whole lot of self-love can’t solve.

A few years ago, I heard Sarah Kay’s spoken word, “If I Should Have a Daughter.” It resonates with me till this day and speaks so much to my inner child. 68 more words

If I could, I would. If I can, I will

If I could be with you every second, I would. If I could stop you from ever feeling pain, I would. If I could give you the world, I would. 79 more words


A Mother’s Trust

When I was a very small child, my mother read Bible stories to me each evening before bed. She always read the same stories, Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors, Moses and the Nile River, and Samuel, A Dedicated Child. 339 more words

Baby Bo - Chapter One


Chapter One:

“Baby Bo” had no name his first few weeks. Some sort of superstition that you don’t name the baby until you are sure he will live and you get to know him a little. 644 more words

Staying at home with 3 children.

Hello I’m a stay home mother of 3, it’s been a long journey, I don’t have social media like most they rash out on their social media pages and vent. 363 more words

The Wedding - a MiniTale

Today was not a usual day. He got ready for the wedding. For long, he has waited for this day. Suited up in a black tuxedo and matching pantaloons, he quickly dropped by the supermarket and picked up the bride’s favorite hazelnut chocolates. 78 more words