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Woke Mama Erica

Name & age: Erica, 30

Babies: Arria (2) and Jaiyce (4 months)

How did you end up doing gentle parenting?

It’s something that we fell into for the most part. 572 more words

Meet Mamas

Mother Bug doodles

After feeling like a failing mother and then learning that my daughter is pregnant I thought that would be a good theme to use while I catch up on my doodles. 139 more words

Art And Such

Why I’m afraid to have a second child

I’ve always known I wanted to be a Mom, whenever I pictured my future there were always a few kids running around so when I started to date my husband, who was actually a good friend of mine before we started to date, we talked about what we wanted for the future. 500 more words


Truly Our Sister

Today Christians throughout the world celebrate one of the major feasts of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Known as “The Assumption” it is one of those tenets of Christianity which is not proven by Scripture but is rather “taken on faith.” That Mary was “taken into heaven, body and soul” seemed a logical conclusion to the life of the one that the Council of Ephesus in the year 431 had called… 438 more words

on Tuesday

(for Michelle, my hero)

the man with the tattooed sleeves for arms
thin as wind
assembled of muscle
body fat discard long ago on clanking free weights, 98 more words

Julie Ayers

Emotional Disconnect Between Gender and Role

Not so long ago, I had a fling with a man, ten years younger. A fling that lasted 3 days for reasons, I’ll just describe below. 697 more words


Homemade Stories: "Early Lesson in Diplomacy"

KALEIDOSCOPE continues its very special series spotlighting the winners of a contest that I myself have set up at an online writing community called the Writer’s Cafe; Today, we present a 2nd prize-winning story by Marie Anzalone, “Early Lesson in Diplomacy”… 1,051 more words

Homemade Stories