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That cold afternoon, when you sat

Still on your rocking chair, talking

To your mother who called

To share that she felt alone in

Her house amidst… 149 more words


How mainstream cinema is taking its mothers seriously in recent years.

Mere pass maa hai, the iconic dialogue from the film Deewar has placed the mother as an important commodity owned by any son in Hindi cinema. 523 more words

Badhai Ho

The Secret Sauce to Having It All In Motherhood

Damn, you burnt the cookies again, all while changing another diaper that your 6 month old baby managed to blow out.  Not only that, the perfect little outfit with the tutu was going to be used for her milestone photos for the gram. 915 more words

"Mom Guilt". Let's Fight it Together.

Since the moment we know there is a baby on board, as moms, we start planning for the arrival. We want everything to be perfect since the very beginning. 699 more words


Love to be

Yes I am a house wife
Love to be in that life
My morning till night
Schedule is very tight
From the break fast and lunch… 78 more words



A mother is someone no one can replace

A mother is where a child has his space

Loving and caring he will never forget

She wipes away all his frets… 31 more words

Question of the day.

Who in your life knows you best?

My answer:

I think I have to say my Mum. She knows a lot about me and I can be open with her about a lot of things. 51 more words