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Tender Bronze

I have been recently in the atelier of the sculptor Ivan Meštrović in Zagreb (Croatia) which is now a museum. He has a great expressive strength in his sculptures in bronze and stone. 78 more words


Birthgiver S01E01

The night of August 14, 2018 was the first one-on-one drinking session I’ve had with my mother in a long while. Being at the legal age, my parents don’t really mind much when I drink so sharing a bottle or two with my mom for two hours or so on the terrace wasn’t anything new. 442 more words

Chauvet Cave: A Video Poem ©2018

A video poem written and directed by Marc Alexander Valle ©2018


Snow White Stories

At first glance, Snow White is basically a variant of Cinderella. A young, pretty Protagonist is treated badly by her step-mother (although in older versions it’s actually her biological mother) who is jealous of her. 1,251 more words


Tully (2018) ☆☆☆(3/4): A mother and her odd nanny

Raising kids is often quite a demanding task, and “Tully” honestly and incisively illuminates that undeniable fact via its sharp wit and thoughtful sensitivity. As we are frequently amused by its many humorous moments which are both funny and truthful, we become gradually immersed into its struggling heroine’s daily life, and we come to observe her reality with more understanding and empathy when her story takes an unexpected left turn during the last act. 819 more words


One and done

Some people enjoy having a big family and enjoy being pregnant. That is great it’s what makes you happy but others are just happy with the one. 331 more words



The mother knows how to weave her emotions for the benefit of her children, harden them to push them away from what is harming them, and if they are hurted she will be the shelter