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My First Post!

Wow! My first Blog post as a Millennial! Sounds a little crazy, right? The year is 2019 and I am now a parent with not only the responsibility of one child but two! 329 more words


To know a 100 year old.

A Small Tribute to Grandma Toni

Have you ever known anyone that lived to be 100 years old? I have. And I can say she had more pep to her step than I do at 32! 656 more words


Divine Feminine

The rise of the Divine Feminine is manifesting. Look for Her. Listen for Her. Feel for Her in your thoughts, emotions, encounters and meditation.

Mother. Sister. 12 more words


To the market

Never turn your back to the ocean, my dad told me when I was about J’s age.  He also taught me that sometimes, getting crunched by a wave is inevitable and that there are ways to reduce the pain—letting go, allowing the water to spin you around and spit you out, because if you fight—in this case—that only makes things worse for yourself. 584 more words


Photo Of My Mum

This piece has been written by Ashleigh and as well as describing what growing up with an alcoholic parent is like, Ashleigh offers hope and inspiration in how she has taken the positives from such a difficult experience.

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Mental Health

Reciprocity in Relationships

My friend has texted me a phrase that his father had once said, “People are either takers or givers in this world.”  I replied to his text to provide a real life example–my sister Robyn.   384 more words