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A Wild Encounter

The hours slip by as we hike into the tundra. Spreading our jackets on a rocky mound, we stop to rest and eat some trail mix. 1,395 more words

Polychrome Pass

The bus moves on. I’m convinced the driver is purposely speeding around the deadly turns trying to scare us. Maybe, he’s just insane. He certainly fits the Alaskan mold–an amusing oddity with a dash of quirky and a lot of crazy. 975 more words

Chapter Twenty-Two--Three Sorcerers Stir A Magic Brew

“I am really happy. Sometimes, I have to stop my mind from wandering too far into the future, to the realization that this special time will end–and that will hurt. 986 more words

Wonder Lake

The Denali bus driver taking us the ninety miles to Wonder Lake is full of information about the animals and the park. I see Dall sheep grazing high up on a ridge and even from quite some distance, I can see the ram’s massive curly horns. 642 more words


I never shared my fears, my hurts or my disappointments with my mother, nor did I seek her out to be my guide through troubled waters. 1,086 more words

Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

When I was ten, I wrote these words in my diary:

Growing up in a home with alcoholism, I became the consummate observer. I learned how to track the behaviors and moods of others because my survival depended on it. 509 more words


Keylime cupcake with cream cheese frosting

It took about a year and half for Kyle and my annulments to go through, those months were plagued by a lot of emotional soul searching. 1,001 more words