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Finding my inner spark

I was looking for something funny to put at the top of my post but this resonates.

Part of the annulment process was also to find people who could testify on your behalf, your parents plus as many witnesses as you could muster. 790 more words

You'll have to ask grandma

I saw my mom a lot during the process leading up to my cousin’s funeral. At some point she asked me to give her a ride to see one of her sisters, now that we were finally in a calm place this would be when things came to a head. 752 more words

My brand of crazy

Every time I had these episodes with my mom they would throw me into a tailspin. I always questioned my viewpoint, my beliefs, my perspective. I tried so hard to not be blinded to myself the way my mom was, that my pendulum swung way to other side where I held myself accountable for… 894 more words

The puppet master

When we returned from our trip, I was really angry┬ábut all I really wanted was keep things smooth so that my mom would leave. I’d even brought her a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts, if you can believe that. 834 more words

For better and for worse

I didn’t know what to do. My mom has a habit of running away when things get tough, even if that means going for a walk to destinations unknown where we would have to chase her down with a car and drive street by street looking for her. 911 more words

Life in the Midwest

The three years we spent in the Midwest were some of the best of our marriage. Our small family flourished, we would visit Kyle’s family over the summer when we could and enjoy lake fun, tubing, fishing and water skiing. 808 more words

Dear Mother, I Forgive You

I never forgave my mother for her alcoholism. Through my childhood and adult years, I didn’t understand why she drank. I thought she was pathetic and weak. 759 more words