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Someone is talking to me, asking me questions and I open my mouth to speak but either I can only say a few raspy words or no words come out at all, though my mouth moves with the effort of trying to speak. 805 more words

La Dernière Leçon (The Final Lesson)

An old life, tired and difficult, with a date set to meet its end, is the uncomfortable time-frame that shapes director Pascale Pouzadoux’s deeply beautiful film starring Sandrine Bonnaire and Marthe Villalonga. 361 more words

French Cinema

Epilogue continued...

I’m grateful Mom did not die while I was in Alaska. Her gift to me, I suppose. Rubber tramping into Alaska was a dream I realized despite Mom being ninety and sickly. 872 more words


I open the door and walk into the bedroom. Lying on the rented hospital bed is my mother or what remains of her. Her pale gaunt face is turned to the side, her eyes closed. 1,103 more words


After clucking our goodbyes to Chicken, we head out over the mountain pass along the Top of the World Highway. Fall is in full glory serenading us as we drive over the winding road. 639 more words

Always In My Heart

We arrive in Anchorage a few hours ahead of Rebecca’s scheduled flight and go out for dinner. Knowing this experience is ending and feeling it’s over are two very different things and our attempts at reliving the past month keeps the experience alive. 694 more words