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Reposted: These Kids Say What They Really Think About Mom

As the Mother’s Day is fast approaching, I get a lot of mother-related articles and videos in my news feed. But here is one video that really caught attention. 116 more words

Mother's Day 2016

The Wishing Tree

My kids are both under 5, and so magic is still a big thing in our house. We do the whole Santa thing, elf on a shelf, Easter bunny, fairies, elves, etc…. 1,014 more words

Motherhood And Parenting

What to Do with Kid's Artwork: Decor Idea

Like a lot of parents, I seem to think that my child is somehow artistically gifted. Where others see a blue and yellow blob, I see a perfect portrait of Joy from Inside Out. 311 more words

Motherhood And Parenting

The Strawberry Dilemma...

Like most moms, I’m forever folding and hanging laundry. I have two little girls and so my dryer lint trap is always chocked full of pink sparkles. 881 more words

Motherhood And Parenting

Balance Vs. Expectations

Today is one of those days where I suck at adulting. Or maybe I don’t, maybe I’m balancing everything fine and my expectations are too high… or I just suck. 1,876 more words

Motherhood And Parenting

Fall schedule

We’re enjoying a long, warm (for Wisconsin) fall, but winter is quickly approaching and it is long past time I share about our day-to-day life now that I am back in the classroom an hour each day. 410 more words

Life With Norah

Cursive and Cursing

This morning I woke up to a toddler crying at 5am. Not unusual. To my surprise though, she was easily guided back to bed and fell asleep for 3 and a half more hours. 1,729 more words

Motherhood And Parenting