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Standardized Test Prep and the Homeschool Family

Standardized tests…few other things can drum up such visceral reactions! This post is not designed to enter the standardized test debates. There are other places and times for those important discussions. 1,611 more words


Poetry: Emotions, Thoughts, and the Best-Ordered Words

April is National Poetry Month according to the Academy of American Poets.  An excuse for more poems in my life?  I’m all in!

I hope this page can be a bookmarked resource for you and your family as you relish poetry in your daily life.  1,197 more words


Children's Programmes Educational?

Hello Fellow Readers,

Children’s programmes. Do you think they’re educational? I know and realise they sometimes cause controversy, but I feel a fair few are educational. 548 more words

Easy Silver Polishing Hack with Kitchen Items. And Homeschool Chemistry...

Who has time to polish their silver?

Ok, not that I have all that much silver.

But there is a lovely rice spoon I received for my wedding that hasn’t been used in years. 490 more words


4 Questions to Ask BEFORE You Start Planning or Shopping for Curriculum

I’m starting to see the giddiness of families making educational choices for next year!  It is exciting to head to a convention or curriculum fair and see all the bright shiny new choices.  1,286 more words


He mowed the grass today

Mother and Sons

My oldest son officially passed me on our family’s height chart earlier this winter.  The chart is a piece of wood on which my husband carefully measured and accurately replicated the pencil marks that were on a wall at our old house.  858 more words

Motherhood And Parenting

Day in the Life 2018 (with a 12, 10, 7, 5, and 2 year old)

I’m excited to link up with Simple Homeschool today for their “Day in the Life” series!  I’ve enjoyed reading this series for years, and it is fun to add a little peek into our not-so-normal normal life today! 1,673 more words