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We were so lovely.

We still are but in different ways.

Time has done us many favors.

Yeah Write


I’ve been thinking about writing a post since Friday. And honestly, I should have written this post a long time ago.

This is my Grandma. 1,449 more words


This Newborn Phase

It’s been just over six weeks since baby J made her way into our world and we are just wild about her. From her little old man do, to the way she shouts “HEY!” when she wants some attention, this good-natured baby has stolen all of our hearts. 406 more words


Breathing With Leaves

Dear Welly,

The trees in front of this house are big and beautiful and every year in October, the leaves carpet the lawn and porch. Today as we shuffled through the piles that you proudly raked yourself, I was remembering the first time we raked these leaves together. 738 more words

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Him and me time

My youngest wants the day off tomorrow, end of half term, he asked very politely and pleadingly. I said I would listen to his reasons as to why he thinks he should have the day off. 848 more words


Growing Up

My youngest has been complaining about having his room back, it is well justified, he moves into the spare room when his uncle, aunt & niece come to stay. 522 more words


Puppies Recall, Children Fly

I’ve learned many things from having a new puppy. The most important being that there is a very big difference between raising puppies and raising children. 552 more words