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Hard Truth

“Your daughter says your family has more conflict than average.”

It’s wasn’t my first IEP meeting*. I knew the drill. But it was the first IEP meeting for this child who at the time was a 13-year old going into 8th grade.And it was the first one I’d handled alone. 623 more words


How FX New Series 'Better Things' relates + A Mom Survival Kit Giveaway feat. Ray Ban & BAGGU

When we moved to NJ, we decided to be super cheap and not pay for full cable so that we could save some $$$. Turns out JUST internet here is more expensive than our whole cable and internet package in OH – awesome! 469 more words

{Month Seven} + Thoughts on Having a Baby Away from Family

We are officially to seven months!! How? Why? What’s happening? I have had 2 people in public say, “he’s almost one year!” Whoa people, let’s slow it down – he’s still my little cuddly baby. 844 more words

My Mother

This is a picture of my mother in 1939, taken two months after giving birth to her first child, my big brother John. One wonders how she could be so slim and so stylish. 486 more words

Mostly True Family Stories

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This is the truest piece I've ever written about my mother. Today is her birthday. She would have been 99. I miss her.

Parents: Right Now Is All You've Got

Last night, a drunk driver crashed into my friend’s parked car, pushing it across the grass to rest against her neighbor’s stone porch. Minutes before the crash, my friend’s daughter and grandson had been in the space obliterated by the drunk driver but they’d driven away before he turned the corner. 256 more words


Infant Toys for Development: Little Tikes #playwithpurpose

Let me just preface this post by saying a year or so ago, I never thought I would be blogging or interested in baby toys, their purpose, or which ones are the best. 485 more words

How often do you get out of your Comfort Zone? + Baby's Big Day in the City

Hello hello – the first day back from Labor Day weekend! It was a super fun 4 day weekend for me so today was a BIT of struggle city getting back into it! 1,015 more words