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On the Birthday of My Oldest Child

I was never one of those moms who grieved their kids growing up. I thought it was great.

I didn’t want them to be babies forever. 288 more words


The Old Days of Big Wine

There was a time when I joked that there wasn’t any problem in our lives that couldn’t be fixed with bigger wine glasses.

And we bought some really big ones. 452 more words


Witness to Happiness

The man was jolly, like he’d changed out of his red suit a few days ago and now was just hanging out in Ocean Beach. Happy. 691 more words


Don't Sing That Song

I woke up twenty times last night and each time I thought the same thought. Their mothers must still be shrieking. Shrieking and keening. Making sounds they never heard themselves make. 431 more words


Jan Wilberg reblogged this on Red's Wrap and commented:

I wrote this three years ago. I still feel the same. I cannot fathom the sorrow that the Sandy Hook parents felt about their children. And I am still so sorry.


My mother made popcorn in a pressure cooker but instead of the lid she used a dish towel which sometimes would touch the burner of the stove and start flaming and the whole house would smell like an emergency. 62 more words


I'm the Canoe

I’ve been trying to figure out an analogy for a few days.

Imagine a canoe. There are people in it. One person is seated toward the front of the canoe, with a paddle. 1,874 more words



We were so lovely.

We still are but in different ways.

Time has done us many favors.

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