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Planning A City, with PetitCollage.

When I am not wishing for world travel and winning the lottery, I wish for someone to invent a toy vending machine for the home. It would be a stylish piece of furniture, preferably mid-century modern, and would only release a toy when the old one is deposited back! 702 more words

Motherhood & Family

Reclaiming My Brain & The Pull of Social Media

I had a Sherlock Holmes moment a few years ago that captures the foggy haze of the mind on momma hormones and sleep deprivation. I was standing in the kitchen, and as I swooped my arm downward, forgot what I was doing. 1,553 more words

Motherhood & Family

Life Lately...

I know it’s not quite Thanksgiving yet, but I am having one of those days when life truly seems like it can’t get any better. Well, it might get slightly better if the three kids slept through the night in their own beds, but you know, other than that, I am golden! 591 more words

Life Lately

Cups and Saucers

Motherhood is the original double-edged sword.

“an event or phenomenon whose negative effect is inseparable from a positive one”       

I rattle off the names of all the women I know who are my age but never had children. 291 more words


The Fruited Plain

I’m in danger of being happy.

I resist the foreignness of it, this possibility of happiness. There must be a rock I’ve failed to turn over. 204 more words


Those Were The Days

When it was time for soccer practice, my son would crawl under his bed and scoot close against the wall so I couldn’t reach him. Sometimes I’d catch hold of a sock or a sleeve and pull him out on to the blue hooked rug in his room where he’d lay limp, a dead 6-year old in black soccer shorts and a red jersey that said Piranhas. 382 more words