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My transition to a work-from-home mom

I had my first baby over 11 years ago (crazy to think of! Time flies!) and ever since, my life has revolved in a large measure around my children. 633 more words

Simple Living

Instant Mom Episode 8

“Hey kids” Jane greeted as she entered the living room

“Hi mom” the twins greeted

“Come on over here. I want to tell you two a story” she requested as she took a seat on the couch… 933 more words


Three is the magic number!

My boy is three!  Just like that and three years have passed by. There is so much truth in the saying that the nights are long but the years are short. 1,433 more words


Little tips, Big impact.

As a first time mum, there were a variety of practices and behaviours that were used on a trial and error basis for the upbringing of my first child. 706 more words


The Stolen Bairn


Once there was and once there was not…a place and a time when boundaries between mortals and the sídh were thin.

They say a lot of things about the sídh. 2,301 more words


Whom does mummy love more ?

My elder kid Mannan was a blessing in disguise, he still is. He and me share a special bond. He is the one who, with one look at my face, will know what my mood is. 1,408 more words


Strange but instructive things about early motherhood

So much of what is written about motherhood aims to be helpful and thereby explanatory. But the things I have found myself thinking most about are the bits that feel strange, the things you couldn’t have calculated for and that you wonder what to do with. 1,326 more words