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Ohoka Stream 

Monday 26th June

This morning we braved the cold and went for a walk along the stream in Ohoka. It was the coldest morning of the year so far, -4, possibly even colder where we headed! 290 more words


Nutrition during pregnancy is of prime importance due to the special needs associated with the physiological changes. The nutritional requirements increase tremendously during pregnancy as the… 375 more words


On Solutions for Isolation and Discrimination | Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts

by Rachel Spencer Hewitt
PAAL Founder

One of the dominating obstacles for parents who are artists in the theatre is the sense of isolation that arises as they increasingly tackle caregiving responsibilities. 678 more words


I’m 31 years old but I still look like I’m in my late twenties so I never correct people when they assume I am. I’m not ready to be in my 30’s, I thought my life would be different by this age. 163 more words


Burden of Providence

The anxiety of our mission causes us to act out in a million different ways. The burden of responsibility, that our lots place on us, causes us to feel like we are balancing the weight of the world on a toothpick. 833 more words


How To Be A Wife And Mom.

I’ve seen a lot of Facebook posts lately about women venting about their spouse or significant others not ‘helping’ around the house or not helping with the baby and then, becoming resentful towards each other. 635 more words


Why I Love My Li'l Kash Pump Bag

For the tiniest people in the household, babies sure need a truckload of stuff. From layers and layers of clothing, to diapers, to alcohol and wet wipes, leaving the house with a baby is a major operation. 585 more words