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Making Choices

You make decisions every single day. And most of the time, those decisions impact you and you alone.

But then, one day, you become a mother and your decisions have consequences for someone else. 665 more words

I'm at home on Loserville Lane again tonight...

Pasty skin? Blood-shot eyes? Just rolled out of bed fashion statement? I thought I had that look going for me pre-child. I realize it was only the beginning. 509 more words

A Letter From Mama Bear

Dear Teacher,

My husband and I have spent 5 years building up our daughters self-worth– telling her she’s amazing, happy, a good leader, friend, person, and lots more. 793 more words


A Mama's Blessing (Guest Post by Mary Jane Cohee Waters)

For some time I’ve been telling Mary Jane, a.k.a. my sister-in-law-but-more-like-a-sister, that she should publish a book entitled “Preachin’ to the Choir”.  You see, she’s married to my pastor-brother, Paul, and being the incredibly gifted musician that she is, she directs the choir at their church, …

1,082 more words

La Vie est Belle - Day 309

In the flurry of my crazy day, my son sat with me after his nap, lay back in my arms and just stared into my eyes. 95 more words

15 Things I Love About My Teenaged Son

I figured I better follow up with 15 Things I Hated About My 15 Year Old to show I wasn’t a totally heartless wench of a mother. 1,136 more words


The Tantrum Tales: Episode 3

I should be packing for our holiday. We set off first thing in the morning and I am nowhere near ready to go. But for some unknown reason I felt the need to write this. 1,208 more words

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