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A plea from a mom with allergies: Ask, don't tell

I have several life-threatening food allergies: shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts.  I’ve had anaphylactic reactions to nuts and shellfish but, thankfully not peanuts (yet).  I developed a serious reaction to nuts and peanuts later in life (my early 20s) and my shellfish allergy has always been there. 1,313 more words


I'm not a crier 

I’m usually not a crier. But I was watching a recorded episode of Nashville last night, and a particular scene really got to me…

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Until It Fades - K.A. Tucker

Until It Fades by K.A. Tucker

Publisher & Date: Atria Books
Pages: 368
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5/5

“Tonight is a night of firsts. 630 more words


You know what scares people more than murder…. a mother feeding her child with her breasts. You want to scare the fuck out of somebody walk around and breastfeed through Target, have dinner at a restaurant and breastfeed. 22 more words

Good morning!

Today is already such a better day. I can feel it in my bones. It’s freezing cold here in Aus, and my French and Russian lessons are coming along nicely. 81 more words


Anita Patel

This is the second half of the poem, ‘We Meet’, by Anita Patel. It’s Published in Unborn Beauty, a Wombat Book edited by Rochelle Manners, 2008, p45. 67 more words


No More Shame

I don’t hate the way I look today, which for me is a huge accomplishment. Even bigger, I am not judging myself as good bad or ugly based on the way I look today. 1,379 more words

Self Esteem