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Is the Kartini Spirit still alive in Indonesian women?

Indonesian women now days and Indonesian women long time ago are totally different even though there are still some spaces that women are not allowed to speak up her rights still now in some aspects. 952 more words

Space: Claim, Let Go

Space: Claim, let go

Closet space. A must. Dried flowers. Desk space. Private. Dank. Dresses and books. Debt. Notes and piles. A box of Miscellaneous: 844 more words


Dear Future Self: A Mother's Prayer

Dear Future Self,

Please tell me that we get through this – this messy, sticky, sleep-deprived, ordinary chaos. Tell me that someday, I will drink coffee again for pleasure, not survival. 389 more words

Camden’s First Solids | Baby Food

Yesterday was Camden’s 3 month birthday. For weeks he has been interested in our food. He stares at us and moves his mouth in a chewing motion, he grabs at our food and is just not seeming to get full from breastmilk alone. 248 more words

Baby Registry

Earth Day 2018 is here!

I’ve always loved Earth Day, but it is especially meaningful to me now that I have my two Earth themed picture books.  It’s always a tough choice deciding where to spend my Earth Day weekend; it’s great how many events there are to celebrate our planet!  343 more words


Spontaneous Run

I’m blessed enough to live a short walk from my parents. So in order to pick up Emma, I simply walked over.

It’s beautiful outside and I got to be by myself for a few minutes just me and some music. 91 more words

Toddlers are mean to each other.

I think that every parent thinks when they have more than one child that they will grow up getting along and always share everything and just 100% get along. 796 more words