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An Open Letter to My Seniors

Dear Seniors,

You will probably never read this, I know, unless you someday stumble upon this small corner of the internet. By the time you do read this, you will probably wonder if this was about you at all. 2,751 more words

Random Thoughts


Ahhhh. The beautiful sigh of relief that IS summer vacation. It has been a rough school year, guys! I am so ready for two months of lounging, organizing, cooking, and (most importantly) spending time with my big 1-YEAR-OLD! 153 more words

Finding grace to embrace the imperfect life

I’ve spent most of my adult life waiting for the day to arrive – the day when my desk would remain clutter-free, when I would be finally be the kind, loving mom who doesn’t explode in anger or yells at her kids, when my weekly meals would be planned and shopped for in advance … when I would no longer live under the weight of not being enough. 757 more words

4 Things Your Childless Co-Workers Think About You as a Working Mom

As a working mom, your childless co-workers may or may not have thought this about you as a working parent and co-worker.

It’s not that your childless co-workers aren’t awesome — they are! 121 more words


There ain't no rest for the wicked   

4 months old and 14 lbs of joy turned into 14 lbs of terror. I do not know if it is due to teething, 4 months shots, developmental leaps or the stars aligned just right but these past days have been the hardest days in my “being a Mom” history. 390 more words


How to Successfully Co-Sleep With Your Child

Does your child hover at your bed like he or she is an alien looking to infest a foreign planet? Does your child stand by your bedroom door at night with a placard saying, “Hell no, I won’t sleep…in my own bed!” or “Equal rights for kids: GIVE US YOUR BED?” 123 more words


If I can't have her advice, I don't want anyone's

I have a memory that’s been popping up in my head often for the last little while. I am 12 or 13 years old, in that awkward pre-teen phase, when you don’t feel right in your own body and everything either annoys or embarrases you. 597 more words