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Tales From 2 AM Feedings: Shh I Just Got Him to Sleep

sacred is the sound of a baby
sleeping in my bed
purring against my bosom
I inhale his milky breath
Does it carry the fountain of youth, I wonder… 13 more words


Beef bourguignon 

Since becoming a SAHM I have been doing some serious cooking, cleaning and all things domestic. Trying different recipes usually found from Pinterest. Beef bourguignon is one I have heard of so many times associated with Julia Child and good eating… Figured I would give it a try. 504 more words

Nascent impressions of the studio

I’ve been meaning to write about my time so far in the studio for a while now, but things have been somewhat frenzied of late and it’s been put off time and again since my residency began over two weeks ago. 155 more words


On Adoption

Motherhood comes in many shapes and forms. Sometimes wanted, sometimes a surprise, other times granted after years of longing. It may include the entire experience of carrying a child to term, as though giving birth is an act of initiation into the ranks of womanhood, or it may be the nurturing and raising of a child, and instilling the ground rules and morals that will guide a child throughout his or her entire life. 170 more words

The Tulip Fields

I’ve lived in Oregon my entire life, and yet there are still so many things I’ve never seen or done here. The good thing about this though is that because my husband is a transplant to Oregon, he has seen even less than I have, so we get to share all these first experiences together as a family. 464 more words


5 benefits of having kids

A few days ago, I found myself driving the kids back and forth from their aerobics class after I’d come home from work. So there I was, all tired and in the mood to crash on the sofa, forced to play driver and ferry the kids, buy groceries, walk the dogs, and generally be ‘mom’. 609 more words

Seeking God

Immortal Stow-Away Roaches And A Love Story With Recipes

Part of being a successful mentally incompetent person is the ability to talk yourself down off whichever imaginary cliff you’ve climbed that day. I know the voices in my head, however, and I don’t trust them. 781 more words