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Rachel is Two!

This bundle of nuclear energy has turned two! What a whirlwind she has been the past year. I don’t think I know of anyone who has as great a desire to be moving as this little one. 532 more words


From Impatient to I'm patient

Now-a-days, we live in an “Instant” world- Instant messaging, instant replay, instant booking, instant tea, and instant messaging. So much so that even our hunger pangs find solace in instant Ramen/Maggi noodles and ‘fast’ foods! 1,208 more words

Sliding into Contemplation

This afternoon after snack-time

as I take a moment

to put up my feet and read,

my toddler arrives–

attracted to the anomaly

of his mother being silent and still. 124 more words


Maya at Four Months

Maya, you are four months old and an absolute delight.

I write lots of posts about you in my head, day after day, but getting them out and published has been tougher (time is a sparse commodity these days). 316 more words


The True Secret to Motherhood

Here it is, ladies. The only advice you actually need when it comes to motherhood. The only advice that means anything.

1,090 more words


Tired as a Mother

Some days, I seriously want to cry from exhaustion. Every mom knows what I’m talking about. Today was one of those days.

I don’t even know how many times I woke up in the middle of the night with Lennox and another couple times with my daughter (which is rare), but by 6:15 this morning, I was already ready for the day to be over. 699 more words


Playsets (Of the Homemade Variety)

We have an issue in our house: finding toys that Roland can play with.  Now that Roland is almost 3, we are in desperate need of outlets for imaginative play. 254 more words