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Finding Fun Where the Heart (and Chicken) Is

You know me: I’m the one always encouraging you to ditch school work, to take a snow day, to join me at a silks class or climb a tree, to run an obstacle course. 1,008 more words

Being A MAW

May 3, 2018

May 3rd was a good day, a great day. After 9+ long months of unknowns and questions, sickness and anticipation…we finally were face to face with the best surprise life could throw at us. 718 more words


Being the mom I always needed

{one of my} Main goals in life.

Be the mom I always needed.

To be a strong female influence.  Show my babies unconditional love.  Show them stability.  196 more words


Through The Eyes of a Child

Today I want to share a story with you.

Earlier this week I had a truly pure moment with my 3 year old son. Let me give a little backstory first. 297 more words

Persiapan Jadi Jomblo Parsial

Udah 3 bulan status saya jadi Partially Single Mom alias Emak-Emak Jomblo Parsial.  Dan selama 3 bulan ini, orang-orang yang baru kenal sama saya sering bertanya, “Gita are you here alone?”  Dan kalau dijawab, “No, I am here with my kids,” mereka akan nanya lagi, “…and your husband?” dan jawaban saya, “He’s in Jakarta, he’ll come for a visit every now and then.”  Setelah itu, bagian wajah atau seluruh wajah para penanya tersebut langsung berubah.  1,490 more words


Our Journey to IVF!

The Beginning of our IVF Journey…. a journey it was!!

How do I even start this topic.  There are so many people who go through it or who are going through it and people I get it.. 932 more words