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Week 13 - Bye fourth trimester!

Yesterday our little guy had his 3 month birthday so this officially signals the end of the fourth trimester!  Yay! I remember my sister told me that babies really should still be in the womb for another 3 months to finish their development, but if that happened we would never be able to deliver them as their heads would be too big.   974 more words

Mama's Never-Would-I-Ever List

The longer I’m a parent, the more I find myself doing or talking about things I never expected.

Case in point: in George’s early days, when I was still figuring out how to feed a tiny human with my own body, his diaper quit functioning. 389 more words

Mama's Life

The Self Care Deception

Stay at home mothers are increasingly advised to develop habits of self care. In the most basic sense, self care includes things like taking a shower and remembering to eat. 499 more words


Small Things # 5 - Why do moms stare?

When we were small, I would often feel my mother’s eyes on us during gatherings and functions. In between chats and chores, she would stop and look at me and my siblings. 93 more words

Blogs In General

Discovering and Beginning

The last couple of weeks have been teeming with energy – A new perspective, just in time for the Hebrew New Year*. I can feel my vibration rising to a new level. 365 more words

Creative Spirit

Forest School

Today was our first day back at forest school.

Archery. Dinosaur orienteering. Playing in the leaves.

The first day that autumn has left me with a chill that lasted all day.



A Trip To The Pumpkin Patch 


This is our second year to frequent this specific pumpkin patch in our area. Last year was Cameron’s first experience and it was so cute and… easy. 164 more words