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I bloody love bedtime!

Before I had kids and even after I had my first, I was quite relaxed about the whole bed time routine thing. My stance was – she’ll go to sleep when she’s tired and there’s no point in me getting stressed trying to aim for a specific bedtime; especially when we haven’t got anywhere to be the next day. 442 more words

The Bed Rest Blues: London's Vacation

So the highlight of my summer, is generally planning for our famous family vacation…this vacation that I’ve literally looked forward to since I was a toddler, no exaggeration. 673 more words


You can LOVE your child no matter how your child behaves 

​”See, unconditional love – the reason that it is so important, is because, conditions will take you this way, and this way and this way and this way. 53 more words

Law Of Attraction

MotherYouth: Birthing Tools For Mama's

When you are having a baby your body is being transformed, you are being stretched, enlarged, and glowing even brighter than the sun. Well, once the butterflies fly away you are faced with the nesting phase, making sure everything is done and you have a set birthing plan. 496 more words


Breastfeeding 101: Baby's Gotta Eat!

I’m a big advocate of “Baby’s Gotta Eat”! You are the Mama and you know what’s best for you and your child. Sometimes, Mama’s have the choice to breastfeed and sometimes they don’t. 647 more words


When You Have An Absent Minded Parent You Might Turn 6 Twice

Let me just tell you that I am often a complete disaster. I’m terribly disorganized, can be very scatter-brained, forgetful, and impulsive. As I’ve gotten older I’ve developed strategies to combat my absentmindedness, but every now and then it creeps back in. 447 more words

Creative Writing

Love Talk: Motherhood, Love & Ambition [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

In this edition of Love Talk, Erica Campbell talks about being touched by Hillary Clinton’s acceptance of the Democratic nomination to be president at the DNC, especially as an ambitious mother. 112 more words