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The Instability of the Word "Autism" and Its Accompanying Diagnosis | Responding to Amy Lutz

Kate, of Finding Cooper’s Voice, was talking with Amy Lutz whose twenty-one year old son, like Kate’s son, is also severely autistic. They were discussing how their boys aren’t able to advocate for themselves and how they, the parents, have to advocate for them. 322 more words


Laundry Fail.

So, lately I’ve been having meetings with my younger sister, Cindy, about my novel and how it’s getting along. It involves a lot of me moaning about how I’ll never get any of it to work and Cindy reassuring me that I’m almost there and can do it. 1,015 more words


Personal Note

This is the time of year when I typically slack off from writing and put more energy into holiday activities, but there’s a good chance that this year is going to be completely different. 153 more words



Oct 29, 2020, 12:54 AM

Motherhood.. I don’t know about others but I feel it has made me a bit of weak. I cry almost on super easily seeing any mother/baby in pain, keep thinking about mother and baby for longest hours, don’t have courage to leave my baby and go for work which requires travel, feel guilty about leaving her and going for work when my babysitter is not around, or when I get late, when I attempt to go out and have some “ME TIME” which also includes going to salon for available basic services. 334 more words


A decade is simply a word ...

I don’t come to And 2 Makes Crazy often — my life in Poland turned into the mundane. My children grew bigger. My sanity slowly returned. 139 more words

A letter to my 1-year-old Lavinia

Dear hungry, naughty tiny tornado of ours,

We did it. We survived your first year—the three of us, together.

I never thought I’d fall in love with a stranger. 508 more words

Lavinia Olympia