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Sleeping in his room

Last night, for the first time ever, Mingli slept in his own bed, in his own room, by himself, all night.  Up until a few months ago Mingli slept with us in our bed every night.   504 more words

My Life

A typical morning. 

I’m going to miss these days when Spencer is older! I love our mornings together.

When I hear him wake up, I go in his room and he’s usually standing in his crib holding the railing. 225 more words

Just as we are now

:: MaisleyNienhuis@gmail.com ::

She won’t need it for a while, considering she’s only five months old, but I wanted her to have an email address just in case {and a clean one without any numbers or silly characters}. 379 more words

No More Stepmonsters

Last week Z said to me

I have two mamas

I couldn’t believe she said that and I said so

Then I did a lot of thinking through the week… 207 more words


On the Women's Marches

Today, since I’m not gonna be able to march with any of the women’s marches tomorrow, I downloaded Shepard Fairey’s We the People posters for the Women’s March on Washington.They’re going to hang out on my laptop until I have the time and dollars to print my favorite out, and frame it. 566 more words


Tips Menurunkan BB Setelah Melahirkan

Dear Readers,

Judulnya eye catching sekali ya hahaha.  Pasti mamak-mamak yang sudah melahirkan suka banget nih :D

Sejujurnya saya nggak ada niat untuk diet.  Jadi semuanya berdasarkan kebetulan.   407 more words


Moming while sick

It’s been a hot minute since my last post…like, the whole month actually…

I’ve been and am still sick and it sucks. I’m okay, it started out as just a “common cold” and turned into bronchitis and other medical terms I can’t remember. 405 more words