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Pre-Seed practice #1

So, last night we cracked out the Pre-Seed (like a good wine that we had been saving).

I was only on CD10 yesterday so I’m not within my fertile time yet. 473 more words

How a Child Affected Our Marriage

My husband and I had been married for a little over three years when Baby A joined us. I remember us strolling through the mall one day, witnessing a couple and their toddler walk by. 2,062 more words


Baby Steps

One baby step at a time!

I believe this is a good guide on moving forward.

I made a lot of running and jumping around situations, even leaping to the next level. 240 more words


Sleep regression?

We have never had any major issues with Josephs sleeping schedule, whenever people used to ask ‘how’s the sleepless nights’ we used to laugh and say ‘what sleepless nights?’.  882 more words

Is It Too Late To Sleep Train?

My son, S, will be 11 months next week. We are still rocking, pacing, hushing and singing him to sleep. Not to mention putting him back to bed after he wakes up twice during the night. 239 more words


Seeing Santa

Seeing Santa for the first time was supposed to be such a magical moment for my little girl… notice how I say “supposed”…

We waited for almost 45 minutes to see the big guy. 337 more words

Small mercies

So yesterday was one of those rare days when I felt glad I wasn’t pregnant or a mum… yet*

I went out on Friday night for my work Christmas do. 332 more words