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My Own Mom

Who else does one turn to in times of need but your own Mom?

My children have been horrible messy, abusive, little monsters recently.  And I have been losing my mind.   542 more words


I don't want to have to tell my children about Nuclear Bombs

I think the world is frightening right now. I don’t think our world can sustain this level of crazy. I can’t. I just saw an article that said Russia just released a video about their new nuclear bombs.   321 more words


The Kiss Quotient, Cheryl Strayed and lots of ceviche

1. The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang. Well, definitely not what I had in mind but worth a read if The Hating Game was your thing as it was mine. 213 more words


Spur of the moment me & a friend decided to go to Legoland for the day, someone was selling tickets on Facebook for the next day so we decided to bundle the two kids in the car and head to Windsor! 1,183 more words

Mum Life

June 1st

The four of us lay in bed. Sitting comfortably on a cloud of hormones and pure joy. We couldn’t stop smiling and staring at her, FaceTiming our families to share the happy news. 1,243 more words


Kids Will Be Curious

“Wisdom begins in wonder” – Socrates

Every parent celebrates upon hearing their little one’s first words. But parenthood takes a dramatic turn for the wine cabinet when a child learns the word “why”. 701 more words

Just Me

Shamless Ladye Moder

I am a shameless Lady Mother. My son is probably my favorite thing to talk about and, like most parents that millennials and op ed writers can’t seem to stand, I think my child is brilliant and am so proud of the person I see him blossoming into, to see his potential come to the surface. 1,259 more words

SCA Life