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5 things babies do that they shouldn't!

These tiny creatures I tell you, they are anything but innocent. My baby girl is 3.5 months old now and I already see a streak of naughtiness developing. 496 more words


Becoming a mother at 18.

Being a teenager and experiencing the changes of your mind and body are one thing, becoming a parent is completely another story..

On May 10th 2011 my little teenage world was about to change forever. 272 more words

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Don't Buy Her Flowers

Just before Christmas I was having a bit of a tough time, and my friend Vicki AKA Honest Mum sent me a lush package from… 388 more words


Making mom friends

Friendship as a concept has always interested me. Maybe it’s because since I was two, I’ve had best friends, and even though some of those have drifted away, I’m one of the lucky ones who held on to the closest ones. 553 more words

Day To Day

My 50th Year - My New Job

Encouraged by my new life coach, Daphne and I began considering my talents and skills – what do I like to do? What am I good at? 897 more words

The Secret : Day 04 & 05

Good morning bloggers!

After waiting for hours for my gynae, she finally saw to me and gave me some bad news. She has come to the conclusion that I should not have any more kids because my body can’t handle it. 181 more words

KonMari and kids - does Japanese tidying work with children?

So last Friday I bought a book. And by last Saturday afternoon I had read said book cover to cover. I had swallowed it whole, only pausing to quote inspirational  passages to my bemused husband. 868 more words