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Feeding frenzy: making baby's mealtime a success

Food. It’s a monumental step in babyhood. It’s a big deal for everyone, including moms, dads, baby, and even big siblings. Introducing those first solids is a critical stage of development. 1,232 more words


Race Recap- Country Music Marathon 5K

There are experiences in your life that are simply perfect. Do you know what I mean? When the cosmos align and your heart and soul are so full that you can barely breathe. 1,109 more words

The Mama Bear Instinct

While it’s been with me for awhile, I truly experienced “The Mama Bear” instinct this weekend. I inherited this from my mom, who always reminded me that “blood is thicker than water” and family comes first. 498 more words


Grocery store blues.

Life with children can get a little hectic.

Life with diabetes can get a little hectic.

Life with both can be downright outrageous at times. … 552 more words


Flowers and Forgiveness (The Weight of Mom Guilt)

Every now and then, I feel like the worst mother in the world.

This morning we had brunch with some of our friends. The dads took the kids for a walk in the complex while the moms cleaned up. 460 more words


Short Essay - Don't Our Children Deserve Their Fathers? Not According to Radical Second and Third-Wave Feminism!

Although the following article was written in 2013, it bears repeating, as it is another glaring indication of the devastation, that “liberated” women, who chose to live a radical feminist lifestyle, are having on our children. 938 more words


How to win at parenting.

A somewhat/supposed to be humorous spin-off of my last post…

I guess marriage & children is just one of those topics that people have a lot to say about because it resonates so deeply & personally with people. 891 more words