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Sleeping amongst masses

So, my family camped this weekend with approximately 60 other extended family members. The weekend was so fun, with so many people here, and kids playing with each other. 346 more words

To my Sister , my Friend

Honored on  the first sunday of August, friendship is one of the most crucial relationship for Mankind. Too many of us take friends for granted and this is what this blog is all about building a sisterhood. 232 more words

Boost Yourself

When I'm Gone

Take time to read this. It’s one of the most beautiful articles I’ve ever read. Sometimes, the best way to convince someone how to live life to the fullest is to tell them about death.  2,233 more words

I Choose DEAD!

Dear Guy Walking Down the Street Wearing a “Give Me Head Until I’m Dead” T-Shirt,

I’m sorry you’re a virgin.

Okay, that’s cruel.  I don’t know if you’re a virgin, but there is no way you’re getting laid regularly.  355 more words


Sunday, the day of rest? 

Hello guys & girls sorry I havent posted for a while been extra busy this past week! Will go back through and up date my blog (sorry for all the notifications you will get). 96 more words


Logical explanations to explain public breastfeeding to ignorant bystanders.

“Why can’t you pump and use a bottle?”

Pumps are usually range between $20 to $300 dollars, hand pumps are on the lower end (between $20-$30) and automatic pumps are more expensive.

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Parenting Disaster #257

This morning I was happily preparing my sandwich ready to take to work and Mia was just pottering about next to me with an empty bottle (as they do), 124 more words

Mummy Hood