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Mom, her four boys, and the heinous, horrible, no good, very bad day

Of course there is poop on your shorts. Somehow, magically, there is poop on your shorts in my freshly cleaned bathroom, even though you are nearly 7 and haven’t had an accident of any sort in about 4 years. 2,577 more words


Top Toys to Teach ABCs

When I had my first son – I was ready to teach him everything.

I think he had his own personalized ABC book when he was less than a year old. 555 more words


A little about me

Where shall I begin?

In my late 20’s and I get the urge to start a blog. Instantly question myself, indecision beats inside my brain, the beginning of an annoying headache. 224 more words


Things pregnant mommy to be need to know. 

Let me tell you something at the begging of my pregnacy I wanted to be perfect in every way, working out, overly happy, keeping up at work, etx. 353 more words

40 Weeks & Discouraged. 

I’ve done this before. Carried a baby for 40 weeks, contractions started, pushing started, baby born.

God made our bodies as women to know what to do in labor. 524 more words


A tooth for a tooth

At our place, jumping on the trampoline with your brother quickly becomes just like an episode straight out of UFC. Our boys have unknowingly become pro cage fighters! 232 more words