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An interview with my 4 year old for the #LittleOnes tag

I have been wanting to write a post like this for quite a while and now, thanks to Emma from Island Living 365 I have an amazing excuse to do so. 1,002 more words


I spent a good portion of my pregnancy researching foods that I hoped my baby would one day love to eat. I had so many strategies for not only feeding him nutritiously but also how I would avoid having a picky eater. 395 more words


Ode to the Morning (with a Toddler)

6am sharp, your inquisitive eyes open,
to start your day of adventures, wonders unspoken.
As morning birds gently rouse others at dawn,
you’re squeals are on par with a loud foghorn. 278 more words



I understand that writing about my failed relationships is cliche, but to be honest those are the only relationships I have had.

As much as I wish I could still believe that I have a chance at finding someone with mutual feelings of connection, it’s silly and not true. 174 more words



When I was freshly pregnant, before the body aches and sleepless nights, I would wake in the morning and forget that I was growing a human inside of me. 569 more words


How to Live Your Best Life (Lululemon Lunch Bag Wisdom Style)

If you work in a place that employs a large numbers of females, the refrigerator in your lunch room is likely exploding with Lululemon shopping bags that have been repurposed to live their second (slightly less glamorous) lives as lunch kits. 459 more words

Back to School Again...

Please join us in praying for our urgent prayer request: For preemie Lilly’s health needs. Her twin sister, Brooke, is out of the hospital, but Lilly has heart problems and now severe bronchitis, and is in isolation. 1,186 more words