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Night Owl Mommy

My three sons (aged 8, 5, and 2) are night owls. Stay up till midnight type night owls. Turn off all the lights and they’ll still lay in the dark talking and playing. 574 more words

Tuesday = Quiz Night

This little guy has been a champ at Tuesday night Quiz Night with friends.

I meannnnn…do you see that little face? He slept the entire time! 22 more words


Giving Birth To Your Ideas, Dreams, and Goals.

As a female, often times I get that pang. That nagging pain in your belly that says “HEY, ITS TIME TO HAVE A BABY!” That natural way of life that none of us can hide from. 182 more words

Portrait of Play Project, Week 9

More rain calls for wild imagination and a little exploration of new spaces. In one moment, I am told I am a tree by my daughter who is now a monkey swinging on said tree. 274 more words


White Girl Chic... at 40+

The other day my son told me I looked like a “white girl.”

I’m sure he meant that as a compliment.

There I was in my oversized sweatshirt, leggings and Uggs, and my son was stunned. 976 more words

The Girl With The Inner Purple Hair


I want to memorize the way he sounds, the cute little giggle that only he does.

I want to memorize the way he smells, a perfect mixture of coconut oil and baby lotion. 61 more words

Foster Care

A Thank You Note From a Scholarship Wife

Today, I told my mom that I’ve never been loved more than I am right now. It’s all I ever wanted as a girl – to be adored. 452 more words