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Recording Equipment//02Aug2016

I bought my recording equipment with me to Nanny and Grandad’s this time. Oh and I also brought the three children – four, two, and 12 weeks. 235 more words



Everyone is stressed about something nowadays, which isn’t healthy for us. Some people find that they lose their appetite, others eat the entire tub of ice cream in the freezer (me!) but people also develop skin conditions. 693 more words


Murphy's Laws Of Motherhood

Yesterday was one hell of a day. One of those days where if I wasn’t a mother, I would probably have ended up day drinking. Then again if I wasn’t a mother half of the shit that happened wouldn’t have. 614 more words


Symptoms coming and going..

I don’t really have too much to report right now, besides patience is truly a virtue.  This waiting period is a little nerve wracking, especially when you’re trying not to be anxious or stressed.   580 more words

When you're a mom, freedom never feels totally "free."

So here I am… a fresh latte next to me… The sounds and smells of a bustling Starbucks infiltrating my senses.  Just me and my laptop.   786 more words


Skip to the Moms

I’m reading 100 CHRISTIAN WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE 20TH CENTURY by Helen Kooiman Hosier and I’ve skipped to the moms.  There are several categories into which the chosen women are divided:  speaking/writing; Bible study ministry/education; and categories including arts; missions, social change, etc.  200 more words