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A Note to My Daughters about Life and Living

Some days I have to take a break from social media.

The news, the grapevine, the problems, and the constant opinions of others agitates me.  A full diet of social media is information overload and emotions overwhelmed and can leave one vacillating between guilt, anger, and fear with the simple scroll of the mouse. 1,283 more words


Holding on with Slippery Fingers

This past week a family in our Christian community lost their 13-year-old son.  He collapsed while playing soccer and was not able to be revived.  In a shocking and tragic situation like this, many of us parents feel a jolt of reality that death is not reserved only for the elderly or for another distant family who we are loosely connected to.   722 more words


cleanly perspective

Something about the end of the school year brings about this intense need to purge, clean (and I mean gut out, scrub, and go all Martha Stewart clean), and organize every single room in the house.  And, the garage.  And, the detached workshop.  … 242 more words


A Clarifying Perspective...

While on our recent vacation, my lovely daughter and I strolled through the fun and touristy little town of Chelan.  Our main goal was to visit the yarn store, because, as fiber… 767 more words

This Beautiful Life

My Single Mother Life: Worst Flight Ever...a battle between Dark and Light

A stranger’s cruel words spoke my deepest darkest fears but God sent an angel to cover them…..

It has been a hard day….this Single Mother Life sucks at times. 1,367 more words


The best parenting book just came out

No, the how-to books, Stadlen suggests, reduce mothering to a series of tasks rather than a developing relationship. They encourage mothers to attend more to rules than to their babies. 77 more words


My Single Mother Life: Last Day in Dublin

It is the last day of our trip and after our amazing GOD kissed day/evening yesterday…we should know to be on guard for the attack.  It came in the form of an entitled griping teenager (#2) who when called on his behavior and disciplined became belligerent and required physical restraint from his Aunt.   1,118 more words