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Repairer of the Breach

1(A Prophetic Word for my #1 on the crossover event delivered by “this man” but authored by Him)

..A seeker of Truth, Analytical, Insightful, Intuitive, you remain calm and steady, a deep thinker and curious learner. 168 more words

Rip Out Your Vocal Cords: An Open Letter to the Mother Who Won't Grow Up

It is important to know that I am not going to keep going in circles. Not with you. Not with anyone.

I am a sponge. I realize I may be the smartest person you know. 1,018 more words

In Shareen's Words

‘Just Words’ … Following your instincts, following your heart and finding your village in the modern cyber world of mothering

I am apart of an online mothering forum that I joined with my first baby while I was still pregnant. With these mothers, as a group we shared our hopes, dreams, fears, frustrations, uncertainty, small wins, big wins, doubts, highs and lows firstly with our pregnancies, then with our newborns, our babies and now our toddlers. 2,160 more words


Ad-Venture Capital

Where are you going this time?

Long before there were Minimalists (visit them here) who traveled the world with fifty-one things and before Marie Kondo ( 1,123 more words

So How's That Meditation Stuff Going?

I got this question from a quirky neighbor yesterday. And why, you might be wondering, would I ever share the fact that I’m trying to meditate with a random person I know virtually nothing about. 883 more words


Gravy, Today

Early this morning before dawn, I woke and heard rain falling. Not much, but enough to satisfy the seedlings I’d planted yesterday. My garden has been dry, almost dusty. 179 more words


Naked Writing Project:You Can Feel Panic and Thanks at the Same Time: It's Called Parenting. (Or 'Panks.')

There’s this thing where I fear my kids.

My anxiety is so tight around my neck that I can’t really breathe. I can’t catch my breath to attempt to keep up with them. 1,039 more words