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The Pain Goddess (Or, What a Slipped Disc Taught Me)

A year and a half ago, I slipped a disc in my lower back.

I was in constant pain for two weeks. My husband and kids had to help me walk to the bathroom. 1,052 more words


True Confessions of a Fifth-Born Child

Maybe this post should actually be titled “True Confessions of a Fifth-Born Child’s Mother”

Poor kid. He doesn’t always get the attention he needs when he needs it.


Icicles as Building Materials

This afternoon, my 10-year-old daughter studiously collected all the icicles that she could reach from the house’s eaves. She then began her winter project of icicle house-building. 271 more words


I hold you in my arms- so perfect!

I wish I could paint it: the smoothness, the glint, the moment,

But oils are not my craft.


Rant: Parenting

Here is the deal:  I see a lot of different parenting styles in this world due to being a teacher.  I get to see it all.   747 more words



Stream of consciousness blog posts late on a Friday night after a trying week and two glasses of wine is a very dumb idea. But I have a bit of writer’s block on top of everything else that’s going on in my head and I feel like I just need to pour some stuff out in order to clear some space. 759 more words