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Each day has a beginning, a middle and an end. Three parts, equally powerful.

Here is my beginning. Rested bodies, coffee brewing, sun shining, light music playing. 238 more words


a busy summer Saturday

So here goes. It’s the first day of August, and I’m going to try to write every day this month. If nothing else, it may help me get better at writing short posts. 453 more words


TV Weekly...Or Daily? Or Hourly?

We all know the drill. TV will kill your child. Or their brain cells. Or their love of life. Or something. Screens in general are to be avoided in the same way as hot ovens, open fires and bottles of bleach. 436 more words


The largest Moon and Missing the other

The largest moon in a long while

is ambling up my window

golden, orange, climbing

so that i call my tired kids back down

to see it. 267 more words


For Keep's Sake

Because I am a mother, I know what it’s like to believe that I’ve failed. Because I am a mother, I know what it’s like to give everything I’ve got to another human and still think it’s not enough. 795 more words

Phrase Phase

Which one is correct?

When my newly minted teenager, Thirteen, was just beginning to articulate complete sentences at the age of about Three, she learned to say, “Actually.” She did not use it to correct others, but to make a point as fact. 699 more words



Cooped up air laying
flat to the floor
an unwanted blanket draped 121 more words