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Secret Chute

House hunting with my enthusiastic contingent, us adults stood in a dim basement yesterday, so cold we kept swaying from one foot to the other, trying to stay warm. 248 more words

Life Lesson Through Parenting: Calvin's Clip

This week, the online platform of Live with Heart and Soul magazine published a guest blog post I’d written. Like so many–MANY–lessons I learn in life these days, this post centers around one I gleaned from parenting my two boys. 197 more words

Spiritual Musings

Prayer ~ For Those Suffering Miscarriage

I have made a practice of grieving. Moving toward, not away from, grief has been healing for me. It is the place where the brave acknowledgement of what is broken (death) intersects with a place to begin to hope (resurrection) in the power of the Gospel. 529 more words

Blog Posts

The Sloth Whisperer Non-Whisperer

When I saw this video this morning, it brought tears to my eyes.

I haven’t watched television in years and years (like, we are talking 30 years).   536 more words

Because life isn't always glamorous

After a night of restless sleep and a wet bed escapade with a toddler, i was really needing that extra 10 minutes of snooze this morning. 374 more words


Body image lessons by way of my children

I learned in 3rd grade that I was ugly. I may have suspected it before then, but it was confirmed in the sing-song tones of childish torment that told me I was fat. 737 more words

Surrender to the Serenity in Simple

Milk Monday
Milk Moment from Sacred Milk:

Surrender to the Serenity in Simple:
Today as parents, companies market that we NEED so many products and gadgets to care for our new babies. 304 more words