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Birds of Prey, And Us Non-Birds

Last night at our little local library, a high school student told his story of visiting a falconer. The falcons, he said, have one primal force: to eat. 213 more words


Selfish Mama.

I asked yesterday on Facebook, “What can I write a blog post about?” and a few people responded. The consensus seemed to be: write about my daughter Lily and her art, and write about mothering. 1,687 more words


A person's a person...

…no matter how small.

Great words, huh? For anyone who doesn’t know the story well, Horton the elephant is trying to convince a forest full of his friends that there are microscopic people living on a flower he found. 998 more words


Dreams of a middle aged Mom.

To pass.

You remember those days not so far ago, high school or college, a class you need to survive, acquire, make it through or “Pass”. 293 more words


The Top 4 Best and Worst Places to Breastfeed (Nurse) in Public

The Top 4 Best and Worst Places to Breastfeed (Nurse) in Public

       A while ago a woman squirted another woman with their breastmilk. See the article here, … 756 more words

"Sometimes the Victory is that you Just Keep Trying"

This is has been my life motto for close to a decade now.  I remember having this idea dawn on me during a relief society lesson in church where we were talking about addictions.   574 more words


A House without Her

She is 7,261km away from home in Carnforth, England. That is what the app on my iphone says. I can click on the satellite icon and see an ariel view of the “manor.” We have been corrected…Capernwray Hall is a former estate home, it is… 378 more words

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