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We Visit, Politely

We visit, politely,

at first.

It’s been ages, it seems;

but really it’s only been months.

Months filled with moves,


domestic disputes; a new baby. 231 more words


For the Love(s) of a Mom

*Note: I wrote this post for a contest on another blog.  The good (or bad) thing about the internet is that although it was not chosen for that blog, I can post it myself!  565 more words


Raising Strong Girls

In response to our news of another little girl, a friend recently said, “Your purpose in life is to raise strong women.” Frank and I have taken this statement as a sort of commission – a guiding principle in our parenting choices. 607 more words


Helicopter Mom, You're Creating a Draft


Controlling for Take-Off

When my daughter was raising little ones, I first heard of the helicopter analogy. It paints a picture of a fussing, overly solicitous mom who is fearful to let Tommy toddler try anything new without the constant whirring of her benevolent blades. 799 more words

Challenges Of Motherhood

Tournament Tales, Part One...And Raspberry Almond Bars (THM S)

“As much as I hate speech, I’m actually really glad you made me do it.”

“I still don’t like speech, but this tournament is actually kind of cool.” 1,145 more words


Book Review: The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball

The Dirty Life, by Kristin Kimball, is about farming, but has a lot in common with a conversion story. She is a New York City dweller working as a freelance writer, living the trendy, free life so-coveted today, but finds her values somewhat wanting. 921 more words


Babies Be Nappin'

 I see and hear a lot of parents getting overwhelmed (especially at the beginning) about nap time. They heard all of these horror stories about poor sleep schedules and routines gone awry, They read all of these books that paint beautiful pictures and bolster unrealistic expectations. 627 more words