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post-pregnancy wardrobe

dressing post-baby is a challenge! your body is different by a long-shot, you’re sore for weeks and if you’re breastfeeding, there are new logistics to contemplate ie. 214 more words



If only adults could apply lessons learned when they were still preschoolers, our world would be a better place. Think about the basic lessons we teach our little ones so  the family runs smoothly. 151 more words


Standing the Test of Time

One of my favourite things about living in my area is going for country drives.  Just outside our city limits, we find many Mennonite farms along the main highway.  1,353 more words


My Birthday, Her Birthday and All That Collective Age

My daughter knows I’m in my thirties and now says she’s in her “fivees”. We’ve been celebrating our birthdays for a month strong now, both of us wanting to keep celebrating and acknowledging and revving up for the next big part of being older (Okay, maybe just her). 600 more words



Sometimes I lean on my kitchen tops with my head in my hands, the heels of my palms pushing into my eyes and wonder what kind of higher power would make this whole motherhood thing so hard. 1,011 more words


The Un-becoming

Becoming a mother is so different from the process of un-becoming that full-time, around-the-clock mother you became. One day you’re this individual person just vaguely aware of what it’s going to mean when that purely hypothetical (to your own way of living anyway) child leaves your womb and the next day you are IN CHARGE—of EVERYTHING. 437 more words


Lunchtime Legacy

As I was re-reading John 6, the account of Jesus feeding the thousands, something occurred to me that I’d never considered before.  I have read or heard this story hundreds of times in my forty years, but I’ve never given a thought to one of the key players. 627 more words