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Something New Saturday: Probiotic Lemonade

I’ve been making homemade yogurt for several years. One of the {great} byproducts of yogurt is whey, which is the watery substance helpful for fermenting foods besides yogurts. 484 more words


Say 'yes'

School holidays are fast approaching. Christmas is making it’s self well known – everywhere I look I see tinsel and lights. I find myself caught up in the rush that inevitably envelopes me as we loom closer to Christmas, closer to the unfurling of yet another year. 502 more words



When my teenager was an infant, I peddled maple syrup, homemade root beer, and ice cream at what was then the very tiny Hardwick farmers market, so sparse that some Friday afternoons it was just me and another vendor. 183 more words


A must-do before you approach the to-do

Yesterday I sat at the library gazing through a rectangular piece of pink glass as my preschooler exclaimed “Don’t take your goggles off! You have to keep them on all day!”, and I tried to keep a watchful eye of my 15 month old crawling danger lushly close to the fire extinguisher hanging on the wall. 547 more words

Even As President, Donald Trump Still Stands To Make Big Bucks Off 'The Celebrity Apprentice'

Back when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, his controversial remarks about Mexicans being rapists and murderers led to NBC firing him as star of “The Celebrity Apprentice”, severing ties with the bombastic billionaire and eventually hiring Arnold Schwarzenegger to replace him in TV’s nuttiest boardroom. 259 more words


Magical Math with Mittens

My sixth-grader ended her school day yesterday with rosy cheeks, sweaty hair, and an enormous smile. With their teacher, the class had hiked into the snowy woods and built what she described as an enormous snowman. 265 more words


having fun

Rich always gets a craving for Pinkberry on Sunday afternoons…..I am SO over it….but he mentions it, and since I can’t always say “no”, this past Sunday I said, “Okay, lets go but we are taking the children to see Santa Clause.”  To this he had less enthusiasm but as he would do just about anything for that tasty frozen yogurt treat, he said, “You know the line is always super long for that.” and I understood it was a “yes” from my husband. 414 more words

It's The Little Things