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Changing Seasons 

Thank you to everyone who has left me notes and emails asking if I’m ok.

I’m hanging in there. Some days right now are just very, very hard. 1,641 more words


Pausal updates

Hopefully I am close to starting my period; I started on progesterone this past Friday. Which means I should be starting within this next week, though my doctor did warn me it could be three weeks before it does its thing. 278 more words


Waiting for the Bell

Ringing, dinging, buzzing, singing.  We are a noisy bunch of folks these days.

It’s a wonder that we can focus on anything with all of the chirping, whistling, humming and vibrating that’s going on around us.  414 more words


How do I dress like a Mum?

When I first had Rory its safe to say I had an identity crisis. I had gone from living and working in London and very independant to living in the countryside, a new area with a tiny squirming new born. 1,242 more words


Dove = Breastfeeding fail 

Oh Wow! I would love to have listened to whoever pitched that idea because my gosh did they get it wrong. Breastfeeding along with so many other parenting issues is just one of those thing you have to approach with caution because people take it personally. 974 more words


3 is the magic number...

“Don’t you think you should just do a test, your’re pretty late”

“No don’t be stupid I’d know if I was pregnant, I don’t feel pregnant, I’m not pregnant” 1,257 more words


My body is a temple

…3 children did not show respect and have trashed the place.

3 babies, one of which was 10lb 7oz, a total of a year and a half (and counting) of breast feeding, getting older and quiet frankly not giving a fuck about the gym and it’s safe to say my body looks pretty different from 5 years ago. 932 more words