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Dancing in the Dark and Learning to Give Thanks in All Circumstances

My house smells amazing as the scent of pumpkin pie floats from the kitchen into my little work place.  Christmas music is playing and all feels right with the world. 732 more words


ach, ten minutes here or there...

If I have to leave my child one more time in the care of an ill-tempered parent, I am going to move to our secret desert island. 928 more words

Parenting Abroad

A Twenty-Minute Town

What are you thankful for?

Dear Des Moines,

In a few weeks’ time, the calendar will mark eleven years since my family and I arrived here—we were five people, two cats, two dogs (one of them dying) on a icy sixteen-degree day complete with a wind chill that was way below zero. 966 more words

The Thanksgiving I am most Thankful For

My grandma knocked on the door, her hair was half curled. The other half was remarkably messy, especially for her. She quickly hugged me then called for my mom inside. 515 more words


Journey of Abundance, Day 25

One of our most valuable resources is our reservoir of experiences.  We all have a wealth of information from a variety of situations that can prove worthwhile for ourselves as well as for the people around us.   860 more words


Mummy, I love you best! 

Lately Rhemy has been wanting mummy. Only mummy! She’s not interested in her dad rocking her, getting her to sleep or putting her dummy in. She doesn’t want him full stop! 179 more words