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Ravens and Doves

Codon ring of life and death: & Puffin on Skomer island

The 27th gene key is called “Food of the Gods”.  In the I Ching it is called “the corners of the mouth”.  780 more words

Gene Keys

And Then We Receive This Day

As if the air is transformed into honey, the afternoon moves languorously. I prop open the library door — an everyday event in the summer — but fresh now, the parents and I leaning in the open doorway. 183 more words


I took a three day internet break. Here are some photos i took.


Observation of greatness. A mother's life-long impact on children. By Education Coach Teo Weiner, M.A.

I have a new Love in my life. His name is Bradley and he is the 14 month old son of my best girlfriend Jessica. I met Brad when he was one day old. 406 more words


Chicken Chasing


Remember that big start I told you we got in our garden last week?

The chickens loved it!

That’s right.  About half a dozen of our hens, escorted by our handsome Barred Rock rooster, D’Artagnan, happily scratched around in that newly-planted section long enough to lay waste to 30 baby broccoli plants and the several rows of other goodies, like beets, lettuce, spinach and sugar snap peas. 478 more words


I'm Not The Perfect Mom For My Special Needs Child

Man, the past couple weeks have pressed down on my soul to a point where I found myself crying out for help.

When I cried out to God, I also cried out to a handful of trusted friends for prayer. 1,122 more words


Marlin: A Case Study on a Single Father

Disney movies do not usually highlight the fatherly figure within their movies. They are usually more maternally focused. There are some exceptions though, such as Finding Nemo. 559 more words

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