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When You Have An Absent Minded Parent You Might Turn 6 Twice

Let me just tell you that I am often a complete disaster. I’m terribly disorganized, can be very scatter-brained, forgetful, and impulsive. As I’ve gotten older I’ve developed strategies to combat my absentmindedness, but every now and then it creeps back in. 447 more words


Proud of Poo--On the Occasion that You Find Yourself a Parent

Dear Lily June,

Please read the following, and get back to me quickly with any potential revisions. This should hit the presses as soon as possible to garner large-scale interest in the scientific, psychological, and possibly even paranormal communities. 453 more words

Parenting And Motherhood

What kind of mother do I want to be?

I have spent a lot of this last week watching the Democratic National Convention. Many of the speakers spoke to my heart and my values, but I found myself moved by a few speeches more than the others. 837 more words

Personal Growth

Mother Hen

A good mother hen is worth her weight in grain; double, triple… decuple (that’s 10x) her weight in grain. Her skill-set is invaluable to your homestead. 352 more words


The Kingdom's Rocky Peaks

Hiking the peaks in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, it’s easy to see how glaciers and rock and time have shaped the northern landscape where my family lives, once-upon-a-time channeling immense grooves into the earth and strewing the territory with boulders. 218 more words


Back to (Home)School Blues

Today is a very strange day to me.  I have delegated all garden chores and (almost) all household chores to my children for the sake of gearing up for back to school. 795 more words


Working with words and worthiness

Not that some of my other blog posts haven’t been revealing or shown some vulnerability but I feel like this one might be my most vulnerable yet. 521 more words