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Letting Your Child Sink or Swim

My mothering instincts are on hyper-alert right now.  My 7th grader came home this weekend and told us he joined the football team.  He loves sports.   541 more words


It's just a phase.

My genuine absolute favourite saying. I have been known to chant it to myself whilst breathing deeply and mentally removing myself from a tricky Squidge-related issue. 2,480 more words



Someone asked me today who shaved the back of my daughters head? I joked and said it was my toddler.

BUT it wasn’t, she moves so much in her sleep she’s got a bald patch. 55 more words


Spirits and Books and books-about-spirits.

I have this voodoo thingy where I don’t talk about good stuff that is happening until after they’ve come to fruition… It’s totally a reference to nm and such conditioning… but maybe it’s time to step through that discomfort. 881 more words

We Mother

During the 20 months of her diagnosis, I made several open-ended visits to my hometown about 900 miles from where we live to be with Mom. 1,177 more words


Sweet Spots

One of the things I love most about being a mother is discovering and utilizing my kids’ sweet spots.

For instance:

My two year old HAS to find the right combination of blankets to sleep with. 291 more words


Anya's world

Anya’s made amazing progress in her verbal communication. Her pronunciation is still a bit mushy, but I’m fascinated at this newfound glimpse into how her mind works. 489 more words