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Mothering Memories

The Mother and Child by Cassat is a piece my friend JB gifted me.  It beautifully reminds me of my life mothering my five children for their first two years at my breast.   195 more words


Here's to New Beginnings!

I made the recent (and for this social media mama, quite radical) decision to leave Facebook lately. Many of you readers found me over there originally… perhaps through a friend or my Happily Ticked Off page. 456 more words


A photograph of my daughter and her friend is on a Good Citizen poster.

What the heck does that mean, she asks? Who’s a good citizen? 102 more words



I’m seeking sanctuary right now. I’m happily tucked in the window of my favorite coffee shop. The rhythm of traffic and rain on the other side of the glass pane, pressing in on the sound of a coffee shop playlist overhead and the chatter of friends bouncing around the walls, makes for the perfect white noise to wash my mind. 957 more words


I am a mother, and I am.

As I drag my tired body along the landing at 1.52am, muttering angrily about the nightly bed swapping, I feel a wave of guilt for not simply throwing a welcoming arm around my son and ushering him into my bed. 860 more words


Why We Foster

When my wife and I first contacted our state’s Department of Family Services about foster care and adoption, we were planning only to be a foster-to-adopt family. 541 more words

Foster Parenting

Life is poetry . . .

. . . that almost never rhymes

“Read the manual.” Yeah, no. That’s really not how my right brain works. I’m more of a show me kind of girl. 780 more words