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Peace on Earth...or at Least in this Mama's Heart

It has taken me quite a while to decide how to kick off this blog. No topic seemed quite right. I’ve come to realize that is because the topics that I was trying to write about were fueled by a negative passion– an annoyance or frustration at something in life, in the media. 401 more words


Live and let live

Telling of Rio’s troubles starting school, and revealing our concerns around the way society squashes us all into boring categories, has brought about the most beautiful outpouring of support. 52 more words

A Letter to My Almost Seven Year Old

You, my first baby, will be seven years old this week and I feel like I should document who you are at this moment, at least a little. 347 more words

the mother

I have ovaries and I grew up babysitting as my first business, but I still didn’t know how I would be as a mother. I like to think maybe I had to be born into motherhood, just like my infant babes had to be born into this crazy existence of person-hood. 1,315 more words

Soul Speaks

Melancholic June, Melancholic Serena


In 1915, Sigmund Freud developed an anatomy that distinguished melancholia from Mourning ( Clewell, 2004). He suggests contrary to melancholia, mourning is pathological ( Clewell, 2004). 1,129 more words

To the skincare kiosk clerk

While we were in Nashville, we visited Opry Mills Mall. We’d planned on eating at the Rainforest Cafe, but we went in the wrong door, and thus had to walk a gauntlet of kiosks on our way to the restaurant. 1,025 more words


Little pockets of heaven

One of the things I learned last year was to put importance on self-care. It’s what helps me produce a strong enough patronus to keep those pesky dementors at bay. 343 more words