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New poem out in the world + motherhood meanderings

( http://www.literarymama.com/poetry/archives/2018/02/heirlooms.html )

Literary Mama published my poem “Heirlooms,” out today.

Seeing the poem this morning, out in the world such as it is, felt as sudden and as vast as birth. 476 more words

Go Collect Yourself

The dream came over the weekend, the one with her dead mother in it. MayBelle hasn’t dreamed about her mother regularly in the two years since her death, although MayBelle often senses her mother’s spirit with her. 413 more words


Seven Ages of Woman

She had a beautiful mother,
serene in a sepia photograph
who cried over every debt;
her father was happy-go-lucky,
a charmer and very bright;
a Methodist grandfather killed himself; 309 more words

Books, Poems, Thoughts

How snowy days help me think.

(I posted this a number of years ago but I could have written it this winter because we’ve had a lot of snow this month.) 565 more words


Do you even Bitmoji?

This is my Bitmoji. She looks as much like me as a bunch of pixels possibly can. And y’all, I have to tell you, I love the stuffing out of her! 344 more words


How my book came to be written

“Shadows on the Grass” came out as an e-book in January and after the first flurry of excitement, there’s time now to sit back and reflect on the whole process. 482 more words