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Santa bring my baby back to me.

I don’t think about it any more than I have to.
I’ve only written about it once.
I heard a song today that made it all come crashing back. 367 more words


Friday's Photo Feature - Custode, Philomena and Lena

I don’t know when or where this picture was taken but my guess is that it was taken in the early 1930s in the back yard of Custode’s house in Dunbar. 321 more words

Giorgio Family History

Short Story: August Rose

That evening was cold enough to harden the moldy Jack-o’-lanterns some assholes had smashed on our concrete stoop, but not cold enough to freeze the bottle of Windex in my backpack.  3,314 more words

Angry Girls

Family is Complicated

Did not forget to blog yesterday, just forgot to hit send!

My goal for the holiday is to keep it simple – cookies as usual, and basic décor. 898 more words


Life is Beauty

I thought about doing a little bit of photo editing before posting this picture, or not posting it at all, but I decided to go with it — shiny face, awkward smile, and all. 399 more words


I have a debt collector who I owe an unlimited amount of debt.

You gave birth to me.

You went to a far way land to support me.

Years passed. Connection fell apart.

You became a stranger who is very familiar to me. 298 more words

Weighing In

Once upon a time, I was a skinny kid; skin and bones actually, and then puberty happened. That was also the  summer I spent  out of state with my grandmother before I turned 13. 371 more words