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10 Things You Learn From Being Raised By A Strong Mother

1. You learn the value of independence. You don’t need a man to save you or anyone to take care of you, you learn by example that you are capable of living a full and happy life without having to share it with someone else. 674 more words

Hate is a Precondition for Freedom (or Mothers & Daughters)

Erica Jong is a 1970’s author who invented the term “zipless fuck” — a passe concept that is not so popular now among the Y-gens and the millenials. 346 more words


A mother's deepest fear...


“Do me one better!” That’s what my mother would say.

As a new parent, I understand the desire to do better for your children. You want to give them more than you had growing up and you want them to desire more for themselves as well. 956 more words


A Strange Tale...

“I have a feeling,” she says, “that Dr.Jekyll is actually Mr.Hyde.”

She looks quizzically at her sister and me. Slowly, my elder daughter starts shaking in mirth and soon both of us are laughing loudly. 307 more words


memories I have of you

in my mind

in special compartments

in their own boxes

with little golden latches

and secured with fancy ribbons

and twine of jute or hemp. 110 more words



Hand in hand they walk;

So much closeness

Amid so much openness —

Original Poems

We discuss euthanasia

Every morning when I take mum her cup of tea I move her pillows so she can sit up. I always ask ‘do you want to sit up?’ This morning she said, ‘no, I want to die.’ 235 more words