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Chasing Christie

My little girl asks me whether I can guess who the murderer happens to be.   I am yet to finish the book. The novel is ‘Sleeping Murder’ by Agatha Christie. 302 more words


Open Letter to Joni Mitchell, Day 7: The Aunts

At Christmas, when I say I go home, I mean I go to New York, but not the house in Laurelton, Queens where I grew up, or the Cambria Heights one my mother and sister moved to when I was away at my freshman year of college. 1,378 more words

A Letter from Dawn, on Mother’s Day

I realize that you have been on the receiving end of a lot of

criticism from me so on this day; I wanted to say, Happy… 213 more words


You Are Wearing That?

Deborah Tannen is a Professor of Linguistics, more specifically Socio-linguistics.  She is one of my favorite non fiction authors.  I was fortunate enough to attend a seminar she presented and actually got to speak with her. 362 more words


Inheritance from Mother: Minae Mizumura

“You know what the best part is? Getting free of her while I’m still in my fifties.”

The Japanese novel Inheritance from Mother from Minae Mizumura examines shifting Japanese culture and society through a double lens: middle-aged Mitsuki Katsura’s troubled relationship with her aging, infirm mother Noriko and Mitsuki’s increasingly difficult marriage to her remote, academic husband, Tetsuo. 970 more words


I can remember our arguments very vividly in my mind even 17 years later. She would be telling me that I should dress more like a woman and less like a little boy. 743 more words

My Journey

Normally I’m not one to publicly post about my life or what I have been through. However I feel like my weight loss journey is something I need to share, maybe it will help inspire someone else but most importantly it will keep me accountable. 746 more words