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Sprinkle Me

Suga suga…

Cookies and ice cream are┬áprobably the best pairing next to cheese and wine. My favorite store-bought cookie as a child were the… 424 more words

A Streetcar Named Devour

If anyone is going to America, can you pick me up these please?

There are two things that come to mind when I think of America. Road trips and food. In 2010, I took a road trip around California and during this time I was able to eat my way through the state. 286 more words


If anyone is going to America, can you pick me up these please?

A few years ago, I embarked on a Californian road trip and this can only mean one thing; road trip snacks.

There were two items in particular that found themselves replenished on a regular basis. 271 more words


72 of 365... and Circus Animals, Part III

So, apparently, Circus Animals┬ácan be found at a local WalMart… Who knew? Thanks (I think) to the coworker who had the bag sitting on her desk…


Circus Animals... the cookies of youth

Remember these things? Yeah, those uber-sweet Circus Animal cookies from your childhood. I’m not big on a lot of “packaged” foods, but I have to admit these suckers trip the nostalgia trigger for me… big time! 189 more words


Frosted Animal Cookies

What’s not to love about mini pink & white cookies with sprinkles? They look a lot like Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies don’t you think? I’m a bit partial to the Mother’s Cookies’ brand because my Grandfather used to work for them. 678 more words

The Recipe Box

Intergalactic Mail Request

Dear Andrea,
If this product is not a figment of my imagination and appears for sale on store shelves in the United States of America for reals, please send me a case. 26 more words

By Genna