Parfait, mom-may? -- Chocolate, Baileys and Strawberry Parfaits

I’m horrible at giving gifts. I don’t know what anybody wants and what a “thoughtful” gift is. If you want a card, though, I can be meaningful as fuck and write you a sonnet that will make you sob. 1,794 more words


A Pretty Glow with Energy Benefits..


5 Stars

Homdox Himalayan Salt Air Purifier Lamp, White

I’ve always heard that Himalayan Salts have great benefits for the body, and environment around you. 359 more words

Product Reviews

Kennisha's Film Queue: May 16th - May 29th

The last few weeks have been busy for me so I haven’t had much time to watch movies (I’ve also become addicted to Grey’s Anatomy) 741 more words

The Film Queue

Happy mother's and father's day

Mother’s day

Here on the dodo island we celebrated mother’s day yesterday and I always wonder why across the planet we don’t celebrate at the same time that important date, but nevertheless and nevermind the  422 more words


Ode to my mother

To the most beautiful soul I have ever known: I love you

You taught the headstrong person I am how to cook Fufu, but still be on point with my book work. 171 more words


Happy French Mother's Day to the coolest French Mom

It’s Mother’s Day here in France. I just googled to try to find a reason why it’s a different date than the US and it’s pretty interesting, go check it out and read about… 250 more words

Kitchen backslashes

I recently saw the movie, Mother’s Day, and while not a great movie, it was at least entertaining. What did hold my attention though were the kitchens! 103 more words