Exquisite Blooms by Putnam Flowers

Have you ever wondered how magazines make flowers so delicately chic and exotic? Here are some tips from the people behind Harper Bazaar’s, Cartier’s and Vogue’s blooming editorials. 397 more words

Mother's Day

You’ve been a superhero from the start,
No whys and all becauses,
Tying shoes and healing wounds
I didn’t even know were there.
You are gingerbread cookies… 109 more words

Questions Left Unanswered

Lately, I haven’t been feeling like myself and its been such a mystery that Batman himself won’t dare attempt to crack this riddle open of its hidden answers… 277 more words


All I wanted was to give you a gift –
A pretty something you could wear
On your wrist,
Or around your neck.
Something having nothing to do… 55 more words

DAILY: My Safety Place? My Mom.

“I can never be grateful enough that I wasn’t your mom instead, because I can never do the things you do for us. Sobrang God-sent.” 577 more words


Celebrate Today in Black and White

This card was made in response to Stamp Ink Paper Challenge #57.

Hello again, readers! I’m happy to announce that I am back! I’ve had a crazy busy month, filled with trips, events, and a busy work schedule, but things are finally settling back to normal. 263 more words