Mother's Day Cards

I needed a flamingo Mother’s Day card for a grandma. I have been making her cards for the past 4-5 years and she always gets a flamingo. 226 more words


Jessica's mom

On mother’s day, I went to visit my daughter.  I took Felix with me, which I don’t often do, simply because it’s a pain in the butt to get him in and out of the car seat.   499 more words

A Little Bit Of Love....

“MAHER” in Marathi language, means ‘mother’s home’…a place where a child finds safe haven, love and joy. Blessed I am to have had a home where I received all the unconditional love of the world, pampering, education and freedom. 679 more words

Brand Promotions

SNL 42: Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time last week. Here are some of the best sketches from the night.

#1 Melissa McCarthy’s Mother’s Day Monologue… 15 more words


Behind every great person is a great mother: Famous business leaders who were inspired by their mothers

I came across this article published in Forbes about famous business leaders who attributed their success to their mothers. Let’s know some of them and see how they were inspired by their mothers! 236 more words

Other Topics

May 14, 2017


“As it is in Heaven, It is in me…” those are some beautiful lyrics right there… sitting here in the gymnasium where Adult Sunday School is held… I’ve only just remembered that I need my Sunday School book… (workbook)… so far, I’m the only one in class aside from instructor… I arrived with the instructor… Went into kitchen and brewed coffee for congregation and Sunday School classes… I’ve just come to sit down and there’s praise music playing from instructor’s laptop outta’ some large speakers. 453 more words

What Do We WANT? Parental Goals: Obedience Vs. Relationship

So today was another awesome day that started out with me getting a phone call around 10:30 from my son’s school informing me that my son, Samuel, was sick and needed to be picked up from school… 1,505 more words