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Breastfeeding in Public - A Dad's Opinion

Here’s one for you…

My opinion on this subject doesn’t matter!

Nor does any other mens’ opinion for that matter. In fact, nor does any other persons’ opinion count either.

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Mothers of Nebraska UNITED

My name is Melissa.  I have been in a custody battle for 5 years that abrubly ended yesterday in finding out that this fight is over and there is nothing that any attorney or anyone else can do to help me. 250 more words

Child Need Mothers

You are a MOTHER, your baby is YOURS. 

I write this post with much sorrow in my heart, with pain for how many mothers do not know their rights for being a MOTHER. I dedicate this post to my Romanian readers, so you know that as a mother you are FREE to be close to your baby and NO ONE is allowed to tell you otherwise! 623 more words

The Pregnancy Diaries

How Do I Use My Attorney in a Minnesota Divorce Mediation?

Your attorney is your legal dictionary,  your advocate, and your knowledgeable source of all law that impacts your case short-term and long-term.  What I mean by case is your life from the point of the divorce on and how decisions in mediation affect the following: 294 more words

Family Law Mediation

How Do I Get the Other Side to Mediate In Minnesota Custody or Divorce Case?

Minnesota Court orders for divorces and other Minnesota family law matters most always include a mediation provision. The mediation provision sets out a requirement that both parties in the legal proceeding must attempt mediation before either of them may return to Court.  530 more words

Family Law Mediation