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Itsy bitsy spider climbed up on Mama's head.

It might sound funny that I need to take permission from a 2 year old to use the restroom, but actually it is not.
Do I have the right to expect the same from my 2 year old too? 585 more words


Go big or go home

I’m not much of a blogger, which is why I decided to start one. I called my blog getting my kids back because, that’s what I’m doing. 1,233 more words


Things that help when I get stressed & overwhelmed as a Momma

I already know first hand, sometimes you just get so overwhelmed with trying to keep YOUR life in order AND your child(s). Handling your personal business, work, cooking, cleaning, even working on some goals. 1,080 more words

African American Moms

Low Self Esteem: A Side Effect of Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter parents are all around the world these days. I thought of it as a United States phenomenon, but after reading this article from the Times of Oman (which is between Yemen and Saudia Arabia—I looked it up) I realized helicopter parents are everywhere. 755 more words


When I found out that I will be the proud mother of two under two….

Where do I even begin?… let me take you back to around four years ago… I had gone to one of my girlfriend’s baby shower. This was the kind of baby shower that was attended by all of your known girlfriends, their neighbors, and sisters in law as well as a few older women whose only job is to freak the hell out of new moms to be. 644 more words


Bear And Tiger Fight (Neither Die) - Video

This is a fascinating clip from India where a male Bengal tiger attempts to kill a female Sloth Bear cub, but doesn’t fully realize that you shouldn’t come between a mother bear and her offspring. 40 more words

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A letter to mothers suffering with anxiety and depression

So I haven’t posted on here for a while, but this one is dedicated to the mothers out there who battle with their own mind on a daily basis whilst holding it together for their children. 707 more words