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May 25 - The Darning Egg

by Linda C. Wisniewski

On a cold spring morning, not too long ago, I dug an old pair of socks from the back of my drawer, admiring the purple, black and olive-green stripes I had knitted. 359 more words


To Speak or Not to Speak (Isaiah 53:7; John 8:46)

Sometimes silence is the best response to a false charge. At other times we must speak up.

When false witnesses accused Jesus as He stood before the Sanhedrin, He “kept silent” (Mark 14:53-61). 238 more words


That Amazing Woman

My reading schedule landed me in Proverbs 31 this week.  This chapter is always in season, so I meditated on it once more.

Proverbs 31… 1,012 more words

Soul Care

JLo vs. Janet, Part V: Memorial Day Miracle

At almost a month after JLo had her babies, there had been no sign of the kittens and I was starting to give up hope. This is kind of gross, but her nipples indicated that the kittens were still alive because three of them were huge and swollen. 1,032 more words

Quarantine Life

Why it is not business as usual

It was a bee hive of activities in all the markets before almost everything turned upside down. The towns were full of life as business men woke up early to meet their targets. 65 more words


Why we clap for carers but will never pay them properly

Romance writer goes all political/psychological

A tear came to my eye the first time we clapped the NHS. Alone and too embarrassed to clap myself, I listened to the sound and it moved me. 919 more words


I have spent the better part of the week

trying and trying again to write

something meaningful and clever

just for you

and I am accomplishing little… 324 more words