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Journal Entry (#4)

November 24, 2017
10:23 AM

One holiday down, two more to go! Thanksgiving was a success for me, even if we kept it small and it was just the three of us (me, my mom, and her boyfriend). 1,707 more words


The Rose That Bloomed From Blackness: An Ode to Black Womanhood

I would not ever tell anyone that I’ve not lived a privileged life. I did not grow up wealth or what this world calls privilege; no, my privilege has been much more than money could buy. 603 more words

Random But Real

Gratitude or Grumbling (Colossians 2:7)

Imagine being given a bowl of sand containing tiny particles of iron, and you are told to remove the iron from the sand. You have two choices. 218 more words


Rustic and me...

The night before my intrepid daughter left for East Africa for three months, we sat in my family room, checking off all necessities: passport, license, cash, stuff sacks, prophylactic antibiotics… the list was endless. 1,570 more words

Mid Life

Presents For Parents

Life can be full of little surprises.

I open the saucepan cupboard to find a pair of pink sunglasses hanging from a hook on the inside of the door. 285 more words