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SG Budget

So yesterday, (19 Feb) Budget 2018 Announcements happened.


Wanna know who’s the most xian of us all? 

Our Fin Min – besides delivering a killer pun – as picked up by our friends at… 224 more words


Procrastination is the thief of time

Half term is almost over and I have achieved very little other than winning at being a lazy bastard and waiting for my chin to heal up, while I googled things like – “Can you damage your brain by banging your chin?”.  387 more words


So you’re in Las Vegas and wondering where to get the best coffee?

There’s really only one response: Mothership.

I will always vote Mothership.

I have other recommendations, but if you can only go to one place, it’s Mothership. 535 more words


Crop Circle August/12/2016 Mother Ship / What does it look like?

The moon is said by some to be only 900 miles in diameter making this about 8 or 10 miles long. Yet if the Moon is 2,159 miles or 3,471.94 km, in Polar diameter, how big is this thing, 20 miles or more, maybe? 7 more words

StarCraft 2 Mothership

The back looks like a flower.

Close-up of the back.

I recently began playing StarCraft 2 again after Blizzard made it free-to-play. Protoss is still my favorite race and brings with it a plethora of units and buildings to create. 234 more words


Emotality: A fusion of mind and body

People all around this small world we live on seem to be growing increasingly frustrated with life, but why? Life is such a beautiful and precious thing to behold.  864 more words

Family Planning

Now hold your horses. Before you go all Moon Pig on me and start sending me your “congratulations on your amazing news” cards, I am not up the duff and have absolutely no intentions of being so any time soon! 393 more words