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Mothership Announce US Tour With Crobot And Wilson

With the release of’ Mothership Live Over Freak Valley’ due this November , the band have also announced a US Drunk As Shit Tour with Crobot and Wilson. 352 more words


Mothership Live Over Freak Valley and US tour dates

After the rerelease of their momentous second album and a storming start to 2015, Mothership – the hard rocking supersonic/intergalactic Texan trio – are pleased to announce the arrival of  384 more words


Love Invasion - We're HERE!

Today’s blog is inspired by an auto-correct incident with my HTC-1 Android phone (Thank you Verizon!).  I was typing my name into a text message and my phone autocorrected it to “INVASION.”  First I laughed.  783 more words


LORD ASHTAR - Space Brotherhood Within The Star Craft Above Meditation - Allowing Parts I, II - 5-31-15

Join our Family of Lightworkers, Starseeds, Walk-Ins, Braid-Ins, and Galactics to begin your Ground Crew Mission Now! We of Project: Eagle Triad welcome you with open star craft hatches! 2,420 more words

ET Contact

The New Scriptures and Autobiography Written by Sananda/Jesus

Chapter 22

It is November 8, 2013.  I am speaking to you from the deck of the New Jerusalem, the mothership of the Galactic Federation of Light.   1,382 more words


LinkedIn Foils Google's Ambitious Office Plans in Mountain View

In February, Google unmasked a blueprint for a massive expansion of its mothership — four futuristic, eco-friendly campus sites, designed by star architects “to blur,” in Google’s words, “the distinction between our buildings and nature.” 254 more words