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Two pieces on Lee Kuan Yew

Image credit: Lyn Ong for POSKOD.MY

Dear friends, I recently took a break from my China/India book to write two pieces on the great man. 667 more words



The truth is…they did Apollo missions 18-20 as covertly as possible. It is said that the Apollo 20 mission went inside this mothership and harvested the technology that they could find, including its alien pilot who was naked, but covered in clear wax like coating. 133 more words

Mother's Day 2015

Home is where Mum is!

I wanted to do a post today in honour of my amazing mum. That’s us, up there, before we went to see Wicked The Musical, back in February. 126 more words

Homeworld: Remastered Collection

One of my first loves…apart from chocolate

Barber’s Adagio for Strings is one of the most recognisable pieces of classical music. When it’s accompanied by a full choir, it’s a solemn, yet beautiful song.

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Science Fiction/fantasy

Trope-a-Day: The Mothership

The Mothership: In the military sense, the hyperdreadnoughts, the directional Supremacy-class bases, and probably most of the other classes that qualify as The Battlestar… 193 more words


Nava Lenticulara - The Lenticular Spacecraft



The elements presented in this documentary are disturbing both for the minds of people and contemporary science. Cosmic life and very advanced technology are presented in a way that greatly surpasses the limited materialistic ideology. 57 more words

Star People

A Look Back at the Walkervilles CD Release Party

Our friends and clients – Windsor’s The Walkervilles – took to the big stage at the Caesars Windsor Colosseum as the opening act for Sam Roberts this past weekend.   445 more words