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Lying to Mental Healthcare Professionals

Friday sucked. Actually the whole week sucked. I started the week with weird dreams. That progressed into NO SLEEP Tuesday and Wednesday night. I had to take a literal mental health day on Thursday because I was losing it, and on top of not sleeping I’d spent all week trying to cleanup a schedule that should have been clean. 666 more words

Docked at Seaside, Oregon

The Mothership docked at a campground in Seaside, Oregon. Since it was the 4th of July, we did some holiday-appropriate decor.

Safe travels

from The Mothership!


Blogpost numero uno

Oh my goodness, here I go again.

So firstly I would like to thank you for actually coming and reading my blog (again) I know I’ve given this a go twice before, and you know what they say; “Third time’s a charm.” So let’s hold thumbs. 370 more words


Clear Mothership Glass Honey Bucket (no Swing)

Clear Mothership Glass Honey Bucket (no Swing)
I Have A Clear Mothership Glass Honey Bucket Available For Sale. Here Is Your Chance To Own A Piece From The Prestigious Glass Company Without Breaking The Bank. 56 more words



Mila was born on the 17th of February 2015 at 13h44.

A tiny perfect brand new little human. Weighing 3.105kg and only 48cm long. She was so damn perfect (note the mother bias in that sentence) Everything about her, her smell, her small jerky movements, her little dark eyes searching for the familiar, her black hair, those tiny little fingers, teeny toes-all just breathed perfection. 243 more words