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Breathing Life Into CG Effects: An Overview of Motion Capture in Films

Have you been marveled by Gollum and Smaug in The Hobbit, wondered about Davy Jones’s tentacled head in The Pirates of the Caribbean, felt the Hulk’s anger in… 535 more words


See the Phonautograph Turn: Motion Capture with Sound (1860)

You probably know that the phonautograms of Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville are the world’s oldest records of airborne sound, and that we can play them back today as audio.  1,497 more words


Mocap Day 1

Mocap research at Jyvaskyla’s Motion capture lab.

All smiles on the first day.


Eric Jacobus Returns to His Tekken Workout using Devil Jin's Movelist

It’s still January but California-based stuntman Eric Jacobus has already had a very busy 2017. From promoting his new short Blindsided and writing the feature film adaptation to working as a motion capture stuntman for numerous video games, Jacobus had momentarily stepped away from the  190 more words

Martial Arts

How Rogue One Created Princess Leia & Grand Moff Tarkin

Bringing back the late Peter Cushing and 19-year-old Carrie Fisher for a story taking place before the 1977 “Star Wars” was a CGI challenge.


Movie Question: Best Book Adaptation

This week’s Movie Question was chosen by @filmbuff007, give that page a follow on Instagram! To be the person featured in next week’s Movie Question post, be the first to comment your answer to this question on my Instagram page, under this post! 1,088 more words

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