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3D Printing

Let's Discover... Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Get your paws off me you damn dirty ape but more like you damn dirty human in the latest entry to the franchise that seems to go on forever. 400 more words


A Peek at our Character Animation

Hello VR fans,

In FATED we want players to be immersed in the world we created. We want them to feel connected to the characters they meet.  141 more words


High Speed Photography: Capturing The Girl Who Jogs on Air!

I took this shot a while ago… weeks? a month? All I really know is it was a rare, early beginnings of a sunny day in front of San Francisco’s Japanese Tea Garden located in the sprawling Golden Gate Park. 154 more words


Take One

O studiju Take One smo pisali prošle godine kada su ga posetili studenti Elektronskog fakulteta iz Niša zahvaljujući inicijativi VFX Serbia. U međuvremenu, studio za snimanje pokreta je radio punom parom, pogledajte deo naslova na kojima je radio ili još uvek radi.