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Motion Capture - Year 3

Motion Capture Project

Building on the technical and conceptual knowledge and skills acquired in the previous papers you will focus on the conceptualization, design and execution of a capstone project utilizing motion capture. 34 more words

Year 3

Motion Capture - Year 2

Motion Capture II

This paper offers an introduction to facial motion capture using newly developed head-mounted technology. You will be introduced to key theories and practices around this still developing field including methodologies around acting and performance, the analysis of facial movement using the Facial Action Coding System, and modelling and rigging a digital face. 126 more words

Year 2

Motion Capture - Year 1

Motion Capture I

Motion Capture allows us to record any human movement as 3D digital data and then to explore, manipulate, re-target, and/or stream it for use in a range of art, design, entertainment and scientific applications. 71 more words

Year 1

FINAL page // Motion Capture

Language associated with movement is often very dynamic, fluid and poetic, language not typically associated within a digital domain. The use of Motion Capture data, eternalises a moment that would have previously been lost to time. 415 more words

Motion Capture

Technology // Rendering

Image Size>
Pixel Dimension 5.58m
W: 4096 pix
H: 476 pix

Doc Size:
W: 144.5cm
H: 16.79cm
Resolution: 72pix/inch

Scale styles
Constrain proportions
Resample Image… 132 more words

Motion Capture

Technology // MotionBuilder 5

Using Light:

Drop a light (found in elements) into the field

> alter in menu bar the intensity, spot light, shadows, colour

adjusting the lgiht ‘width’ 21 more words

Motion Capture