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Motion Capture Choreography

Motion capture choreography-[ syn ( thetic ) + thespian ]- digital actor.  Kinect

Motion Capture is used frequently in animation, game design, and visual effects for movies in order to capture realistic movement.   308 more words

Motion Capture

Motion Capture IV

Continuing from the previous post, this section will cover third (last) part of the motion capture process


First thing to do in this phase is cleaning the mocap data. 466 more words


Another mocap test

I brought my laptop along to todays mo cap class with my Oculus DK2 so I was able to link my gun up to my laptop over bluetooth. 203 more words

Motion Capture

Salto is a wearable suit that captures your every move

On a mission to democratize motion capture technology, one Danish startup has crammed an entire studio into a wireless suit. 

As its name would suggest, motion capture refers to the process of recording the movement of objects or people. 497 more words


Second MoCap Test

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to test my scene out in a long time due to the oculus wireless running out of batteries while testing other peoples scenes. 462 more words

Motion Capture

Arrival in Norway

I arrived in Trondheim August 8, just in time for the start of the Norwegian academic year, one of the earliest in Europe. This begins with a week of parties and celebrations as the city is invaded by students from all over Norway and the world. 543 more words

Boolean Expressions: Contemporary Art and Mathematical Data

I am soon going to attend an exhibition called ‘Boolean Expressions: Contemporary Art and Mathematical Data’ at the Lewis Glucksman Gallery in Cork. This is to commemorate the legacy of George Boole, the self taught mathematician who originated Boolean logic, a lot of whose ideas are now seen to be years ahead of his time. 462 more words