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SYNC’d brought ya sometin’ to cut up to. These 6-animations are one of the newer dance packs out n are available… 91 more words

Storyboard Design

For Andys lesson we are looking to make are own music video on whatever we want to do and my idea is make a music video on spider-man as I thought it be best to to add a bit of a theme and story to my music video as in most music videos you can see a story lone added to them which adds more weight to music video and makes it feel like a little music video first few music that come to buy mind are Dusk till Dawn by ZAYN… 591 more words

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Animating Halloween: Monster House Review

Rating: 8/10

Plot: DJ is obsessed with watching the house of his scary next-door neighbor, Mr. Nebbercracker. He goes insane with rage at everyone who dares set one foot on his yard or get anywhere near his house. 1,587 more words


One-Legged Jumping Robot Shows That Control Is Everything

Robots that can jump have been seen before, but a robot that jumps all the time is a little different. Salto-1P is a one-legged jumping robot at UC Berkeley, and back in 2017 it demonstrated the ability to hop continuously with enough control to keep itself balanced. 231 more words

Robots Hacks

Different Music Genres

For this blog I am looking at the different music genres and what or who is their targeted audiences from just listening to there music as all music is targeted at someone who obviously likes that genre like the rock genre people who like rock bands are going to be the main target for people making that music as it just makes sense. 169 more words

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Music video research - Award winning music videos

In Andy’s lesson we’re looking at different music videos that are either groundbreaking or are award winning in the way the music video has been made or if the lyrics match that of the music making a link between the two instead of a music video with completely different tones to that of the lyrics like. 501 more words

Motion Capture

A Motion Capture System For Everyone

is making a motion capture system for everyone to build and so far the results are impressive, enough to have been a finalist in the… 252 more words

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