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Instant Pot Recipe // Basic Black Beans

I’ve been loving my Instant Pot for a while now. I tend to be a great basics-instapotter. A big pot of something simple, yet delicious, that can be mixed and matched a bunch of different ways as the days progress. 177 more words

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Motivation level 0

I’ve been in a slump health wise. I started the year with a gym me membership and made sure I went every other day.. not always sure I knew what I was doing but I got the hang of it. 152 more words


Episode #165 - Goal Achievement Brings More Goal Achievement

My favorite inspirational quote is “what you believe you achieve” which is nearly the same as the quote I chose for today which is “what we focus on we attract”. 424 more words


Contentment vs. Happiness

a state of happiness and satisfaction.

the state of being happy.

feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. 346 more words

Motivate Me!

It's How I'll Finish

In 24 years of my life, I had never thought that I would actually write something. Something that I would want anybody, let alone a virtual stranger, to read. 491 more words