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I'll Make It

Stormy days,

Tears in my gaze.

A tightened chest,

Little to no rest.

All this pain,

And what to gain?

Not sure where to go. 49 more words



Last week I met up with my fellow Common Threads textile artists for a few days of catching up, planning future exhibitions and sharing of skills (more on that in upcoming posts!). 212 more words


What your insecurities say about you.

We all have insecurities but you can choose whether to embrace it or bring you down

I wasn’t such a positive person I let my insecurities control me and I constantly wanted the approval of other people because I didn’t feel accepted or I wanted people to like me so I wanted to change myself for other people. 410 more words

A.m safari 17/11/2017

And Viki is back pls join her on this week edition as you inspired and motivated by just a click below

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How Do I keep Myself Motivated


I always reminding myself that whatever blessing I have in my life is all a gift and a loan that Allah can take it back at any moment. 259 more words

To think critically, you have to be both analytical and motivated

(Source: arstechnica.com)

In a world where accusations of “fake news” are thrown around essentially at random, critical thinking would seem to be a must. But this is also a world where the Moon landings are viewed as a conspiracy and people voice serious doubts about the Earth’s roundness. 735 more words


Don't you see how far you've come already

Just a post to remind myself & everyone that everything is going to be alright & you can do it whatever you’re going through. I know its so hard but it will work out in sha Allah, never forget Allah says in Quran, “He will never over burden the soul”. 536 more words