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Mentally & spiritually I am Motivated

I want to diet & exercise. I want to read,journal,& blog. I want to clean my house,buy my groceries,cook my own food,& enjoy life. Unfortunately I am physically handicapped…suffering with COPD,Sleep Apnea,digestion issues,lower back pain,pain in my hips,& pain in my knees. 105 more words


I Choose To Be Me ...

‘I choose to be me’ is every self-empowered woman’s mantra, philosophy and religion.


Motivated to Surrender

Song:  Withholding Nothing by William McDowell

I had to make this post today after our bible study last night, and after hearing this song this morning! 259 more words

Intentional For God

Words to Inspire | The Dream of all my Dreams

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One day I will be an old woman with long silver hair, magical tattoos, eyes full of light and life, and lots of laugh wrinkles. 63 more words


10 Ways to Find Motivation

Last week I went on vacation and my writing slump felt like it was coming to an end. Then I realized that maybe I hadn’t been paying enough attention to myself. 471 more words


​फिल्मों के 13 ऐसे  डायलॉग जो आपको कहीं हिम्मत नहीं हारने देंगे और सफलता पाने का जज्बा हमेशा जगाए रखेंगे

1. *Sultan*

कोई तुम्हे तब तक नहीं हरा सकता जब तक तुम खुद से ना हार जाओ…

2. *3 Idiots*

कामयाबी के पीछे मत भागो, काबिल बनो , कामयाबी तुम्हारे पीछे झक मार कर आएगी…. 35 more words

The Spirit Of Ghazals

Next Attempt/(s) Update

I am busy with the the next attempt, just saying…  the reference I am using though does not have a lot of detail, so things such as eyes does not have much detail really… Anyway, the detailed things can come at a later stage, when I plan to do certain things individually… Such as an Eye or Lips, etc… I really like to pay attention to those detail in general (I suck at drawing lips), and not being able to do it exactly as I see frustrates me a lot, but that is exactly the reason why I need to practice it so that I can eventually do it without being frustrated at the outcome. 237 more words